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anonymous asked:

How the hecky do you draw Tord's hair spikes? They're so difficult for me.

although i imagine this explains jackshit lm ao


i guess the key is to look at him from a side angle?? lik e

in canon tord does in fact. have bangs. downward ones.

which i guess can be read as


but to me those are just hard to imagine him facing forward especially if u want to paint the guy it’d be a pain adding appropriate direction with everything else

but if u just. fudge the bangs a bit and say he’s not picky when he spikes it up it’s easier just to manage one mass direction with a few stragglers poking down into his face

which pretty much just gives him an extreme version of a typical white guy hairdo, the short one that spikes up that every damn dude i know has

if u ask me i do far prefer how the first two l ook tbh tho it’s just. to me it’s easier to make sense of the last one. don’t have to worry about him having that second part in across his forehead or worry about some hair flowing slightly down while others goes up. just draw in some curves coming out from his forehead and add a few stray bits of hair and u should be golden. it’s easy to translate into a front view when it comes to drawing n painting

point of this tordtorial: fuck his hair i hate him