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Ivy as a baby?

What was Ivy like as a baby/toddler? Did her intellect cause her to develop faster? I’m guessing she could talk sooner than most children once she’d figured out how to form sounds and process sensory information, but what about physical stuff like walking or eating? Was Kincaid stuck with a little kid who could hold complex conversations about any subject you care to name, but who also needed her diaper changing every few minutes? Did she throw tantrums due to a lack of food? Was she like Bonea, who knows so much information but has no concept of how it actually applies to the world (e.g. “pancakes are inanimate!”)? Like Ivy seeing a plane for the first time, points up at it and goes ooh and ahh, then turns to Kincaid and delivers a PhD level lecture on aerodynamics and airplane engineering? Baby Ivy fascinates me.

Pls note: I have 0 experience raising kids so I have no idea how children grow or what’s involved xD



  • Gold: There. Now, wherever you are, I will always find you.
  • Charming: Are you kidding me!? You're gonna steal my romantic line to forcibly LoJack your wife. What the hell, man?
  • Gold: Aren't you supposed to be under a sleeping curse?
  • Charming: I'm so mad that I woke up.

A colossal archive w/ master-lists I’m working on.

Now watch this become finished a decade later. 

Fyi, Lost Eden is my main priority since it was just released, but I’ll fill in the other games’ master-lists as I come across their translations. The side games are low on my list of priorities.