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Wasn’t expecting to actually finish my 13 page project on time, honestly, since I didn’t draw at all last week. Ended up busting these last two out yesterday and part of this morning fairly quick (that’s why you should always have an outline, kids).

Thanks for reading and have a fun and safe Halloween! :D

Unmasking The Love Part 2

Hi guys, here’s the second part of my newest reveal story.  If you like this one, please check out my first one, b/c I think that one was pretty cute.  And, I already have a notion for a third one (because apparently I have no life.  My husband says, “If you are going to write, can’t you write something that you can sell and make an income for the family?”  Okay, he has a point - but when you love MLB, the devotion can get in the way of other things, you know?  :-).  So this other one has *Marinette* finding out first.  Anyway, that’s all in the future.  There’s lots more to this one - it’s written out, I just need to type it up for the Tumblr universe.  Enjoy!

Unmasking the Love,  Part 2     (by JJ Sprinkle)

Poor Adrien had no idea what he was getting himself into.  Normally, between his father’s notoriety, the family’s social standing, and his own modeling career, Adrien did his best not to call attention to himself unless he had to.  He thought he knew how to flirt, because the photographers were constantly telling him to “flirt with the camera.”  But in fact, cocooned as he had been for much of his life, Adrien had little experience with the immediate reaction he could have on girls.

Running through his list in the back of the sedan, Adrien prepped himself to charm.  Once at school, he pasted his bright model-smile onto his face, and went to work.

“Good morning, Juleka.  ‘Morning, Rose,” he said, then grabbed a book that Rose was about to drop and remarked, “Oops!  Let me get that for you!  Looks like you might need a boyfriend to help with all those books.”  He smiled at Rose, and then winked intimately at Juleka.  Heavy handed as his flirting was, it had its effect.  Both girls stood silent, blushing, and dreaming.

Mylene was left with her mouth hanging open, questioning her relationship with Ivan.  Sabrina was left wondering how to escape her friendship with Chloe, whom she knew would never abide a relationship between Adrien and her.  Chloe took his flirting as her due, and started planning their senior prom.  Even Alix found that Adrien’s husky, “Good morning, Alix, looking good on your blades,” left her imagining couples rollerblading.  

Other girls from other classes were equally affected, as Adrien unknowingly created a tidal wave of hopefulness and jealousy behind him.  The one girl he did not bother with was Lila.  He crossed her path while climbing the stairs to class.  She began to smile silkily at him, but he met it with a frown.  Looking at her brought to mind his Ladybug, on her knees with her head in her hands; sitting on a park bench while Lila lied to him bald faced; and Lila snapping ungraciously at Ladybug as Ladybug apologized.  Adrien knew that the girl could not be his Ladybug, and she was dislikeable as well.  His stern, cool face was enough to stab at Lila’s pride and to dash her hopes.  Lila’s expression turned from welcoming to icy, and she pushed past Adrien as if he were a nothing to her.

By the time he got to class, the girls were in a minor uproar.  Before he even took his seat, notes were being passed to him and girls were vying to draw his attention.  Even with this hubbub, he made sure to turn to Alya and say, “Good morning, Alya.  Your Ladyblog is sooo interesting recently!  Maybe one of these days I can be your photographer when you’re reporting a story.”  He winked at her.  Then he turned to Marinette, “Morning, Marinette.  That pink really brings out the roses in your cheeks!”

Alya did a double-take at his compliment, and when he winked at her, she burst out laughing.

Marinette was astounded at Adrien’s words.  Inside, she felt fireworks of hearts exploding.  Had Adrien actually taken a moment to study the effect of his words, he would have seen their glimmer in her eyes.  But, all he really noticed was that Marinette’s cheeks went as pink as his compliment had described them, that she opened and closed her mouth without making a sound, and that she then ignored him by looking down at her desk.

“Psst, Nino,” Alya was still laughing, “What’s up with Adrien?”  Another two notes were tossed onto Adrien’s desk.

Nino was laughing too, and shrugged.  “Dude,” he asked, hardly bothering to whisper, “what are you doing?”

Adrien smiled confidently at Nino, still convinced that he had everything under control.  He said, “Just sayin’ hello…”  With such a ridiculous answer, Nino took it upon himself to grab three of the notes and start reading them.

“Alix wants you to come rollerblading after school,” Nino tossed the first one back at Adrien.  “Rose says she likes you,” he tossed the second back at Adrien.  “And this one warns you not to trust Mylene or Rose, because they like other guys.  But it’s unsigned.”  Nino peered at the handwriting, then glanced around the room.  Tossing this third note back to Adrien, Nino guessed, “It looks like Sabrina’s handwriting to me.”

Just then Chloe sailed up.  She tossed her golden ponytail, and said, “Adrikins, why don’t you come to daddy’s hotel this afternoon?  I’ll take you swimming in the indoor pool.”  Leaning forward, and making sure her chest was at Adrien’s eye-level, she added, “I can even make sure it’s closed to the public, so no one disturbs us.”

Adrien felt himself blushing, and finally began to realize that Plagg’s idea was really, really dumb.

“Uh, thanks Chloe, but, uh,” he stammered, then in a rush avoided her invitation, “but I have a photo shoot directly after school.  Very busy,” he added.

Chloe walked her fingers up Adrien’s arm, then poked him gently on the shoulder, “Maybe tomorrow then, hmm?”  She smiled at him suggestively.

“I think I have a photoshoot tomorrow, too.”

Chloe narrowed her eyes at him, then smiled thinly and returned to her seat.

Nino was chuckling, and grabbed another note, “Yo, Sabrina is offering to do your homework for you.  And look,” he pointed out, happy, “it’s the same handwriting.  Dude, I’m good!”

Thankfully, Mme Bustier walked in just then to call the class to order.  Adrien brushed the rest of the notes into his bookbag.

After Mme Bustier’s class, the group had Physics.  In the locker room between classes, Ivan cornered Adrien.  “Stay away from Mylene,” he ordered in his deep, gravely voice.  Another guy who Adrien had never met came to stand next to Ivan, and glowered at Adrien, “And stay away from my girlfriend too.”

Adrien held both hands up, palms outward, and tried to smile, “Hey, guys, no problem.  I didn’t mean anything, I was just chatting.”

“Well,” said the second boy, “don’t chat.”  He frowned again, then turned to leave.

“Uh,” Adrien called, the list still at the front of his mind, “who’s your girlfriend  again?”  The boy merely looked over his shoulder at Adrien and growled, then left the room.

“Yeah!” said Ivan.  He also frowned angrily, then left.

Adrien turned to his locker to get his science book.  With his back to the room, he pulled open his shirt and angrily muttered, “Plagg, did you know this was going to happen?”

“No!” Plagg said, all innocence.  “But what do you expect?” he added, “You are a model after all.”  Frowning down at Plagg, this time it was Adrien who growled.

Physics was little better than History class.  At one point, when Adrien answered a question about chemical reactions and molecular attractions, almost the entire female population sighed.  Adrien learned very quickly to keep his mouth shut, his nose in his textbook, and to avoid anyone’s eyes.  At the end of class, Nino shepherded him away from the gaggle of girls that congregated in the hallway outside of the Physics classroom.

“Dude, let’s get out of here for lunch.  Those girls are cray-cray.”  At that moment, Alya and Marinette walked past.  Nino grabbed Alya’s arm and said, “Hey, I’m getting my man Adrien out of here for lunch.  Can we go to your house?”

“Sure,” Alya said, then suggested, “But Marinette’s is right across the street.  Why don’t we all go there?”  She turned her face away from the boys to give a wide grin and wink to Marinette.  “Is that okay, Marinette?”

“Uh, yeah, sure, lunch.  We can totally do lunch at my house.  That’s great!”  Marinette felt like all of the oxygen had just been sucked out of her brain.  Adrien, eating lunch, at her house!  When the boys turned to their lockers, Marinette let Alya see the huge grin that took up half of her face.

“Are your parents going to be cool about this?” Alya whispered.

“Sure, Papa always has sandwiches in the store,” Marinette assured her.  Inside, she was dancing dizzy circles and squealing, ‘Weee!’ but outside she desperately tried to keep her cool and not trip down the front steps of the school.  Knowing her friend, Alya took Marinette’s arm as they walked, just in case.

The four entered through the store front.  “Marinette!” her father greeted her jovially.

“Papa, may some of my friends come for lunch upstairs?  Can we have sandwiches?”

“Of course!” Thom Dupain said, “But your mother’s out, so you four will have to fend for yourselves.”  He wrapped a selection of sandwiches for the group and handed them to Marinette.

“Thanks, Papa!”  Marinette kissed him on the cheek, then led her friends through the back of the store into the living area behind.  They climbed the stairs to the apartment, where Marinette sat them down with the sandwiches while she got them all drinks.  While the other three sat chatting, Marinette snuck elated looks at Adrien, actually sitting in her house!

“So dude, what the heck? What craziness was that, dude?”

“Yeah, Adrien, do tell!”  Alya pinned on to Nino’s question.  “You have every girl in school falling over themselves!”

Marinette served them each Orangina, and Adrien murmured a quick, “Thank you,” before trying to answer their questions.  Marinette sighed quietly as she sat down.

“Well, I guess it’s pretty stupid, but, um, a friend told me that a girl in school likes me, and I was trying to figure out who it is.”

Nino almost fell out of his chair laughing.  “Dude, by flirting with *every* girl?!  Now *that’s* cray-cray!”

Marinette and Alya exchanged a look.

“I know, Nino, thanks,” Adrien sounded abashed.  “I didn’t really expect things to, uh…”

“To explode like that?” Alya asked, pointedly.

Adrien’s cheeks actually turned pink, and he hung his head.  He concentrated on picking up his sandwich as he answered, “Uh, right.”

“Dude, you’re a model!  What did you expect?”  Nino was still laughing too hard to eat.

“Well, I didn’t!” Adrien shot back, embarrassment making him defensive.  “I didn’t expect anything!  I’ve never been to school before this year, I don’t know how this flirting thing is done.”  Adrien took a large bite of sandwich, so he could chew and not answer questions.  He thought briefly of how easy it was to tease with Ladybug, how she didn’t get all “cray-cray” as Nino would say.

Marinette listened to Adrien, and fell even deeper in love.

“So who told you a girl likes you?” Alya asked.

“Oh, you don’t know them,” Adrien said around his full mouth.

Alya and Marinette exchanged another look.  Alya raised her eyebrows, and Marinette barely shook her head.  The two friends’ silent communication went something like this:  

‘They didn’t mean you?’


‘Should you take this opportunity to tell him?’


“Dude, you better lay low for awhile, ‘til all this blows over.  I mean, woah!  I’ve never seen Chloe so on the hunt like that!  Like she smelled blood in the water, dude!”

Adrien and Nino laughed, and Adrien added, “Or Sabrina!”

Alya waited for their laughter to lessen before dropping her suggestion, “Or, you could just pretend to have a new girlfriend.  Then the other girls would leave you alone.”  Marinette’s eyes were deer-in-the-headlights wide, and she began shaking her head forcefully beyond Adrien’s and Nino’s eyesight.  With a grin, Alya added, “And I know just who could play your pretend girlfriend:  Marinette!”

Marinette was still shaking her head violently no, when the two boys turned to look at her.  She smiled nervously at them, and tried to say something, but as usual only incoherent words came out.  Inside she was battling two opposing forces - her fear yelling, ‘no, no, NO!’ and her heart crying, ‘yes, yes, YES!’  Caught in the middle of her panic, Marinette said nothing.

Adrien had seen Marinette shaking her head.  He couldn’t help but feel a little rejected, but he smoothed the situation over by saying, “Aw, I couldn’t do that to Marinette.  That’s a pretty big imposition, lying to your entire class.”

“I, uh, um, uh,” Marinette still couldn’t making her mouth sound out the words, but she desperately wanted to say, ‘It’s not an imposition at all!’  Instead Adrien merely patted the back of her hand and smiled at her.

“Thanks, guys.  I’m lucky to have friends like you.”

“Dude, no biggee!”  Nino said, “Just give it time, man.”

The four continued eating, Alya hiding her frustration and Marinette fighting back her mortified disappointment.

When they returned to school, Marinette and Alya led the way side by side, followed by Adrien and Nino.  “Girl,” Alya was saying, “You *had* him!  Why didn’t you tell him you didn’t mind?”

“I was too nervous.  I mean, what if he saw how pathetic I am?  I would probably have started drooling right then if I’d tried.”  Marinette sighed gustily.

“You could just tell him now.  ‘Adrien,’” Alya mimicked, “‘I know one person who has the hots for you!’”

Marinette giggled, and pushed Alya hard on the shoulder.  “Puhleeease!  Even *I* wouldn’t say it like that!”

“‘Excuse my drool, but I think you’re cool.’”


“‘Come have lunch with me anytime,’” Alya said in a sultry tone, “‘And I’ll show you who’s got a crush on you.’”  She shot an over-the-top ‘come hither’ look at Marinette.  This time, Marinette turned a little pink at the thought of saying that to Adrien, then burst out laughing.

Behind them, the boys were discussing strategy.

“So dude, just tell all the girls it was a dare, and they’ll get over it.”

“But Nino, I really do want to find this girl.  I just don’t know how.”

“Okaaay…” Nino sounded dubious.  “What do you know about her?”

“That she goes to our school.  That she knows me.  She’s gotta be in one of our classes, because she once found a piece of paper I, um, left behind.”

There was a beat of silence, then Nino asked surprised, “That’s it?”

“Uh, yeah,” Adrien shrugged.

“Well what the heck, dude.  She could be a real dog!  Who cares about this girl!  You don’t even know anything about her!”

“Okay, also I know she’s really smart and clever.  She’s brave.  She’s kind.  Really kind.  She likes to help people in trouble.  Sometimes she doubts herself, but she’s really strong.  And she’s funny.”

Nino was staring at him as if Adrien had started speaking in tongues.  Finally he said, “Dude, do you or do you not know her?  Because dude, that sounds like you know her.”

Adrien rubbed the back of his neck.  He knew he sounded like an idiot.  “I don’t know her.  I just know of her.”

“Well, smart and clever could be Sabrina, Marinette, or Chloe.  Brave is definitely Alix.  Rose has you covered on kind.  What was the rest?”

“Nino,” Adrien said, “this isn’t helping.”

“Dude, didn’t you say she doubted herself?  Mylene’s got that one wrapped up.  Strong and funny has to be Alya.”

Beginning to play along, Adrien prompted, “Helping people in trouble?”

“Hmm… I’d have to give that one to Marinette too.”

“Great,” Adrien harrumphed, “so according to you I should just date the entire class.”  

Nino started guffawing, and joked, “Dude, after this morning, you could totally do it too!”  Adrien chuckled, for the first time taking a moment to appreciate the effect he had had on the girls.  As they climbed the stairs into school Nino said, “Well, dude, I’ll keep my ears to the ground, and if I hear anything I’ll point you right.”

As they walked down the hallway, Nino did actually turn Adrien’s description over in his mind.  Walking behind Alya and Marinette, Nino considered that Marinette fit many of the characteristics Adrien had mentioned, although mostly she got a big fail on the brave thing.  He considered her for a moment, then muttered, “Nah,” and moved on.  Maybe Alix….

Adrien was not considering any of the girls.  The moment they re-entered the school, he could feel the female population studying him, watching him… hunting him.  Adrien kept his eyes down and silently swore at Plagg.  Maybe Alya’s idea wasn’t so bad, the thought.  At least the girls might leave him alone.  But he might scare away the one girl he wanted.  Ladybug had said that one day she’d work up the courage to tell him, so maybe he just had to wait.  He laughed to himself, that he’d described Ladybug as brave to Nino.  Maybe as Ladybug she was, but as a normal girl apparently not so much.  Still, he hated waiting.

With Adrien continuing to avert his eyes and returning to his normal reserve, the second half of the school day was much calmer.  He stuck closer to Nino, Alya, and Marinette than usual, using his friends as cover for the few girls like Chloe who hadn’t yet given up on the hope he had instilled in them.

After school was out, the four walked down the stairs to Adrien’s sedan waiting for him.  “Do it!” Alya whispered to Marinette.

Marinette fisted her hands, trying to strengthen her courage.  She could say, “I like you,” or “I kinda like you,” or “Maybe your friend meant me?” with a teasing smile.  She could just do it, just DO it.  Her heart was racing, and she felt lightheaded and hot.

“See you tomorrow, dude.  Go read some books on flirting!” Nino joked.

Adrien pulled open the door, calling, “‘Bye!” over his shoulder, when Marinette felt a huge pressure in her chest and burst out with, “Adrien!”  He turned, surprised at her tone, and asked, “Yeah?”

“I -”  She couldn’t do it.  She couldn’t.  Her tongue felt thick, and her mind literally was blank.  She couldn’t think of the words.  “I -”  Adrien looked at her, like a scientist looks at a bug.  “Have a good day!” she finally said in a rush, and then turned her back on him and raced up the stairs.

Adrien watched her leave, called after her, “Thanks, you too,” and then climbed into his car while shaking his head.

Alya turned and dashed after Marinette.  She found Marinette in a corner of the empty locker room, sitting on the floor, her arms wrapped around her knees, crying.  “Hey, girl,” Alya said, squatting next to her and rubbing her back.

Marinette looked at her, “I’m so pathetic.  What’s wrong with me?  I can’t do anything!”

“Hey, girl, you *almost* did it!  You came closer than you ever have before.  That’s something!”  Marinette dropped her head back to her knees, but at least she stopped crying.  “And you didn’t even stutter when you said ‘have a good day’.”

“I sounded like an idiot,” Marinette replied, voice muffled.

“Yo, what’s up?  Is Marinette okay?” Nino’s kind voice snapped the two girls out of their tete a tete.

“Sure,” Alya said, standing up.  “She just feels a little sick, right Marinette?”

Marinette kept her face down, trying to wipe away her tears.  She sniffled quietly.  “Right.”

“Oh, okay,” Nino said, uncertainly.  He didn’t think she sounded particularly sick, but wasn’t willing to question it, in case this was something to do with girl stuff.  “Well… Anyway, I’m just going now.  Just wanted to say bye.”

Alya bent over to grab Marinette’s book bag, “We’re going too.  I’m gonna walk Marinette home.”

“Okay, I’ll walk with you,” Nino cheerfully invited himself along.

Marinette pushed herself to her feet, and muttered “Thanks,” to Alya as she took her book bag.  Trying to sound normal, Marinette said, “Great, Nino,” and led the way out of the locker room.

Nino chatted nonchalantly as they left the school, “That’s gotta be one of the funniest days at school ever, dude!”

Alya joined in his laughter to cover for Marinette’s silence, “Oh, yeah!”

“I can’t believe my man Adrien doesn’t know how to flirt.”

Alya, remembering the day, started laughing for real.  “When he winked at me!  Pfft!” Alya’s and Nino’s laughter turned into howls, and they paused on the sidewalk doubled over to laugh.

Marinette kept walking, keeping her red eyes straight ahead.  A large part of her was angry that they were making fun of Adrien like this, and a little part of her was jealous that *she* hadn’t gotten a wink from Adrien when it felt like everyone else had.  She could hear Nino and Alya replaying incidents from school, “… And did you see Ivan’s face?”

“… And when Chloe leaned over his desk?”

They got to the corner where the Dupain-Cheng bakery was, and Marinette turned and interrupted them.  “Well, I’m going in now.  ‘Bye!”  She was too eager to escape.

“Oh, do you want me to come up?” Alya petered off, and it was clear to Marinette that she was hoping for a ‘no’.

“I’m just gonna take a nap before dinner,” Marinette lied.

“Okay,” Alya said.  She darted an encouraging glance at Marinette, and then in the code of their friendship added, “Maybe tomorrow, right?”

Marinette gave Alya the smile she knew she was hoping for.  “Right,” she said, holding up both thumbs, “Maybe tomorrow for sure!”  Then she walked into the bakery and closed the door behind her.  Nino and Alya continued walking home, laughing, while Marinette climbed to her bedroom, collapsed on her chaise lounge, and indulged in a good cry.

To Be Continued…   (by JJ Sprinkle)

for now i post the gif, bc somehow i hit “tumblr video upload limit” while waffling over which version of the animation i should upload (aka none of them bc photoshop FUCKS UP EVERYTHING). Gif plays a little slow compared to real time but I like that you can see pretty much all of the drawings.

intended to be a ~stretch your animation muscles~ warmup but it took way too long for a warmup haha… full blown exercise tbh.

Prompted by @flamelscross: Goto refuses to admit that he actually LIKES wearing Masayoshi’s Samurai Flamenco hoodie (despite being caught wearing it). 

I didn’t animate with specific dialogue in mind so the lip flapping is a little random! Also my “cleanup” is pretty rough around the edges.. every time I look I see more stray lines making the animation kind of “jump” and im like o)-( why can’t i keep things consistent

I was thinking about coloring this but.. maybe for another day. 

Finding an Art Style: by duhmichael

I watched a video (i posted it too!! part 1 and part 2) i learnt a few things from it so, I hope this will help you guys, who are trying to find they’re own unique style of drawing. 

note: i am still trying to find an art style lmao it can take years ya know

1. use your favourite artists (as in like 2+ artists not just one) as an example! You can take a look at their drawings and take some of your favourite features to put in your drawings. For example, if I were someone who wants to find a unique style, I could look at Vy’s, Emma’s, Marianne’s and Ashley’s drawings.. hm so I like the way vy draws noses so maybe i could try them out with my own drawings, i like the way that marianne draws hair so i could try that… etc bUT you don’t want to copy how they draw things exactly because thats not original is it?? You could just adapt it a little to make it your own :)

2. juST GET INSPIRED if theres anything nice you liked from a drawing try to adapt it to your own style lIKE IT COULD BECOME THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER

3. be patient. finding your style can take so long, im still finding mine. im pretty sure the other admins are still trying to find one that they can actually stick to

4. its ok to have an inconsistent art style wE ALL HAVE THEM. THE WAY I DRAW CHANGES EVERY SINGLE TIME ITS SO FRUSTRATING but its fun

5. this is so important DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER ARTISTS you dont want to draw exactly like someone else!! also dont trace drawings - its plagiarism yo. how will you be unique if someone else has that same style?? like i said just change them a bit to make it your own, dont fully copy someone else :))