Vyndktvx: The Demon From Dimension 5

There’s quote from the fantastic series Sherlock that I believe sums up the threat level of Vyndktvx: He’s a spider. A spider at the center of a web. A criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.

In assembling the Anti-Superman army Vyndktnx tranversed time to accomplish his goal; Destroying Superman, Mxyzptlk’s favorite trick by compiling a force made of Kryptonite People, Ghostly Kryptonians, a terribly advanced little girl.a guy who shoots REAL good,  and anall-consuming construction A.I.  And in this he became one of Superman’s greatest enemies ; One he couldn’t punch away,

Vyndktvx fought Superman all through out his life, but to the demon from dimenson 5, it was one singular attack. This is where you see the disadvantages of the 5-D plane. Superman had time to learn Vyndktvx’s weaknesses, Vyndktvkx did not have time to lern any of the boy scout’s. Yet still, Superman was forced to go beyond himself to fight this interdimensional foe . He summoned the Legion of Superheroes, Comet and the Wanderers, and even his loyal hound Krypto just to barely survive the onslaught. And that’s what makes Vyndktvx such a great villain? You NEED to prepare, you NEED help. In a way it made Superman, the man who can leap buildings and withstand bullets, so human, so vulnerable, so easily defeated, so human.

That’s what makes a good villain: Someone that tests everything about the hero. And that’s what makes a great hero, one who can overcome these obstacles in a compelling way.

Grant Morrison has been criticized as for being false-deep, or 2deep4u as some people may understand. But Morrison seems to write stories that just can’t be replicated. In the case of Action Comics we see why every aspect of Superman’s life can’t be tossed away. Clark Kent is an important aspect of Superman. Without Clark Kent’s griping stories, Glenmorgan probably would have never be brought down. And Just as Superman is important to the people he protects, these people are important to Superman. You can see this when they take the Kryptonite chains off of him, risking their own lives. Superman is the ideal, the ideal you fight and risk yourself for.

But maybe I’m getting off-topic. Point is, Vyndktvx is the kind of villain you want Superman to have. One that will challenge him on all fronts. This is where villains like Hellspont and those elemental people of the New 52 have failed. Superman IS one of the most powerful members of the DCU, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be challenged.

I’m actually worried for future uses of Vyndktvx. I’m afraid it just won’t match up to his introduction. But i’ll keep hoping, just like Superman. Ha-La-La-Kal-El