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hi i’m a loser who’s mutuals w a bunch of people who are really cool particularly in other fandoms but i’m weirdly nervous abt approaching or sending in memes bc im never sure how familiar folk are w jill so LIKE THIS POST if you are cool w me, without prior interaction oocly; 

  • sending you random ic asks as the mood strikes (i do this a lot)
  • sending you memes (ic and ooc) 
  • sending you ‘saw this and thought of you’ stuff via im
  • throwing an unplanned starter at you (tho i’ll prolly ping u to double check first)

as always i operate on a mutuals only basis, and liking this post does not mean you should ever feel obligated to answer anything i send you. i am literally nothing if not chill w regards to rp as a hobby and not stressful. 



  • Gold: There. Now, wherever you are, I will always find you.
  • Charming: Are you kidding me!? You're gonna steal my romantic line to forcibly LoJack your wife. What the hell, man?
  • Gold: Aren't you supposed to be under a sleeping curse?
  • Charming: I'm so mad that I woke up.

A colossal archive w/ master-lists I’m working on.

Now watch this become finished a decade later. 

Fyi, Lost Eden is my main priority since it was just released, but I’ll fill in the other games’ master-lists as I come across their translations. The side games are low on my list of priorities.