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Seventeen Reaction || Watching A Movie With Their Girlfriend And A Sex Scene Comes Up
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“This is weird watching it with you…”


*Looks at you to see how you react, biting his lip nervously*


“Ohhh… We should change the movie…”


“W… What movie is this?”


“AAaaggh! They’re going at it! Help my poor innocent eyes!”
*They ain’t so innocent but let’s leave him be*


*Stares, trying to act mature*


*Taken aback, but into it nonetheless*


“Oh my Gosh…”
*He starts laughing and feels weird about this situation*


*Takes the chance to move closer and put his arm around you, massaging your shoulder*


“Y/N! This is not a usual movie! What is the rating? You have to warn me earlier!”


*Freaks out, mostly because he’s worried how you react to it, if it makes you awkward*


*Puts his arm around you*
“Pull up on ya wacks with a mac fully loaded, girl”


*Turns off*
“… It was a reflex”


i can still see the sun [james potter]

second enstallment of i can feel the darkness coming

wanrings: Movie spoilers, language, death,

word count: 5730

italics= flashback 

One hundred and twenty-two thousand, six hundred and forty hours.

Five thousand, one hundred and ten days.

    Seven hundred and thirty weeks.

One hundred and sixty eight months.

Fourteen years.

    Fourteen years since you had last seen James and Lily after their demise.

    Fourteen years since you had last seen Sirius after he had been sent to Azkaban.

    Fourteen years since you had last seen Hogwarts.

    Now, you were stepping through the large, double doors, walking through the hallways with various memories washing over you. Turning your head from side to side, you reveled in the pure happiness of being back at the school. It had been so long since you had walked these pathways and marveled at the moving portraits. You were walking besides Remus, the both of you had acquired jobs at the school; both of you knowing that it would help you keep a closer eye on a certain chosen one. You also felt as though you owed yourself some kind of closure from James’ death, and what better place to find closure than the place you had last seen him?

    You and Remus stepped through the threshold of your new classroom, scanning the empty room for an idea of how you wanted to set things up. Placing your bags down on a chair by the door, you turned back to look at your old friend Remus.

    “Been awhile, eh?” You questioned.

    Remus chuckled under his breath before smiling softly, “Yes, yes it has.”

    You slowly turned in a circle to admire your surroundings as Remus watched. He admired the way that you smiled, knowing how long it had been since you had last let a smile grace your features. A sharp pang filtered through his heart at the thoughts, but Remus just pushed them aside and distracted himself with talking to you.

    “Do you remember the time that you and Sirius changed Peter’s quill into a rat’s tail in the middle of class during our fourth year?” Remus questioned with a fond smile on his face.

    By this point you had stopped spinning and instead turned to face Remus with a giggle escaping your lips, “Yes! That was bloody hilarious!”

    You turned to face the corner of the room, and recalled another memory, “Or the time that we made you go sit in the one chair that was in the corner because we turned it into mud.”

    Remus laughed and fell back against one of the other chairs in the room. His chest was rising and falling with every breath he took, joyous laughter escaping his lips, “I remember that! I was so mad because you and James pretended like you didn’t know how it happened!”

    You let yourself fall into the chair besides Remus and giggled once again, “James and I were brilliant actors, if I may say so myself.”

    “Brillant? You kept that bloody secret from me for two months!” Remus yelped. His eyebrows were raised in a hilarious expression of false betrayal, but his lips failed in keeping a smile off of his face.

His statement only caused you to laugh even harder, your ribs beginning to hurt with each intake of air.

Eventually, the two of you managed to calm your laughter and you both laid back to look up at the ceiling. The mood seemed much more lonesome and quiet after your fit of giggles. Intent on making the situation less sad, you spoke, “It feels weird, doesn’t it? Being here without James and Sirius- even Peter?”

Remus looked over at you with a sad smile gracing his lips, “Yeah, I guess it does. It’s definitely a lot quieter than it used to be.”

With a far away look in your eye, you turned your body to face the window across the room. You sighed when thoughts of your former best friends filled your mind. Letting out a sigh as a tear slowly dripped from the corner of your eye and onto your legs that were curled beneath you. The thought of James being killed without knowing that you forgave him, or the thought of leaving Sirius without talking to him haunted you. Knowing that you would never see either of them again after you had left them so abruptly was a horrid feeling.

It left you swamped with remorse and guilt.

Remus, sensing your thoughts, stood from his chair before moving swiftly to the foot of yours. He kneeled so that his head was level with your lowered one, before he grabbed your chin between two fingers and gently forced you to meet his eyes. His face held an unmeasurable amount of sympathy; the kind that you would only see on someone who had known you for a very long time.

Remus spoke to you gently, knowing that anything else would only cause the hole in your heart to be ripped open even wider.

“Hey,” he spoke, gently grasping one of your cheeks with his palm, “None of that- no crying. I know that you are upset about what happened, but this is not what they would have wanted. If James and Sirius were here they would tell you to that you should not be crying over them. They’d want you to be happy again, and Merlin knows that I have not seen you smile in so long. You have to know that they would not want you to be sad; those boys loved you more than anything in this world and if they were here right now, I know they would be telling you the exact same thing.”

By the end of Remus’ speech, the tears that had been previously soaking your face were now running down your cheeks like a ceaseless waterfall. The clear, salty drops littered your lap like rain did to the cement of the sidewalk before a storm. You were sniffing and huffing, both happy and sad about the words that had emitted from Remus’ mouth. Reaching forward, you clutched onto Remus as if he were your lifeline. The man clung to you just as tightly, both of you mourning your fallen and imprisoned friends one more time.

From the heavens, James Potter watched you hug James with a sad smile on his face. He watched as you cried over his demise with a heavy heart full of guilt and sadness. James regretted ever yelling at you that day in the bathroom. He regretted every word he had ever spoken to you that had hurt you. He regretted these things because the moment you left him, he realized how he truly felt. He was never in love with Lily, he was in love with you and he just refused to believe it. He refused to believe that he had fallen in love with one of his closest friends, so he covered it by believing that he was in love with another women. After you left him, he continued to stay with Lily, even if he was not love her as he loved you. When Harry was born, James knew his fate. He knew that he was to die, but his biggest regret was that he never told you that he loved you.

A few days after you were situated at Hogwarts, you were informed that Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban. Since you were in public and surrounded by other witches and wizards, you had to keep our excitement and relief to yourself.

You had known from the beginning that it was not Sirius who had revealed where James and Lily were hiding. No matter how mad Sirius was, he would have never ratted one of his best friends out to the Dark Lord. Because of this, you were led to believe that there was only one person that could have revealed that information to you-know-who: Peter Pettigrew.

Peter was the only other person besides Sirius and Remus to know where James and Lily were hiding, and there was absolutely no way that Moony or Padfoot would do such a thing. That left Wormtail.

Of course, you had always known something was a bit off with Peter; he was always secretive and nervous around the rest of the Marauders. After a certain point, you had stopped trusting him and planned to stay away because you were absolutely sure that something was up with him, and it was not something good.

Back in the present, you were standing besides Harry Potter as he explained the events that had occurred. You had met Harry on the train to Hogwarts, as you were staying in the same compartment as Remus when Harry and his friends walked in. When the train had mysteriously stopped and a Dementor made its way into the compartment, you’re Patronus had been the one to save Harry. Remus had later introduced himself and you as friends, not explaining who either of you really were to Harry. From then on, Harry had come to you and Remus for help on learning how to cast his own Patronus. It was a stag, just like his father. When you had seen the charm, you had left the room with tears in your eyes; leaving Harry to wonder what he had done wrong. Remus had gently told him that it was not Harry’s fault, he just reminded you of someone you had once known.

Being around Harry had served quite difficult in the beginning, seeing as he looked and acted so much like his father. Every time Harry was around you, you had to take a few deep breaths to prevent yourself from bursting into tears. You had eventually gotten over it, realizing that there was nothing you could do to bring James back, so you stopped imagining James when Harry was around. Instead you believed that James was somewhere above, watching as you helped take care of his son.

And James was watching from above, a permanent, radiant smile planted on his face as he observed how good you were with Harry. It made him wonder how life would have been if Harry had been your child instead of Lily’s.

While Harry explained what happened between Sirius escaping and the experience in the Shrieking Shack, he finally told you where Sirius was. Seconds after the words escaped Harry’s mouth, you were bolting away from the school. Taking off in the direction of the Whomping Willow, you scurried into the secret passage way and raced towards the Shrieking Shack. Harry had told you Sirius would not stay long because he was being hunted, so you pushed yourself to run faster.

When you reached the entrance to the shack, you pushed it open with strength you did not even know you had.

And standing in the middle of the room, was an old friend.

Sirius Black.

For a few moments, you had just stood at the entrance of the room, watching Sirius as he tried to contain a laugh.

“Well, hello Talon,” Sirius spoke, “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to give an old friend a hug?”

Then you were running, launching yourself at Sirius and tackling him with a bone crushing hug. Sirius chuckled and squeezed you back just as hard. Both of you were crying tears of joy, happy that three of the five Marauders were still alive. Sirius had his face buried in your neck and you had your fingers buried in his long hair that had grown out while in prison. You felt a few tears dribble down your collarbone because of Sirius, but you did not care because Sirius’ shirt probably had a few of its own tears to worry about.

When you pulled away, you smiled through your tears, “I missed you so much, Padfoot.”

Sirius smiled happily, “And I missed you too, Talon.” He then pulled you back into another hug and mumbled something about hexing you if you ever decided to leave him and the others again.

For the next few hours, you and Sirius were constantly near each other. Having spent almost fifteen years apart led to the two of you needing some time to catch up. Sirius told you about James making him Harry’s Godfather, and you told him about the adventures you and Remus had taken after being reunited.

Later in the evening, Harry and Remus had gone to the Shrieking Shack to find you, seeing as it had been many hours since they had seen you. When they arrived, they found you and Sirius propped up against the window, talking and laughing about the old days.

Turning your head, you motioned for Remus to join the two of you, and he did. Harry watched from the sides as three of the five Marauders were happy once again, a sight that he did not get to see very often.

    After that day, you, Remus and Sirius joined the Order of the Phoenix. The three of you fled Hogwarts in fear of being found by the Dark Lord and took refuge in 12 Grimmauld Place, Sirius’ old home.

    A few weeks later, Harry was transported there to speak with the Order. You and Sirius had welcomed him, both receiving joyous hugs by Harry Potter himself. You and Harry had formed quite a close bond over the few months you had known him; you had practically become his mother figure.

    Now, Harry stood next to Sirius, admiring the pictures that Sirius had tacked up on his walls. They were old and wrinkle, but they obviously meant a lot to Sirius as they were the only photographs he had left of the original Marauders.

    Harry was walking around and looking closely at each picture before he got to one that confused him. It was a photograph of what looked like his dad standing next to you. He was behind you, his arms wrapped around your waist, both of you sporting giant smiles. It was something he never expected to see from you, a smile. He did not see them on you very often. A smile on you was like seeing Hagrid’s dog Fang, not cowardly.

    When Harry turned to question Sirius about the picture, a far away look appeared in his eyes; a clear sign that Sirius was remembering something from a long time ago.

    It was Christmas time; your favorite time of the year.

    You and the rest of the Marauders had decided to spend the holiday at Hogwarts as a present for Sirius. You all knew how much he hated his family, so you wanted to keep him company and he could have a happy holiday for once in his life.

    On Christmas morning, you had all gathered to open presents. After opening a few of them, you discovered that one of your muggle family members had sent you an old polaroid camera. The boys obviously had no idea what it was, but you had explained it to them. They had immediately wanted to take pictures together so you all rushed to put on thicker clothing. After doing so, the five of you hurried outside into the cold snow.

    The scenery was beautiful; the pristine, white snow falling down in sheets of cool snowflakes. You took a few moments to turn around in circles, just admiring the beauty of nature. When you heard the flash of a camera, you turned to face Sirius, who held your camera in his hands. He grinned happily as the picture came out; you turning in circles with a smile on your face. He pocketed the picture quickly, smiling as you whined.

    “I’m going to need something to remember you by when Remus finally decides to kill you for pranking him so much!” Sirius joked.

    You had giggled and nudged his shoulder, laughing when he almost fell into a pile of snow.

    The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the snow and taking muggle photographs of each other. By the end of the day, you were exhausted, huffing and puffing breaths of cold air as you tried to catch your breath.

    As you tried to walk back towards the castle, you were grabbed from behind, the person dragging you into their arms.

    “You’re not going anywhere!” James shouted as he wrapped you in his arms. You giggled as you tried to escape, but James was to strong. You heard the shutter of the camera going off again, but you ignored it and instead continued to wrestle with James until the two of you got too tired.

    Later that evening, you found a picture placed on your bed. It was of earlier that evening, you and James playing in the snow with large smiles on your faces. You picked up the picture with a fond smile on your face before you placed it on your bedside table, content with how the day had turned out.

    Sirius shook his head with a laugh as he remembered the day. Harry turned to see Sirius smiling, so Harry turned back to the picture before speaking again, “Is that my dad?”

    Sirius nodded and told Harry that the girl in the photo was you. When Harry heard the words he was shocked; he thought that you were just a friend of Remus and Sirius, he had not know that you knew his father.

    “She knew my dad?” Harry questioned, confusion evident on his face.

    Sirius chuckled once again before responding, “Yes she did.”

“Who is she?” Harry asked, “I knew she was a friend of your’s and Remus’ but I did not know she knew my dad.”

    “Harry, my boy. That women knew your father before I did; she was the second Marauder. Her name was Talon because she was an animagus too. She could morph into an eagle; it was a magnificent sight to see,” Sirius spoke, memories resurfacing with each word.

    “So she was important to you and my dad?”

    “Yes, she was very important to us. In fact, she was- is- in love with your father. Always was, she could never stay too far away from him. They were practically inseparable for the longest time,” Sirius reminisce.

    “She was in love with my dad?” Harry pondered, “Did he love her back?”

    “Yes, yes he did.”

After the conversation, Sirius left the room to find you. Looking back at the wall, Harry pulled the picture from it’s spot and tucked it into his pocket, just to remember the man who was his father, and the women who should have been  his mother.

    Harry and the rest of his friends landed on their stomachs in the Department of Mysteries, the Prophecy shining brightly in Harry’s hands. He stands, along with the rest of his friends, his ears twitching when he hears the sound of whispering. When he turns, he is met with an archway, what looks like smoke is filtering inside of it. Harry takes a step closer to it, his gaze inquisitive.

    He can hear his friends speaking to him, but Harry continues to stare at the archway. He feels as though something bad was about to happen, and it had to do with the mysterious archway in the center of the room.

    Seconds later, Harry turns and shouts for his friends to get behind him, knowing the Death Eaters were about to arrive. Harry’s suspicions were confirmed when black smoke appeared from around him. It swirls around him, and Harry shuts his eyes, his hand gripping the Prophecy tightly.

    When the black smoke disappears, Harry opens his eyes to find that his friends are no longer beside him. Instead they have been grabbed, each of them being restrained by a Death Eater, wands pointed at their throats.

    Harry’s heart clenches as he worries about what is to come.

    From behind him, Harry hears a malicious chuckle, and he instantly knows the culprit.

    Lucius Malfoy.

    Harry turns to see Malfoy approaching, an evil glint in his eye. The platinum blonde male smirks as he knows that he was going to get the Prophecy from Harry.

“Did you really believe, or were you truly naive enough to think that you stood a chance against us?” Malfoy spits, his voice low and threatening. He takes a step closer to Harry, turning and pulling his palm up and open, “I’ll make this simple for you, Potter. Give me the Prophecy; or watch your friends die.”

Harry is silent for a few moments, pondering his next move. His gaze moves to Hermione, who struggles in the grip of the Death Eater behind her. The Death Eater is strong, however, and he continues to restrain the curly haired girl by holding onto the collar of her shirt, causing her to choke on the lack of air.

From next to Hermione, Neville Longbottom shouts out, “Don’t give it to him, Harry!”

He is silenced by Bellatrix Lestrange, who pulls on his shirt, closing the distance between his neck and her wand. Neville instantly quiets down, fearing his life.

Believing it was worse than watching his friends die, Harry hands over the Prophecy. The shining orb is placed into the hands of Lucius Malfoy, who grins in such a manner that shivers run down Harry’s spine.

Seconds after the orb is placed in Malfoy’s hands, a bright light appears from behind the blonde’s back.

“Get away from my Godson,” Sirius spits, before he reels his fist back and punches Malfoy straight in the nose.

The punch knocks Malfoy off of his feet, and he lands on the floor beneath him, the Prophecy falling from his hands and breaking against the hard rock. Malfoy stares at the broken orb for a few moments before he stands to face Harry and Sirius.

Before he can even utter a spell, he is knocked off his feet as you fire a spell in his direction. Smirking, you turn to face Sirius and Harry who are muttering quietly. Harry turns to you and you nod your head in a way that says both ‘hello’ and ‘please be careful.’ Harry nods back, his indicating the same words yours did before the three of you and turning to face Malfoy and two other Death Eaters who decided to join the party.

The rest of the Order had appeared by this point, and you scanned the room, quickly locking eyes with Remus and Tonks. You smiled at them and then responded with the same small smile before you both turned to face your opponents.

Dropping into a battle stance, you pulled your wand up so it was ready to defend against any spells fire your way. When Malfoy fired a curse at you, you brought your wand up to cover your face, blocking the curse. You fired back an immobilization charm, aiming not to kill because you did not want that kind of guilt on your conscious.

Curses, charms and spells were being fired back and forth before Harry managed to knock the wand out of the hand of the Death Eater he was fighting.

Expelliarmus,” Harry had shouted. The Death Eater fell back, falling off a ledge to the fight below, and you felt relief filling you as you knew that you would not have to deal with that Death Eater again.

From beside you, you heard Sirius shout out, “Nice one, James!”

At the mention of the name, you froze, losing the ability to focus. Harry had too, hearing the name of his father rendering him useless. The two of you simply stood and watched Sirius as he fired a spell at Malfoy, whose wand was knocked away before he flew back off the ledge.

Before you could do anything to protect yourself or Sirius, you heard two simple words being shouted from behind you, “Avada kedavra!”

The words came from the mouth of Bellatrix Lestrange, who had thrown her wand out at both you and Sirius.

You were unable to protect yourself from the killing curse as it hit your body, filling you with unimaginable pain. Screaming out, you closed your eyes before you heard the same curse being shouted. You heard Sirius’ cry of pain before the both of you were knocked back.

Harry watched with his eyes wide as you and Sirius were knocked into the archway that was beside them as they battled. Knowing what was to happen to you, you locked eyes with Harry and mouthed ‘goodbye.’

Harry’s eyes widened even more before he shifted his eyes to Sirius, watching for a few blissful moments.

Then the smoke in the archway turned and carried you and Sirius off into the unknown.

Harry stood silently for a few moments, his eyes locked on the arch in front of him, praying that you and Sirius would come back. He was hoping and praying with all his might that the mist in front of him did not just take part of the only family he had left.

When nothing happened, Harry made to take a step forward, his heart clenching in his chest. From behind, Remus quickly clutched Harry. He restrained the saddened boy with tears in his eyes. Harry struggled harshly, trying to find a way to escape and get to you and Sirius. Crying out in pain, Harry fell back into Remus. You and Sirius had become his only family. Sirius was like a father to him, and you, like a mother.

From behind Harry, Remus watched in shock as his last two friends perished. He watched as the last two people he could resort to, vanished. Remus cried out in pain of his own. The only people he ever trusted and loved were gone. He let a few tears fall from his eyes as he watched Harry cry out. Remus let out a strangled sob as he thought about how he was going to get through full moons. He would never be able to do it without you. You and Sirius were his best friends, the only people he had known for more then twenty years. His last two Marauders; his Padfoot and his Talon, were gone. Forever.

Harry continued to struggle and cry, tears escaping his eyes.

He cried for Sirius.

He cried for you.

He cried for Remus who had lost you both.

He cried for Tonks who had been one of your greatest friends.

He cried for everyone who had ever known you.

    From the Heavens, James Potter watched as you appeared next to Harry and Sirius. He smirked as he watched you throw Lucius to the ground, knowing you had never liked the man.

    “That’s my girl,” James muttered.

    He watched on as you made sure Harry was safe before going back to battling. His heart skipped a beat as he watched you treat his son with such care and gentleness.

    James watched with his heart in his stomach as you got distracted by his name. He pleaded for you to turn around and prepare for what was to come.

    “Talon, Talon please turn around. Talon, please,” He practically shouted.

    But you could not hear him.

    Of course you couldn’t.

    James cried out when Bellatrix Lestrange fired a killing curse at you. He cried out in pain as he watched you gravel in pain. James shouted out in rage as Sirius was hit with the same curse.

    James Potter let out a sob as you told his son goodbye.

    He cried as you fell back into the archway.

    He cried as Sirius Black followed immediately after.

    He cried as you disappeared from his view.

    Standing up from his previous kneeling position and took off running. He knew exactly where you would appear. He knew exactly where and he needed to get there before you did.

    Pushing his legs to move faster, he gained speed. His breath was choppy as he realized that he would finally see you again after so long. James’ chest tightened as he thought of you, and he moved faster.

    When he reached the position he wanted to be in, he skidded to a stop just as a bright light appeared from in front of him. He raised a hand to shield his eyes from the light, squinting his eyes. He waited for a few tense seconds before the light finally vanished.

    In its absence, it was replaced by a figure.

    It was a women.

    It was the women he loved.

    His heart fell from his chest and his eyes widened. The tears that had previously slowed to a stop arose once again. They began to fall from his eyes as he let out a sob. It was not one of sadness, nor was it one of grief. It was one of joy, one of relief.

    James took a step forward, his legs shaky and barely able to hold himself up.

    When your eyes finally focused, you were able to make out the figure in front of you.

    It was a man.

    It was the man you loved.

    Letting a tear fall from your eyes, you let out a sob. A sob of happiness.

    “James?” You managed to croak out through your tears.

    James nodded softly through his own tears and you let out another sob at his answer.

    After so long, you were finally seeing him again.

    Kicking off, you ran at full speed. You stretched your arms, James doing the same thing before you reached him. When you reached him, you jumped, throwing yourself at his body. James caught you with open arms, sobbing into your neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist, supporting your weight as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. You cried out in happiness and buried your face in his fluffy, brown hair. James grasped you with strength that he did not know he had, you squeezing him back just as hard. Managing a smile through your tears, you pulled a hand through James’ hair. He sniffled against your neck, tears soaking the material of your shirt.

    Pulling back, you looked down at James once before you brought your lips down to connect with his. James smiled into the kiss, both of your lips tasting slightly salty from the tears leaking from your eyes. Your lips moved furiously against his, and James responded with just as much enthusiasm. He was finally kissing the one girl that he had been in love with for so long. Finally. James pushed his lips harder against yours and slipped his tongue into your mouth. You smiled even harder (if it was even possible) and kissed him back.

    Pulling away for a few seconds you mumbled out the words, “I love you, Prongs.”

    “I love you too, Talon.”

    And then James is kissing you once again.

    The moment is interrupted when a familiar voice calls out, “Hey losers! Stop bloody snogging and come hug me!”

    Turning, the two of you embrace Sirius in a hug, finally together once more.

    Harry Potter approaches the clearing with a heavy heart.

    He knows that if he goes any further, he is to die. But since he knew he would come back and it was to destroy Voldemort, he knew it had to be done.

    Holding up the Golden Snitch, the words I open at the close, appearing.

    Harry nods and confronts his fate, “I’m ready to die.”

    He brings the Snitch up to his mouth and kisses the golden casing. His eyes are closed, but when he opens them, he discovers that the Snitch is opening to reveal the Resurrection Stone.

    The one thing he needs to bring him back to life.

    He stares down at the small stone in amazement, his breath coming out in a small gasp. It levitates into the air and Harry gently opens his palm and allows it to fall into his hand. He closes his palm around it, his eyes still focused on his hand. He closes his eyes and imagines exactly who he wants to see in that moment, and when he opens them, he is met with exactly who he wanted to see.

    Remus, Sirius, James, and you.

    The four of you surround him, small smiles of happiness on your faces.

    When Harry turns to see you, he is met with a radiant smile as you cling to his father who is beside you. Harry smiles in joy when he sees that you have finally gotten what you wanted in life, his father.

    He approached you and James and reached out, you doing the same thing. When Harry’s hand disappears through yours, he sighs in disappointment.

    “You’ve been so brave, Harry,” You whisper, “I’ve missed you since I left.”

    Harry smiles softly before questioning, “Why are you here? All of you?”

    “We never left.”

    Harry turns to face Sirius before speaking, “Does it hurt? Dying?”

    Sirius shakes his head, “Quicker than falling asleep.”

    Harry nods before James speaks, “You’re nearly there, son”

    “I’m sorry; I never wanted any of you to die. And Remus- your son-” Harry tries.

    Remus cuts him off, “Others will tell him what his mother and father died for. One day, he’ll understand.”

    Harry nods softly before facing you and James, small smile still on your faces.

    “You’ll stay with me?” Harry questions.

    “Until the end.”

    He was ready. He was ready to join his family again.    

Movie Night (Eliza x Reader)

Request:  Hiii! Can you do an eliza x reader prompt.. pretty please.. Prompt: Eliza x Reader bestfriends and head over heels in love with each other without the other knowing. They always look forward for the hamilton squad movie night cuz it’s an excuse to cuddle and be affectionate.. till one day hamilton squad purposefully cancels on movie night so eliza x reader have a movie night alone and eliza leans over and kisses the reader. Thanks and have a great day/night!

Words: 830 (all the other fic writers call 3,000 words short :0)

A/N: W O W this is bad. Also they call each other by last names all the time beacuse I think it’s really cute okay jeez. Also I didn’t see the last part o the request ‘till now but it workerd out anyway so

Warnings: this is just pure fluff honestly


Most groups of friends party on Saturday nights. You were really glad that your friends weren’t normal. Every Saturday you and your best friend Eliza had a movie night with your friends Alex, Lafayette, Hercules, and John. You loved all of your friends of course, but one of them meant a little more to you than the others did. It took you a long time to admit it, but you were in love with your best friend. You loved the way she smiled, and how she cared so much for everyone. But she didn’t love you the way you wanted her to. Today was Saturday, which was your favorite because movie night gave you a chance to cuddle with her. Hamilton was supposed to bring the movie, and it was hosted at your apartment so you had to make sure he was bringing it so you texted him.

Y/N: Dude what movie are you bringing?

Alex: Deadpool

Y/N: Are you serious? We watched that last week

Alex: Violent comedy is the only genre that stops you and Eliza from making out all over the couch

Y/N: We don’t make out! We snuggle a little

Alex: It’s more than a little, you two are disgusting

Y/N: Bring Aladdin, I know you have it

Alex: Ugh fine, but you and Schuyler need to keep it PG

Y/N: …

Y/N: fine

You turned off your phone with a sigh. Was your cuddling really that gross? Eliza never had a problem with it, so it couldn’t be that bad. Hamilton knew you so well it was probably obvious to him how you felt about Lizzie. You glanced at your watch. 6:30, half an hour until your friends arrived. For the next twenty minutes you made yourself busy by making popcorn, and strategically placing blankets on the large couch you and the others all piled on. The doorbell rang, even though no one was supposed to arrive for ten minutes. You flattened your skirt and tucked your hair behind your ear before opening the door to greet Eliza.

“Y/L/N! I’ve missed you!” Lizzie burst through the door and into your arms, pressing a kiss onto your cheek. You failed to stop the blush that spread across your face once her skin touched yours. As you broke apart you saw that there was a flush across her cheeks too, but she couldn’t possibly like you too. Must’ve just been a trick of the light. A pinging sound came from your phone and you looked down at it. Three other beeps quickly followed the first one. You read the four texts in succession, becoming more disappointed with each one.

Alex: I can’t come tonight, there’s some work I forgot to do.

John: Yo I totally forgot about dinner with my ma tonight, sorry dudes

Herc: I’ve got a hot date tonight, movie is a no go for me

Laf: Alex told me to make up an excuse to why I can’t come

You chuckled a little at Lafayette’s text, realizing what your friends were up to. You turned to Lizzie with a fake frown, pretending to be sad that the guys canceled on you.

“Looks like it’s just you and I tonight, Schuyler. All of the guys just canceled on us,” You said, holding out your phone for her to see. She frowned at the texts.

“What about the movie? It’s Hamilton’s turn,” she asked, glancing at the small stack of discs by your TV. You walked over to them and pulled out your favorite. You showed her the disc with a smirk, knowing how much she loved it. “Beauty and the Beast! That’s my favorite!”

“That’s why I chose it.” You slid it into the player and hopped onto the couch, giving the spot next to you a pat, wordlessly inviting her to sit with you. She slowly sat next to you and fell backwards across your chest, practically sitting in your lap. The movie started, but you were more distracted by her grin as she watched the screen. You twirled your fingers through LIzzie’s hair, getting lost in your love for her. She recited the opening, knowing it by heart.

“You’re so adorable,” you whispered, watching her. She furrowed her brow and turned to you.

“What did you just say?” she asked.

“Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” You tried to recover from your slip-up, but she obviously wasn’t buying it.

“Because I mean, if you were calling me adorable, I would be fine with it.” A furious blush accompanied her words, her night-colored eyes gazing into yours.

“Well, that’s what I was doing,” you admitted, your eyes studying her face.

“Good.” She grabbed your chin and kissed you. You swore that you could see fireworks in that moment, but she pulled away too fast. You were shocked, staring at her as she buried herself deeper in your embrace. “Pay attention, this is where Gaston comes in”

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That video was cool n all Josh Gad and friends but when we gonna see you all question male lead John Boyega as well? (this ain't looking good lads, are we sure he's a lead anymore =/ )

LMAOOOO don’t worry about it anon, i think john’s still in australia shooting pacrim 2 and the only reason josh gad is doing videos w/ daisy is bc they’re shooting a movie together (along with penelope cruz, leslie odom jr, and judi dench)

i just had the realization tonight while looking through aou for refs that like. I literally have only seen this movie one time?? I tried watching it a few weeks after seeing it in theatres and made it to the part where tony takes the staff and just. noped out immediately like it was a bad fanfic oh my god

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- he gets Real uptight about homophobia. hes pretty open about his sexuality as far as I Like Everyone But I Hate Everyone goes, but if he sees it in movies n stuff he gets really tense and he’ll immediately turn it off

- he can’t swim. his dad taught him that kids drown eachother for fun and he’s terrified of death so he never went to the city pool and thus… never learned

- he has 6 knives he keeps on him at all times: 1 in his shoe, jacket pocket, jeans, 1 taped to each leg, and 1 taped to his back. always gotta be Ready

- he’s had so many run ins w the cops that they know him by first name and can always tell when sins the perpetrator

Council member (Black Panther x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Can you do a black panther x reader

*So, Civil War is coming and this request made me think about What Woud T’Challa Say about C.W. Perhaps he didn’t make the decision alone. I hope to see more from him in the movie so I can get an idea of his personality and everything. I read the C.W comic already and they don’t quite show much of T’Challa which sucks*

  • Words:  1.111 (niceeeee)
  • Pairing: T’Challa (Black Panther) x Reader
  • Warnings: None, perhaps mentions of death.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name.

Originally posted by spartanlocke

The King T’Challa had requested your presence that afternoon. You didn’t know why, as he didn’t tell you much of his plans. You were part of the council, although you didn’t know why because whatever he thought; he rather saying it to the other members but you. The palace was enormous and it was very hard for you to get used to it at first. The hundreds of corridors and rooms were hard to learn, but once you learned them, going from one place to the other was a piece of cake. You knocked at the golden doors two times and King T’Challa told you to come inside.
“You wanted to see me, my king” You bowed your head just a little.
“Yes, thanks for coming (Y/N)” He stood up to welcome you “Please, have a seat”
You sat on the comfortable chair in front of his desk. You reamed with your eyes what he had on it. Pictures of his family, of his father, King T’Chaka; he also had lots of unwashed cups of what it seemed to be coffee.
“I called you here because you are the most important, and not to mention neutral, member of the council” He started to speak again “And I’m going to need your help for something very important” His voice sounded distressed; something was keeping restless.
“You know, my king” You spoke “I was starting to think the opposite way. I am always left out of most of the councils taken place and I only found out what you want me to. Not what I have the right to find out” Your voice sounded cold, flat. You wanted him to know that it bothered you not to know all about the council’s discussions.
“And for that I’m sorry” He apologized with his hand on his heart “but I can’t discuss everything with you, especially when there’s so much to discuss about. There are specific matters for which I need your help. This is one of those matters”
“Tell me, my king”
“I’ve been called from America” He sighed “You know the Avengers initiative?” He asked.
“Yes, I do” You nodded, crossing your legs.
“Well, they have disintegrated. They are no longer a team. Steve Rogers is on one side with a few of them and Tony Stark is in the other, also with a few of them. I have been requested and demanded to take part in one of their teams”
“Do I have to guess who made that request?”
“If you want to, (Y/N)”
“Well…” You started while fixing your (Y/H/C) hair “Captain Rogers does have a sort of connection to our land; his shield is made of Vibranium, but Mr. Stark also has connection to this land; his father knew our past King T’Chaka, and he extracted the material for Captain Rogers’s shield. I guess Stark has a stronger bond to Wakanda” You stated.
“You’re right (Y/N). This is why I have never doubted of having you in the council” He gave you a father-ish smile “And this is also why I came to you for help”
“I don’t understand” You shook your head slightly.
“Do I have to pick a side?”
“They asked me to…”
“You are a king. You don’t owe anything to anyone, especially them” You pointed out, remembering the disaster from a few months ago “This war doesn’t concern us” You replied “You know what happened the last time the Avengers were here. They destroyed everything in the city. They caused terror. They raised hell”
“That was the Hulk” He replied “but as far as I’m concerned… He has disappeared”
“That doesn’t say anything to me, my king” You said flatly “Our people have no respect for them, I don’t understand why you should have to consider joining them”
“(Y/N), you’re so close to our people…” He smiled again “This is why-“
“I’m in the council. You said it before. My king, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but if this is what you wanted me for, I have nothing else to say nor do in here” You stood up from your chair.
You searched for the door, giving long steps towards it. The Avengers gave you the shivers. You were not fond of them. Nobody in Wakanda was. They were a threat to the most precious thing you had. Your country.
“Wait!” You turned around to face him again “Don’t leave yet. You have said nothing about the matter”
“I have said enough my king. I have said all that my… much appreciated neutral self could say.”
“I want the non-neutral (Y/N) to tell me what’s on their mind” King T’Challa encouraged you.
“I lost somebody that day” You gulped “One of the Avengers killed a very close person. I don’t want you nor Wakanda to do anything with them”
“Thanks for sharing this information with me. Of course I knew it, but since you never grieved or said anything to me-“
“My work is not related to my personal life” You replied coldly again.
“It should be”
“Look, my king. I will say this as a friend and not as a member of the council. I’d hate to see you stepping into a war that our people has not been called to. Wakanda has nothing to do with them and this is why you decided to hide us and protect us from external forces. They are external forces and they mean a threat to us” You sighed “T’Challa…” You sighed “The world is not ready to meet the Black Panther. Wakanda knows it because you have done an amazing job taking care of us. We venerate you and accepted you not only as our protector, but also as our ruler after you father’s decease. You took the power the same pacific way T’Chaka would have done, and trust me when I say that he’d be so proud of the man you have become… But he wouldn’t accept that you took part in a war that neither you nor any of us belong. You are a great king T’Challa… You know it, and the people know it… Don’t ruin it”
“Thank you (Y/N)” He bowed his head and gave you another smile.
“Is there anything else I can do for you, my king?”
“No. That’s it. You may leave if you want to” You nodded and left the room.
King T’Challa sat down again, considering your words. You were without a doubt the most important member of the council and that’s why he always came to you for important matters. The Civil War was an important matter and he still had some variables to consider.

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   She looks up at her in pure adoration, fingers curling in the redhead’s hair.  ❝This is our first valentines day no? i w a n t e d to make you something…did not go to plan though…..Barton turned the heat up as a joke..❞ she rolls emerald eyes.  ❝So was thinking we order take out?            watch a movie…..netflix and chill…❞ Wanda teases the widow unable to help herself.

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For the letter for a song thing if your still doing it: C, M, N, P, U, W & X?

I’m always still doing song memes.

C: a song from a soundtrack

Fly - Ludovico Einaudi

the movie the Intouchables had a lot of Einaudi’s songs in it, including this one

  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had

Angel with a Shotgun - the Cab

  • N: a song by a band I want to see live

Nightmare - Set it off

  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog

King - Lauren Aquilina

Your blog is just very cute and like soft and inspirational too and I kind of get the same feel from this song?? idk

  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing

The Only Story - David Hodges (of westallen)

  • W: a song with an amazing music video

Welcome to My Life - Sunrise Avenue 

  • X: a cover

Video Games - David Hodges (original by Lana Del Ray. Also, bless, he doesn’t change any of the pronouns or adjectives)

Road Trip

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Slight cussing and flirting?
RequestHiiii ur writing is ♥️😫😫👌🏼 can’t put into words. Can u do an imagine where the avengers and reader are on a road trip w/Bucky and he is amazed how she knows all the songs on the car no matter the station and they bond when she’s telling him bout the music and artists? Thankssss <3
A/N: I just saw Civil War and I…wow I cannot function. I’m pretty excited to write some stuff based on the movie, but I’ll wait for a while for everyone to see it. Also, I strayed a bit from the prompt, I hope you don’t mind :) (also thanks for over 50 followers!!!)


“What do you mean the quinjet is unavailable?” Steve asked in a tense tone through his cell, glancing around the team as he spoke. It was pretty amusing for you to watch, although the rest of the team seemed pretty annoyed.

“That is ridiculous. I don’t care if you’re just ‘the messenger’, I need more answers,” there was a pause before Steve looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. “You expect us to fit in a motor home and travel across Europe to get to the next base? No offense, sir, but are you insane?”

You stifled a laugh, nudging Bucky while Steve was nearly shouting at the poor guy on the phone, “Hey, you think if we throw something at him, he’ll blame it on that guy too?”

“Not the time, Y/N,” he muttered back, but you could see the hint of a smirk on his lips.

“It’s always the time,” you protested, but he just shook his head at you and rolled his eyes.

You probably would have continued, but Steve finally hung up the phone, looking pretty pissed. “So this idiot couldn’t get us a jet in time, so it looks like we have to drive for ten hours to get to the base.”

“Like a road trip?” Natasha asked, raising an eyebrow, “You’re not serious?”

“With SHIELD resources down because of HYDRA, it’s probably difficult to pull a jet out of thin air,” Clint muttered, causing you to snort.

“Yeah, but fitting all of us in a motor home, that’s ridiculous,” you chuckled just thinking about it, “At least we don’t have to worry about Banner going green.”

Steve shrugged, “Even with Banner, Tony, and Thor out, we’re still a big group, in a tight space. Are you guys sure you can handle it?”

You glanced sideways at Bucky, knowing Steve was directing it at him. And even though he seemed in a cheerier mood a few minutes ago with you, it was obvious now he wasn’t - his muscles looked tense and his jaw tightened, like he was already mentally preparing himself for being in a crowded place for ten hours.

But nonetheless, he responded as convincingly as possible, “We’re Avengers, Steve, I think we can handle a road trip. At least until Y/N get’s too annoying, then we can kick her out.”

“Hey!” You laughed, shoving his shoulder, “You know you love me, get over it.”

You didn’t notice the way he froze when you said that, just turning to Steve.

“I think you gave the poor phone guy a heart attack by the way, Steve,” you chuckled, “But in all seriousness, we need to get going if we have to make it there in ten hours, right?”

“Let’s go,” Steve sighed, opening the door to the conference room and leading you all out.

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