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can you recommend any bts supernatural!au?

I’d saaaaay 

check this tag page: vampire!au

annnnnnd then….I’d recommend @tayegi ‘s:

vampire!tae: Freedom (M)

vampire!namjoon//werewolf!reader: A Vampire and a Werewolf Walk Into a Bar (M)


- Where Is My Mind? (M) w/ Hobi

- The Pretenders (M) w/ Jin

- In Bloom (M) w/ JK

- Lake On Fire pt 1 & pt 2 (sequel to In Bloom) w/ JK

@thesammtimes‘s Mytical!BTS series (vampires/angels/grimreapers/etc)

@baeseoul‘s vampire!jk: Save Me (M) 

@kimtrain‘s vampire!BTS series: Sweeter Than Sweet series (M)

hobi was wearing today the shoes jin got him for his birthday!

Signs as BTS (body edition)
  • Capricorn: Yoongi's height
  • Aquarius: Jimin's abs
  • Pisces: Hoseok's smile
  • Aries: Jungkook's doe eyes
  • Gemini: Taehyung's triangle smile
  • Taurus: Namjoon's dimples
  • Cancer: Yoongi's tounge
  • Leo: Taehyung's soft tummy
  • Virgo: Jimin's smol hands
  • Libra: Jungkook's jawline
  • Scorpio: Hoseok's hip thrust
  • Sagittarius: Jin's shoulders

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