I commissioned the absolutely phenomenal @vylla-art to paint Kol’aya and Arcann, and what perfect timing, just when I finished the origin fic for them! I am just utterly smitten with how gorgeous they are and how wonderful they turned out together

I suppose it’s not a spoiler at this point, given that I’ve already posted the AU fics of their relationship, but they’ll get there in Empire’s Ransom too. The road ahead is rather bumpy, but they’ll get there

And in the meantime I’ll just die over how perfectly perfect this picture of them is

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Marvel Question: What sort of girlfriend would you want Kamala to have?

If you’d know me, you’d know the answer to this question.

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This are some redrawings (read: tracings) I did a while back, but never posted because I wasn’t satisfied by how they turned out (I actually thought I outright deleted them until I searched for them now).

Like, just now I was considering redrawing this (this time actually redrawing instead of tracing) for Valentine’s, and your ask came in and I’ll consider it a sign! SO thanks for that!

And now enough of my bad art, here’s some cool art from the always amazing Vylla-Art.

Darcy and Idris (from the dragon verse) by the wonderfully talented @vylla-art. I’m so happy I could burst. This little dragonet means so much to me and it’s fantastic to see her through another’s eyes. There is a possibility of Vylla popping her into her print shop (is it society6?) if there is interest from more people than me that would love a print of Darcy and Idris cuddling together.

Guys, LOOK! I got my commission from vylla-art, isn’t it gorgeous?!?

I told her I’d had this idea for a bookmark design for personal use, & had sketched out the composition but the detail was just beyond my skill level - Golden Age Superman catching a falling Golden Age Lois Lane. We agreed on a style and price, and her proof sketch was awesome, and now IT’S HERE!!!! and it’s so perfect!!!

gimme shelter

bucky/natasha, mature, 6k words

He finds her in the middle of a warm winter, a few months shy of two years after the world ended, when all he has to his name is a fractured mind and a gaping wound and a rucksack full of things designed to kill. 

go and read on ao3 here!

this is my contribution to the 2015 bucky/nat secret santa, predictably very close to the deadline. i never learn, what can i say. done for the wonderful @vylla-art who i hope enjoys this as much as i enjoyed writing it. for the record, the original prompt was, “mcu buckynat in which natasha has secretly been supporting bucky this whole damn time”. it got away from me, slightly.