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Chirrut learns not to grab Baze in certain spots (if u know what i mean)

(source: 1, 2)

The Functions + Humour

Si - inside jokes, fandom references

Se - slapstick, funny viners

Ni - unfunny recursive layered irony with a side of despair

Ne - awful, sickening, DISGUSTING PUNS

Ti - wordplay, extremely long story jokes

Te - roasting, dad jokes

Fi - tag urself memes, political humour i.e. burning bigots

Fe - relatable feel memes, petty memes


(from talkRADIO interview with Bob Mills, Tom Holland, and Dominic Holland on 23/7/17)

-filming will begin in Montreal in 3 weeks
-script is still in the writing process
-Dominic Holland said that they were still in the casting process
-director Doug Liman asked Tom Holland if he was comfortable riding a motorcycle for an action sequence
-according to Tom, Doug is using CW as a blueprint and plans on going as unique as possible
-Doug asked Tom if he is able to grow facial hair
-Tom has not read the books yet


W. E. B. Du Bois is not a name one typically associates with science fiction. But the sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, and author penned a sci fi story in 1920 called “The Comet”. Set in New York City, the tale involves a black man and a white woman who seem to be the only survivors of a comet striking the Earth.

The story was originally published in Du Bois’ “Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil”.

“The Comet” is an Old School Science Fiction example of what we today call “Afrofuturism” and is one of the earliest examples of an author using sci fi to explore the black experience.