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Are we ready for another breakdown? Because I’m going mental. (Haha lame jokes over for now)

(RPG Maker 2000)

(RPG Maker 2003)

(RPG Maker XP)

(RPG Maker VX)

(RPG Maker VX Ace)

(RPG Maker MV)

Alright, to begin, let’s talk about the layout of sections. Most of these are almost identical to one another, though a few things have been moved in a couple of the latest engines. Mostly the levels, and the parameter curves, though I’ll go in more detail about those in a little bit. Let’s quickly go over what an actor is. In the RPG Maker engine language, an actor is a playable character (PC) or a character within your party at some point or another. On the far left is our list of actors, this is where we store all of our party members. How fantastic is that?

The next few fields I will go over are very basic fields though they are good to know, especially for beginners. The name field is where you can redefine your character’s names, and close to that, there is a field called “Nickname” and what this is is where you put in your characters name to be displayed on the menu screens from within game. So say we were using the 2000 engine and had our default Alex as our player, we would open up the menu and the name that would be displayed for him would be Hero and not Alex. Alright, let’s move onto the face set, this is one of my favorite areas for customizing anything. I tend to use anywhere from two to three pages just for the faces, though in this the face is supposed to be set for what image to display when the in-game menu is open. Graphic/Character/Character Graphic is where we keep our player sprites. This allows us to actually be able to move around the map and explore our words we create. Now for the versions of RPG Maker so far (without scripting for isometric movement) there are only four directions you need worry about; up, down, left, and right. 

These sprites are set up in 3x4 grid patters. Three across and four down. In the respective orders of course. Now each one of these sets is divided like this and can contain up to eight sprites on one page. Some people will have anywhere from one to three sets for a single character, perhaps even more if there is more to do with said character, for instance, sitting in a chair, laying on a bed, crawling across the ground, so on and so forth. These can be possible. In the case of The Huntress of the Hollow, that one used multiple sets to change the character’s color as you progress with the game. Though one thing to take into account is having the right size of sprites.

RPG Maker 2000 - 24x32 piccas
RPG Maker 2003 - 24x32 piccas
RPG Maker XP - 32X48
RPG Maker VX - 48x48
RPG Maker VX Ace - 32x32
RPG Maker MV - 48x48

And of course, these are the default sizes which does not consist of the expanding love for over-sized sprites, over the chibi styled sprites that are used. This is where “Loose Leaf” comes in. Admittedly, I do not generally care for the anime or chibi styles but I do like using them as templates for my own characters and designs to be sure they fit right with the rest of the game size wise and style wise.

Moving onward, we also have the Initial level, and max level for our characters, and starting equipment. Now these are things found through out the engine series that I cover here. Initial level determines how much experience you start off with, and affects how your character’s parameters curve depending on your specific parameters. It is wise to be cautious when choosing your starting levels because you don’t want them to be too over or under fed with EXP. Max level determines where you stop leveling up. That’s pretty simple. Starting equipment may also play a hand in this due to if you want your players to with anything or if you’d rather them be completely defenseless. Having a character with too little too soon could spell out a lot of rage and frustration for your gamers as well. Though you don’t want them starting off with “god-like” gear either. It’s finding the sweet spots that work for you that make the difference.

Another part of these that should be mentioned is the traits. You can have multiple characters of the same class, though you can make them a little more diverse if you choose to let them be. For instance, you can give one immunity to poison or immune to sleep due to an insomnia trait. So they can battle no matter what, or if you want you can have a fatigue counter on your characters. The notes boxes can be used to store information for you, or scripts to run certain bits of a plugin. 

From the older versions to the newer ones, we can see that some things have been taken out of this menu, so where did they go? Simple! They have been moved over to the class tab. On the class tab you can find your parameter curves and abilities. A few of the others have their own tabs as well now. Though we will cover those on a later date. Until then, stay awesome.

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Awaiting Releases (Demo, Chapter by Chapter, and Full):

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What other rpg maker horror games are out there in English that I have missed within my stack? As one day I hope to just be on brand new/new games rather than bouncing around on older games, then brand new games etc as they will be the ones that will get more views on my Let’s Plays (full game of Pocket Mirror is a prime example). :D

Any game as long as it has horror as a genre! :)

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Enemies and Troops

That’s right ladies, gents, and every gender inbetween! We get a double for this one due to the fact I’m getting lazy and I’m currently addicted to The Sims 4

RPG Maker 2k

RPG Maker 2k3

RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker VX Ace

RPG Maker MV

“Fish?! What is this? You’re skipping so many tabs!” Calm yourself, we will go back and look at the other tabs later on, for now, this is what we’re looking at. “BUT! BUT!” No. We are looking at these two today since they more or less fall hand in hand. Deal with it. So let’s start looking at these. As noted in prior guides, the list area is located on the left hand side of the window. This is the list containing your enemies for the game, and much like the skills tab, there’s a button at the bottom of the list to change the number of enemies you have within the game. To the right of the list is where we can have some fun and change up or make your own enemies. Each of the enemies have a spot for choosing/changing the name, max hp, attack, “mind”, max mp, defense, and agility. These are just like the actor creation, the only difference is they cannot level up unless you define them to within the code or scripts.

Rewards is a very notable area for all RPG styles, this is where you determine how much the enemies are valued at when defeated. They can give experience points, money, and even items, just like any rpg out there. If you choose to have items drop, you may alter the percentage of loot dropping from the specific enemies. In the newer versions, there are options can have an enemy drop up to three different kinds of items.

States and elements are what the enemies are susceptible to, and as mentioned in the skills, this is where you can really mess with people if you wanted to, I don’t normally recommend doing such thing because if you have a fire type enemy against a water attack and it’s not very effective to use water… someone’s going to throw a tantrum one way or another. Not recommended, though you can change the elements and states as mentioned in a prior guide.

Close by there is an area that is dedicated to the graphic of your enemy. For most of the RPG Maker game engines, the Slime is usually the first enemy pre-coded into being the first and weakest of the list of enemies to go along side with Japanese traditions. On the MV, that is my personal project and as you can see, I changed my slime slot into a chicken… a very mad chicken. He’s mad because I don’t have his fully animated set of sprites done for him just yet. Another part of the enemy window is the attack patterns, this is where you set the skills that we had discussed prior to your given enemies. This is also where knowing some of the formulas of attack come handy. I will be going over formulas and how they work with the engine in a later post. Also in some of the later versions of RPG Maker, you can add notes to your enemies. As you can see in my project, I have some note tags for the appear animation and no breathing, what you place in this box is up to you. It does not have to be note tags, regular text or notes are just fine.

Moving onto troops, these are where you determine what enemies are present in the game and how many different ones can attack in groups of x. There will generally be a list of troops on the left hand side, the name of the troop, a background test for your enemies to sit against to make sure they look okay in a given environment, and a condition panel. The condition panel will tell the game unless the player runs away, then stay in battle. Another thing to note about the conditions box, this is where if you want extra dialog in your battles to happen, this is where we make it so. For instance, say you want an enemy to beg for mercy at half health, this is where you would tell the game to do so. Pretty nifty stuff!

Alright if you guys can think of any other things to add to how the enemies and troops tabs work, feel free to message me and let me know to add something or change something up, even if it’s just a better way of explaining something. I am not the best at it but I do try my best. That’s all for now folks, and hope you are all doing awesome wherever you are. Stay awesome!