I’m getting a tattoo this year, one of my ideas is to get a merman tattoo! my friend showed me this place called BUJU, one of the artists did the above mermaid tattoo!

  • I want a male version of this, inspired by the three drawings below the mermaid tattoo
My thoughts on Skrillex's Grammy nomination:

 I think it’s great that the dance/electronica categories have been redefined to exclude pop acts like Britney/Gaga/Ke$ha because now it gives way for talented producers in the EDM world to get more recognition. But it kinda defeats the purpose when the nominations are for the most mainstream/outplayed EDM songs out there. I know like a million songs released this year that are better than “scary monsters and nice sprites”, “sunshine” and “raise your weapon”! But I am supper happy that EDM is finally getting recognition by the masses and the Grammy Committee as a true art form. one step at a time!