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Untitled by Dominik Geiger  


Buggy Still Fun

Despite all the power that a huge 4x4 truck like a RamRunner can provide, sometimes a little Buggy is all you need to have some fun in the desert. The engines are in the back, they’re aircooled, and for the most part simple, so what could go wrong?

- Jon Tong


Day 6 of @yoianniversary is Relationships!
One of my favourite relationship in Yuri on Ice is the friendship between Yuuri and Phichit! Also we only get to see them a little bit together, I just feel that they have a special connection! I am even more happy that I got to know my Phichit through YOI and now, a year later, there are not even 5 days that we have not talked with each other 
Phichit Chulanont: www.twitter.com/kojiuCP
Yuuri Katsuki: me
Pictures: meermiau/vw