Vulturo polytropos   ῆ

you are vulturo polytropos . a really friendly and extremetly trickster, and energetic troll that fall love in an Ridicolous way with highs .speed  and an urgent desire of  knowing your friend´s secrets or listening their conversations   ,you are also extremently attracted to shiny things ,your always carrying your sachel in any case you might find something interesting to keep for yourself or steal something valuable from your friends or strangers in your way ,but is not steeling for you.. is more like just saving something that you might find deeply interesting,so you know you can give it a better use than it´s owner

you like to be fasters than the others and always try to get what you want by using tricks so you are always trying to get new friends and being friendly with everyone so they can easily trust you but in fact is not always on that purpose in fact you enjoy having friends but not so many of them really know you .you hate to stay for long period in the same places,you rather be running and knowing new places and trying to find it new treasures for your collection ,you would totally prefer to be invisible but sadly you are not so you are obssesed with scaring the others or appearing in the most weird circustances ever .you learned to be quiet and wait for the best moment to make you final entrance.

Blood color : Indigo

Weapon : Crossbow is the perfect match for you ,since you prefer to be direct and unoticed you can attack from the distance and don´t get dirty by attaching the others from a long distance and you can easily escape if you fail and that would be terrible for you .

Lusus : Andean Condor

Trollcestor: His trollcestor was The Mensajero (means the messneger).

♠ : none 
♦ : none 
♥ : none 
♣ : none


Quirk : replaces n with Ñ or ñ Capitalize the final letter in every sentence

feel free to ask me anything you might want to know n__n also open for rp and all that jazz

will update more info about him later cause now i´m tired as hell and also my english suck!! sorry if i made mistakes—cause i´m sure i did…