Seems like bonnypixels has gotten to the golden date yet again!

Yep that’s right, it’s your birthday honeybunch! You were one of the few darlings whom inspired me to get started with my own simblr and have always been nice to me since the beginning and for doing so I have made you a little goodie bag!

I really hope that you are enjoying your day (or should I say will since it’s 0:00 here atm) with friends and family, and of course that you are getting spoiled with presents and love!

Continue enjoying your day darling!

Again, thank you for being an awesome friend to me OMG I wouldn’t have survived without you!

Click here to download this little piece of shit I made for you <3


Credits: Newsea, jedpie, lilith-sims and pooklet


Chiana Stark to serenasims Bachelor Challenge 

Chiana grew up on the lovely planet of Tylon, her mother from human kind of species and her father from on of the alien races of Tylon. Chiana’s family belonged to upper class and Chiana was raised that way to be polite and behave nicely.But being a breed and a mixture wasn’t easy on Tylon and during her school years Chiana was bullied and soon she found more comfort from books, arts,science and technology than from other kids. 

Now being all grown up she wants to find someone to share her interests with and maybe watch the beautiful triple sunset on Tylon together.