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Here’s this weird thing I made in college, trying to emulate what a mink carcass would look like after skinning. I was doing taxidermy at the time and I remember an almost iridescent membrane and how some bones were exposed yet still incapsulated. It narrowly escapes my purge and is going to live in a storage cabinet.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have a rabbit skull that I'm cleaning for a friend that I've already degreased but it still smells fleshy. I've checked every nook and cranny and I couldn't find anything so I'm not sure what the smell could be coming from. I'm pretty new to cleaning bones so I'm not sure what exactly to do. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Hi Anon!

If a skull or bone still has odor to it then it still needs more degreasing. Some skulls can take many months of degreasing before they are finally done. Skulls from especially fatty animals (fat = grease in bones) like bears and pigs can sometimes take a year or more to completely degrease!

Keep on degreasing the skull in water that’s at least 85 degrees Fahrenheit and no hotter than 115 degrees otherwise you risk cooking the grease -in- to the bone rather than melting it out of the bone. Use a good grease-cutting soap like Dawn dish soap mixed in the water—just a few drops should do. Change the water as it becomes cloudy or develops a film on the surface and just keep doing than until it starts staying clear. Should be ready for whitening after that but if it still smells continue degreasing for a while longer. 

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your project! 

🌟new vulture alert🌟

Hey all,

I’ve made this blog sometime this past summer but I haven’t posted much besides reblogs. Thought it would be beneficial to introduce myself and try to interact more!

  • My name is Nicky.
  • I am 23.
  • I am nonbinary.
  • I have a BS in Zoology.
  • I am in the process of applying to grad school!
  • My oddities collection is very small. Currently I have an armadillo skull, wtd fawn jaw, field mouse skull, raccoon skull, Calamites fossil, Stigmaria fossil, various other small fossils, and a few quartz!

I would love if anyone would like or reblog so i could check out some more vulture culture blogs! (i will be following from @ginkqo )

Thanks! ✨

Skull Masterlist

For the anon who asked for one! I’ll also include links to pictures of them.


Barney the raccoon 

‘Yote the coyote

Cookie the rat

Drizzle the mouse

Franklin the shrew 

Davy Jones the sparrow 

Baskerville the dog 

Gregg the fox 

Mordis the squirrel 

Godfrey the goat 

Lepus the rabbit 

(no name yet) the chipmunk 

Gerard the bobcat 

Trainwreck the groundhog 

Then there’s that other ‘coon I have yet to name


So yeah that’s it for now! I’ll update this as I get more skulls (and think of more names)!

anonymous asked:

This is the "indoor degreasing" anon from a couple months ago. Two things: 1. thank you so much for your advice, the degrease is coming along quite nicely! 2. now that it's almost time to whiten, do you think I could get away with doing that indoors, too, or is the hot sunlight essential? It's winter where I live already, should I wait for spring? Thanks again!

Hey there! So glad to hear that your project is coming along well! Great work!! :D

You can certainly whiten indoors with peroxide! The sun helps whiten naturally and the little bit of heat it adds helps the peroxide work better too but peroxide will whiten fine on its own at room temperature as well.  If you find that it’s not working very well try just setting the container in a window sill. And you can always go back and whiten more later in warmer weather if you decide to at any time too!

Hope that helps! Best of luck in the last stages of your project!