vw ftw

NAME: Snow
NICKNAME: Snu (Snu-Snu for the pervs), Sitis cuz hell yeh
AGE: 19
PRONOUNS: she/her.
HEIGHT: 182 cm
BIRTHDAY: 10th November
AESTHETIC: girls, anything kinky (even tho I own nothing but in the future for sure), nature colours, silver jewellery, sneakers, black leather, forests, futuristic stuff, mythology, green parks, BMW & VW cars ftw, tiddies, god … what the hell should i understand under aesthetic for myself, or stuff i like, well here’s a mix.

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO:  Blaubeermund E-Nomine

FAVORITE MUSE(S) YOU’VE WRITTEN: Charybdis, Ifshar (both OCs), Turles, Raditz, Bankotsu, Hiten.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO TAKE ON YOUR CURRENT MUSE ( THAT YOU ARE POSTING THIS ON ): Well here are five muses but currently is Kugo the main one, and he contains so many aspects I love in a character. Also if I cannot rp Aizen, then at least him, a character which got barely explored at this point and still overs so much, especially with the novel. Also he is hot as hell and since he is so hard to understand, it makes him extra interesting. He is a good challenge but one I can still manage.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE ASPECTS OF YOUR CURRENT MUSE: He is hot, I know I mention this a lot, but atm he is my beauty symbol for men, I wish I could look like him, idk he is simply amazing. Also, I love that he stays true to his goal, despite his death, he has not changed that much. I love this mix of evil and good in him.

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION WHEN IT COMES TO WRITING: Movies and mythology or even games, I just love the stories, scenarios there. I want so many AUs but for that I need to find the right person again. Someone pls like AC. But of course, new music can help too a little.

FAVORITE TYPES OF THREADS: two para is best, because enough material but still something you can answer rather quickly. One liners are cool too if you are bored and lazy.

BIGGEST STRUGGLE IN REGARDS TO YOUR CURRENT MUSE:  Making him interesting enough for others, because as of now, I am still sure that barely anyone cares about him or is curious enough to explore this guy with me.

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