vz. 58

Sunday Gunday  getting historical with Brownells Gun Tech Keith F. “I love studying different firearm designs, and the VZ 58 "Košte” is one of my favorites. Czech firearms have fascinated me for years, so when I had a chance to get this one, I did not hesitate. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, reliable, and built like a tank, thanks to its designer, Jirí Cermák. The VZ 58 shoots 7.62x39, so it’s cheap to shoot, unlike its predecessor, the VZ 52, which is chambered for the rare Czech 7.62x45 cartridge. I rarely shoot my VZ 52 due to the cost of the ammo, but I shoot the VZ 58 every chance I get. I may replace the rear sight with a red dot one of these days, but I’m in no rush to make that change.“

here’s a good example of a ban on guns aesthetically: the ak47 is banned in canada but the vz 58 is not, despite having the same general layout and functionality