FULL NAME.   Han Jonash e. Solo ( eu ).
OTHER NAMES/ALIASIS(?).  Vykk Draygo, Keil Garris, Jenos Idanian, Solo Jaxal, Jobekk Jonn, Jav Kabadi, Zack Kluggerhorn, Roaky Laamu, Stevv Manosk, Master Marksman, Miek, Luke Morgavi, Aalos Noorg, Rysto ( mostly eu canon like wow wtf han jfc ).  also, In.dia.na Jo.nes.  ( because i can ).
AGE.    29-33. ( verse dependent ).
GENDER.   cis male.
SEXUALITY.   pansexual.
CURRENT LOCATION.  Anytime you want to find Han, look for the ‘Falcon first.
NATIONALITY.  Corellian.
ETHNICITY.  American[?] ( modern ).
SPOKEN LANGUAGES.  Corellian, Olys Corellisi, Galactic Basic, Selonian, Binary ( Droid ), Shyriiwook, Trader’s argot, Rodese, Illodian. Huttese.
RELIGION.  Agonostic.
HEIGHT.    6'1″
BODY TYPE.   Ectomorph ( thin and tall ).
EYES.   Hazel.
TATTOOS.   very likely has tattoos in his modern verse.
PIERCINGS.   Both ears are pierced!  I see him with a jacob’s ladder because he was a little shit in his teens, ngl. ( Modern ).
SCARS.   Various scarring from past battles.  A very obvious mark is on his chin.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND.  He’s had a standard Corellian education ( in an ideal verse, but none, only if you’re talking strict eu ), later graduated as an Imperial Lieutenant. ( eu ).
SOCIAL MEDIA.  Getting him to use Fac.eb.ook would be like pulling teeth. It all depends on his verse age, but likely, he wouldn’t give two shits about social media.  It’d be hard to get him to even answer a text.
SMOKING.  Occasional cigarra, but nothing too fancy.  Probably smoked a lot when he was younger, but the habit wanes when he gets older.
DRINKING.  Han drinks a lot.  He really shouldn’t drink as much as he does. He may not get drunk easily, but I’m convinced, in any of his verses, his liver is a hard worker.
DRUGS.  Nah, he wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Not stupid enough to dip into the cargo he illegally smuggles.
ATHLETICS.  Aside from constantly running the hell away from dudes shooting at him, in a modern verse, Han is probably a swimmer or a track runner.  More likely a swimmer, given the sw planet he hails from.
HOBBIES.  tinkers with any type of machinery to learn its functions and likely repairs it.  ( verse dependent ).
VIRGIN.   In some weird, sick and twisted dimension, I’m sure he is.
FAVORITE DRINK.  whiskey, always whiskey, preferably a corellian brew.  non-alcoholic?  coffee.  strong teas during late nights.  drinks soda very occasionally.  likely needs to drink water more often.
FAVORITE FOOD.   fast food isn’t his thing when he’s older, but when he was younger, it’s what he ate every day.  Enjoys traditional corellian meals, something he doesn’t have often anymore.
FAVORITE MUSIC.  80′s music all the way.  Especially, this song and this song.  They scream of Han. 
CLOTHING STYLE.  Snug clothing, can’t afford to have anything loose and in the way when he’s moving about.  Tripping over some baggy pants likely means certain death for Solo.  Modern reflects his sw verse; leather, vests, combat boots.  A real punk, rebel type style lmao.  When he’s older, he always turns into a professor for me.  Blame In.dian.a Jon.es as an outer influence.
UNDERWEAR TYPE.  commando / boxers ( modern ).
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The Curse of Dray runs old through the Children of the Dark Blood.

Three were born to the world, heroes they thought.

Their inheritance would be suffering and anguish.

One by one.

The Children of Fire will be torn from the world.

“We are lost.” Said the Rogue.

“We are cursed.” Said the Mage.

“We are dead.” Said the Warrior. 

Vykk A. Draygoth.

Varca R. Draygoth.

Vakkeros L. Draygoth.