Yey! I’m redesigning the Griro characters a bit, and things are going along VERY well!!!

So first we have OC 37! Her name is Rania, and she is a Egyptian Vulture! (She appears in Griro.)

She is very lazy when it comes to work, but anything involved with fighting she wants to be a part of. She is a blacksmith, and loves to test her weapons/armor out in battle. She’s not a big fan of murder mysteries, but if it involves her friends then she will step up and assist. She also doesn’t like to wear to much clothes, she finds it uncomfortable…especially pants. 

Second, we have OC 8! Her name is Ada, and she’s a Chicken! (She appears in Griro.)

She is the eldest out of her five siblings, her being only 6. She loves her father and mother dearly, and tries her very hardest to keep them both together. She is very timid, and it will take her a while to warm up to others. She is a vegetarian, and is scared to eat meat due to the stories her mother tells her. She doesn’t really know much, but her father is there to teach her. She also cries a lot.

Then, we have OC 53! Her name is Merlot, and she’s a Cardinal! (She appears in Griro.)

Her catchphrase is “I’m totally not a spy”, just to cover up her spy-self. She works for all three kingdoms, and is very BAD at keeping secrets. She tends to wear her spy clothes as everyday clothes, but when it is time for her to set out for her job…she wears casual clothes. She tends to diagnose others a lot, as she finds it interesting to learn about them. She tends to be bit chill and cocky, like her brother, but she hates it when other point it out, even though she cares for her brother deeply.

Finally, we have OC 38! His name is Agaeru, and he is a Red-Eyed Tree Frog! (He appears in Griro.)

He is a friend of Noboru and Saburou. He is a huge bookworm, and will spend most of his time indoors reading. He isn’t fond of technology, and dislikes how it is ruining the world. He also dislikes rain, or even water in general, but that is one thing that he requires to be healthy. He is also very suspicious, and doesn’t trust anyone unless they are close to him. He spends most of his time writing stories of his own, or filling in his book of moments with his friends. 


Dusk draws a hundred vultures.
They gather on the surrounding trees,

poorly draped tinsel, oil-feathered

ornaments of a dark holiday—
a reaping, perhaps.

Over gin & ice, she described

how they just showed up
one afternoon, only to return

again and again regardless

of her shooing, the neighbor’s gun,
the bloodiest sunset. I am

standing in her garden.

Surrounded by roses, each
with their own antebellum name,

and tomatoes, red and plump

as my pinched thigh. I can tell
how she mothered you

by the way she tends

the greenery—seemingly wild
but grown within a grid.

“I can see you writing a poem

in your head,” you say
as we watch the birds collect,

spilled sewing needles

to a magnet. A group of resting
vultures is called a volt

In flight, a kettle but when feeding

it’s referred to as a wake
and what poem is there left

for me to write? I am afraid

to describe how the trees look
complete now as if they were

naked before the fowls’ hollow weight.

I am afraid to tell you I was half
myself when I remembered

your body, before our love

stepped from its carcass.
Your winged-fingers.

The scavenging of my neck.

The flock of sweat that gathers
on your long temples when

skin forgets its border.

- Sierra DeMulder

Mark Sheppard was filiming in Louisiana, and he saw a bunch of buzzards fly out of a tree, and Mark was like ‘why are there so many vultures in a tree like that?’ and the dude was like 'Oh they waitin for a gator to die’ Mark was like 'don’t alligators live an unusually long time?’ The guy said 'I didn’t say they were smart buzzards’

The Hanged Man and..... lizards?

With all the new footage of Munehisa Iwai, the owner of Untouchable and the representative of the Hanged Man arcana, appearing today, I couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on his neck:

Whether it’s a gecko or a lizard, I’m not sure, but the general “reptile theme” appears again when buying weapons at his store. Check out the menu and the lizards/geckos that appear when the screen changes.

I changed the color so you all could see it, but in case it’s too fast for you:

This could be a reference to Sylvia Plath’s poem The Hanging Man, which reads:

By the roots of my hair some god got hold of me.
I sizzled in his blue volts like a desert prophet.

The nights snapped out of sight like a lizard’s eyelid :
A world of bald white days in a shadeless socket.

A vulturous boredom pinned me in this tree.
If he were I, he would do what I did.

Or this could possibly be related to a gang/group/cult??? Iwai was a part of when he was younger or is a part of currently. It’d be neat if it was related to the storyline somehow.

Or he could just be into lizards idk.