Rare prototype Czerchoslovakian Model S semi automatic rifle,

from Rock Island Auctions

“This is an exceptional example of an extremely rare Czechoslovakian Model S experimental/prototype semi-automatic rifle. It is an all machined rifle with hand fitted parts that operate flawlessly. It has all blued parts except for all the internal parts, (i.e. complete bolt mechanism, cocking handle, and internal trigger components) which are all left in the "white”. This is a very rare and seldom seen prototype rifle that was developed in the late 1920s when the Czechoslovakian military was actively developing several new semi-automatic rifle designs. This rifle was way ahead of its time as it has a gas operated system that uses a long operating rod mounted on the underside of the barrel, similar to the M1 rifle. The rear of the operating rod is connected to the bolt, so that when each shot is fired it cycles the bolt and cocks the action. To initially load or charge the rifle it uses a fixed cocking handle on the right side of the action, that pulls the bolt to the rear and then disengages (from the bolt) and is pushed forward. To release the bolt you pull the trigger, which allows the bolt to go forward and strips a new cartridge from the detachable box magazine. It also uses a very unique “two-piece” hinged receiver type design. The top front of the receiver is serial numbered “5”, and directly behind the ejection port it is marked: “CESKA’ ZBROJOVKA/A. S. v. PRAZE/j 29” followed by a small Czech standing Lion firing proof. In looking closely at this rifle you can clearly see that this rifle could have very easily been the forerunner of the famous FN 49 and FN/FAL rifle designs as it has numerous similarities compared to those two rifles as follows: a hinged/split upper and lower receiver, a side mounted cocking handle that disengages from the bolt after it is cocked, a gas operated system that utilizes a long-stroke operating rod that directly cycles the bolt. Even when you look down into the trigger group, (hammer, sear and disconnect mechanism) you can clearly see the similarities to the FN49 and or FN/FAL trigger mechanism. Now you say so what! Well you have to remember this was made in the 1929 time frame almost 10 years before the US M1 garand, the Russian SVT 38 and German G41 and 20 years before the FN rifles! It even has a very unique takedown system in that the sling swivel rotates sideways and pulls out to allow you to slide the metal shroud forward to exposed the gas system. The barrel is fitted with a military style tangent rear sight graduated 3-20 (300-2000 meters) with a inverted “v” blade front sight with a clip on front sight protector, both just like the VZ-24 rifles. The buttstock and forend are both made of European walnut with sling swivels on the underside and left side of the rifle and a flat steel buttplate. It comes with one original ten round detachable box magazine.“