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I was tagged by daniellecpeazerstyle (: 

Maggie’s answers are in normal type, and Sophie’s are in italics (because I wanted to take a break from homework heheh)

1. Favourite item of clothing? 

Shoes! Black jeans.

2. Your first concert? 

Hilary Duff all the wayyy! High School Musical: The Ice Tour hahaha

3. Favourite makeup brand? 

Rimmel. Same.

4. Where do you want to live when you’re older? 

Boston. New York City!

5. Dream job? 

Something involving fashion. Anything involving Drama.

6. Favourite place to travel to? 

Anywhere with a beach. Gold Coast. 

7. Do you like flying? 

Yes! It’s okay, it gets a bit tedious though!

8. Fashion inspirations? 

Eleanor Calder, Alexa Chung, Danielle from weworewhat, Zoella, and Thefashioncitizen. Tumblr fashion bloggers are the best.  

9. Spring/summer or autumn/winter? 

A/w for sure! Spring/Summer, but I am pretty bias.

10. Favourite celebrity? 

Dylan O'brien. Jennifer Lawrence or Leonardo DiCaprio

11. Your signature perfume? 

Anything that smells like vanilla. Lola by Marc Jacobs. 

12. Favourite holiday? 

Easter! Long weekends ;) Probably Christmas or New Year’s actually. 

13. Favourite band? 

The Script. Maroon 5.

14. Where was the last vacation you went on? 

The beach. New Caledonia!

15. Favourite TV show? 

PLL duhhhhh. SAME!

16. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? 

London or Australia. Greece or Paris or New York :)

17. Last book you read? 

Salem falls or something?? (It was for school) Summer and the City- just finished it. 

18. Item you can’t live without? (clothing, technology, any) 

Clothes deff, they’re my life. My water bottle! 

19. How old are you? 

16. 16 as well. 

20. Whats your phone background?  

My puppy (: Me and my kitty!

21. What time did you go to bed last night? 

2 am. Around 12ish

22. What’s your favourite drink? 

Dr pepper mmmm. Apple juice :’)

23. What is one branded expensive thing you want? 

I realllllly want a pair of Ray bans atm or a nice watch! I really have no clue, there are some shoes I really like…

24. Who is your role model? 

Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad. Jennifer Lawrence.

25. What colour are the walls in your room? 

atm green and blue but they’re being painted blueish purple! Plain white.

26. Do you have a pet and what’s his/her name? 

I have many lol: 4 dogs, lily, max, suzette, and penny. 1 cat: tux. I have two cats called Fizz and Spike. 

My Questions:

1. Do you have any siblings?

2. What was the last thing you ate?

3. Favorite pair of shoes?

4. Favorite movie? 

5. Favorite smell? 

I tag: cher-lloyd-ny, vvstyle, katiedeleasecloset, eleanorjcalderstyles, and emiliesbookofstyle!