vy mon


“Tìm đâu được lối mà ta có thể bước cùng nhau một đôi.
Hay chỉ đứng bên cạnh nghe tim chơi vơi.

Phải chăng người đến vào những phút em âm thầm khẽ gọi tên.
Ngoài hiên vắng không một thanh âm vang lên.
Nhắc lại nỗi nhớ quá chênh vênh.”


Vỡ là ca khúc chủ đề của phim ngắn Vỡ, thuộc chuỗi phim Ẩn.
Nhạc và lời: Nguyễn Trần Linh Lan
Trình bày: Đỗ Vy - Hạnh Hồ

Day 24: your favorite 10 people right now and why

this is going to be hard but whatever… no particular order :’)

  1. Kaley - because even though she lives 2 hours away and I don’t reply to her a lot (LOL) she’s still one of my best friends that I can crawl to via phone call or text when I need help or if I just can’t contain anything you know. The way she laughs is literally THE BEST and I honestly miss hearing it like.. everyday.
  2. Vy - because she’s been considered one of my best friends ever since freshman year, even though we don’t talk as often during the school year, we’re very close and can always pick up where we left off no matter what :)
  3. Anna - because she is one of my best friends that has the capability of doing one thing that will make me laugh until I cry. We have this type of sense of humor that no one really.. gets, except for us. I can talk to her about anything and she can talk to me about anything and she easily makes my day.
  4. Merielle - because even though we’ve been through a lot of things LOL she’s still a best friend of mine since the 6th grade. We have a lot of inside jokes and I can tell her pretty much everything. If she ever needs anything then I would try to do anything to help her because she’s the best.
  5. Heather - because she introduced me to my ultimate best friend, Jennifer, her mom. LOL just kidding. Because Heather is my best chingu. Lunch with her is the best because we spend our time laughing and talking about our lives and korean boys and idols. We never really run out of things to talk about and I tell her almost everything too.
  6. Sana - because she is literally the best person to talk to about pretty much anything. We especially talk about One Direction and beauty gurus on youtube HAHA oh man, I always get distracted in school talking to her.
  7. Patrick - because freaking duh he’s been like my best guy friend since we were 5. We’re family friends and our mom’s are so close and my brother and his brothers are close, too.
  8. Humza - because he’s one of my best guy friends too like I’m so glad we got closer this year because we talk about everything, too. He’s just so honest with talking about anything, it’s like he has no filter. I feel like I can’t go a day without him talking about girls LOL.
  9. Wild Ones - I don’t talk to all of them but I’m grouping three together. Shawn because even though we barely talk, he’s a really great friend/older brother that I can come to when I need help. I’ve told him things that most people don’t even know and he’s a nice person. Joe because he can honestly make me laugh anytime. He is literally so funny and he can make my day instantly. Michael because we’ve gotten closer, I don’t even know how. He’s so funny, too, and I also can tell him anything. We talk about a lot of random stuff.
  10. MOB - Dylan because I’ve known him for a while and he’s someone that’s just so fun to hang out with and to talk to. Ricky because he’s so fun to mess with and to tease LOL. Brandon because he’s my dep gai yeppeo kpop star partner in our Brandlyssfinite band and he can make my happy just by simply saying “Don’t be sad” LOL :) Randy because he’s a nice person to talk to about anything even though I will never play games with him ever again. Cristian because he is really funny and such a nice person and can easily make me laugh. Ethan because he’s so cute.

Yes I didn’t follow the rules of 10 people but whatever.

I wanted to include others but ughh I couldn’t.. Sorry! :(