w jewelry

‘Warrior Stance’ - Model: Ajak Deng | Photography: Steven Klein | Styling: Edward Enninful | Hair: Orlando Pita | Make-up: Kabuki | Designer: Vera Wang

hey, so this is a genuine question being asked in good faith, and i’m just posting it here bc i have no idea where i would direct it. 

basically i recently heard it implied that jews shouldn’t wear magen davids, like as jewelry or w/e, bc it would be triggering/seen as threatening to palestinians. i am pro palestinian and know that i absolutely have a lot of work to do re: intersectionality in that area. but i can’t get past the idea that it is fundamentally antisemitic to police jewish symbols and automatically associate them with israel… does anyone have any experience or input on this?

I just need you all to think about wontaek helping each other put their earrings and necklaces on in the morning, sitting crossed legged on a bed and fitting rings on each others fingers ;u;