Now that I have a watch, I notice other people’s watches. This leads to more conversations about watches and more time spent thinking about watches. This is a slippery slope: You start as an earnest young man who’s trying to keep track of the precious minutes of life and suddenly you’re a potbellied old bore trapped in endless conversations about Panerais, waiting for death.


“CT is definitely our eye candy; Rostam is our musical genius; Baio… He’s married so he’s out of the game in terms of the ladies. Everybody’s bringing a different flavor.”

Zane Lowe: So what’s your flavor?

“Well… I’m a bit of a ladies man… I’m a little bit like Drake. I’m a bit of a ladies man with a sensitive side, intellectual but don’t push me. You know… I kinda got it all. I’m very complicated. People don’t understand me. They gave up.” - Ezra Koenig