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I want to be thin! I have no clue what my ugw,gw and caloric intake should be could you help please? H:5ft3 W:123pounds A:13

Honey you’re at a perfect weight for your age and height xx However, with your height you can look at the range of 107 and 140 but with your age in mind I would highly recommend to not go any lower than 120 x Please stay safe sweetie 🌸💜

there seems such a cruel irony in how 13 reasons why is a netflix series - 13 episodes, released all at once, for us to work our way through in the same way as the 13 could. did you binge watch all in one night, like alex? or did you have to watch it in bits and pieces because it was all too horrific, like clay? is it doing things to your head too? is everyone talking about it at school? is everyone talking about hannah baker again? 

Jeff was the purest jock. Jeff wasn’t a bully. Jeff helped Clay come out of his shell. Jeff was the captain of the Claynnah ship. Jeff was one of those genuinely nice AND attractive guys. And y'all let this character fucking die in such a way that humiliated him and gave him a bad legacy. My boy didn’t deserve that.


Cardcaptor Sakura Card Summonings Set #1 (E01-E09)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time. 

Specific episode noted on each gif