vv collection


I have three boys for you to rate

this is a vv good collection of yuuris excuse me while I am smothered by his loveliness

1. ok the first yuuri, a thinking boy,, i think many can relate to the struggles he was facing here,, best boy has no idea that rn THOUSANDS of people are appreciating his glorious rendition of his soulmate’s fs (1000′s/10)

2. (mod cannot rate bc im busy crying over how handsome our lord is)

3. tHIS boy just delivered a STUNNING performance that had me yelling and cheering so wildly my friend decided to go for long walks whenever Wednesdays came around. Blushy cheeks, muzzled hair, all the evidence of an amazing effort, how is he so stunning? (”His coach looked angry after this performance. You won’t believe what happened next!”) MY ENTIRE HEART/10