vw related

We didnt really talk about it in the podcast cause I keep forgetting to bring it up but we got asked “why are Volkswagen/euro kids owners so horrible?”

Quick answer: cause most of them are shitty people.

Long answer: its tiring. Its so damn tiring seeing anything remotely bad happening car scene wise and then seeing it being directly related to VW / eurocentric car owners. You guys ruin everything you touch. Sowo, h20i and the list can undoubtedly go on but I dont keep up with your scene. You isolate yourselves in all car events sectioning yourself off like you have something to prove whilst drinking your Pabst blue ribbon beer and shitty blue moon (I’ll get heat for that one but I hate hoppy beer and that’s just known lol) with your cut off jeans and key hooks hanging off your right outmost belt loop. Your gross “I skate but dont actually skate” worn out vans lows that are 3 seasons behind and those gross unkept beards that say “I buy bacon toothpaste cause I’m a man and I hit girls while I drink Jack Daniels straight cause I have all the negative traits of being raised by my father who was bullied himself in highschool and now passes on those traits to me” all while maintaining the ego of you think you’re better than everyone else. Am I saying all of you guys are bad? Nah I’m good friends with a few kind hearted VW/BMW and really any German car owners and they hate what the american Volkswagen scene is like. They want no part in it. Am I saying this because I hate these cars? Nah of course not I love German cars, my family grew up around them , I love Porsches and etc but lord the scene is bad.

You can cry and you can moan but 9/10 times you’re probably mad cause I described you. Listen if a license plate “R U 18 yet” is in mass production on a fake German license plate maybe you should sit down and take a minute to think “do I want to be apart of this scene ? Is this what I want to represent”

TLDR; euro kids need to relax and be less white