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Lemon-chan, E-Mi, & Regis

VyVy Doan

So, after being inspired by another artist’s sketchbook work, I decided I should pick up a sketchbook of my own to really do my very best while still working on a different inking and colouring technique. Instead of the usual white pages, I picked a gray toned one having never used one ever. I really, really love the effect pencil crayon has on it. I already have three characters designed and one more in the process~ Yay~

I’m aware that I’m best known for my vector art with my peers, but I started out with doing a lot of line work for my characters. Colouring with pencils is also one of the better strengths, but because the amount of time it takes and the limitations I have with making changes, I haven’t done much of it. Not to mention my classes would rather I don’t touch coloured pencils.

Oh, and my traditional work never stays the same. It always seems different than the last. Hm.