Mosin Project...(4)

Very minor update on the Mosin Project that’s been on and off the past couple years due to other purchases/projects/etc.

I mentioned not too long ago that my cousin sent me the stock of a Czech Vz54 sniper rifle, which is a very rare Mosin Nagant variant.

You can see right away the immediate difference from the original Mosin Nagant stock; a very prominent pistol grip / hunting rifle style of appearance. As much as love the stock, it’s missing the upper handguard.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the SVT-40 upper handguard looked like sitting atop the Vz54 stock. I was surprised to see that they almost perfectly match dimensionally. If I do use a modified SVT-40 upper handguard, I would need to use the SVT-40 rear sight assembly. I still haven’t fully focused on the front and rear sight solution yet. I may end up just “plugging” the cut out for the rear sight and run the rifle without any irons.

Another thing to note is that large cutaway in the Vz54 stock. That is where the receiver’s scope rail would fit into.

Vz54 scope rails are next to impossible to find. Even if I were to locate or duplicate a rail, the scope mount and optic are even more difficult to find on their own. My friend in Slovakia who has family in the Czech Republic has had no luck locating either.

Back in November I put a Mosin Nagant sniper on layaway at my local gun shop. I picked it up in December and posted it recently along with a Mauser I also purchased.

Surprisingly, the PU scope mount base, which I originally though would be too short, turned out to be longer. The cutaway on the Mosin sniper stock is about 4.5"; whereas the Vz54 is only 4". I think I can easily get a PU scope mount to fit but it would require permanently modifying an extremely rare stock.

My original plan was to use the PE scope & mount but I may just end up having to stick to the PU.

However…there is one extreme alternative. I recall that the AVS-36 had a very limited number of sniper variants. It used a peculiar scope mount; very offset to the left in order to maintain the use of stripper clips.

This would require a complete fabrication from scratch which could cost quite a bit if I go to a machinist, especially with no dimensions or measurements and just going off photos.

That’s about it for this Mosin Project update. If you’ve followed along on this I mentioned that I knew right away this would be a time and money intensive build. A lot of trial & error along with modifications and fabrications. In the end, the finished rifle will be a one of a kind build; military pedigree, aesthetically pleasing, completely functional and not a “sporterized/bubba build”.