“Whenever you make a VYou response, make your first pose after the countdown really exaggerated and completely unrelated to the question. Looks hilarious when you flick through questions you’ve answered.”

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Scott, Unicornsteaks, FrigginItalian, Naim, Cyberdrone, Julia The Ninja, Adam Jennings, Matt TV & Music Only, Sophie Bohacs & This Girl Loves It.  

almost 1000 responses on VYou

It is weird to imagine that there have been 999 occasions in which someone has wanted to know a piece of information about me. Do you think it’s possible they could probably steal my identity now?

#NewVYou is up

It looks pretty good. It’s a million times less buggy than previous versions. Profiles load all smoothly, there are icons for each video response so you can get a vague idea of what’s going on before you watch it, you can comment on responses, search and browse functions look more awesome. Not forgetting, the whole interface has changed and looks pretty sweet. for more info click here or to ask me a question click here

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