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Q: Pretty Chocolate-senpai, you like a specific type of chocolate or you like everyone? (White chocolate, bitter, with milk, with nuts, etc. (?)

Q:  Chocolate Sempai, why you are soo “SEME” >::::VVV

Q: What is the flavor of the semen of chocolate senpoi?


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who is your tumblr crush? or tumblr crushes?

ok. am FINALLY replying to this ajhgdsjahgd. there’s literally so many nct blogs that i look up to and the people behind them are such!!!! sweethearts!!!! like seriously this fandom is so precious to me, it’s hard to name only one or two. blogs who i believe to belong on this list definitely include the legendary @nakamotens!!! @haecha, @dovounq, @neotechs are up there as well!! @taeiloves, @ueo, @yoonnoh, @cherryjaehyun, @pawjohnny, @1aeyong, @taeiljaeh are vvv important as well and also all the great gif and gfx makers, fan artists and positive shitposters out there who deserve all the recognition and support but who i currently cannot think of because it’s 1:30am!!! ur all my crushes and this fandom wouldn’t be the same without u!!!!!!! cheers!!!!!

okkk woww some major shockerssssss.

I thought mini would be emma, dyllan and savannah but tbh so happy for the littles crystal annd kami!!!!

and for juniors VVV surprised that hailey and brooke werent top 3 but like pumped for little miss kalea who is being so appreciated this weekend!!! She must be so happy and emotional <3

Lances Ultimate Summer Playlist

That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars Cake By The Ocean - DNCE | Cold Water - Major Lazer Ft. Justin Beiber, MØ | This Girl - Kungs Vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners Starships - Nicki Minaj Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars Side To Side - Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj No Money - Galantis Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #46
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> *names the video 'two lads with sandy balls'*<p/></p><p/></p>