Things Pierre Bezukhov does in the first 50 pages of War and Peace
  • Snubs an old woman
  • Alienates his social superiors with his enthusiasm for Napoleon (who is kinda the enemy right now)
  • Takes a stranger’s hat by mistake and just stands there fiddling with it
  • Gets flustered trying to comfort his best friend’s wife and tells her “Calm yourself. Good-bye.”
  • Makes two conflicting promises to two different friends
  • Philosophizes his way out of responsibility
  • Casually pulls the frame out of a window with his bare hands
  • Witnesses a reckless bet involving a bottle rum and a third-story window and goes “Cool. I’m gonna try that.”
  • Waltzes with a live bear
  • Gets thrown out of Petersburg

Yves Saint Laurent, Wedding Bikini, 1968

Okay so we all know that one bit of Russian in The Abduction, right? Imma chime in with what I’ve been told by Russian friends is the correct pronunciation to save a life. 

Vsego horoshego
Na pososhok

see-voe ho-roe-sha-va
na poe-soe-shoke

That “cha” is pronounced with the same sound a chet in Hebrew makes, but a hard ‘k’ sound works too.