I watched this quick video tutorial about a week ago and immediately fell in love with the idea.
I know we had some pokemon figurines laying around, so we started making these.
I’m having waaaaaaay too much fun with this project. <3

Look at the GORGEOUS result, omg. X3
(Sorry about poor Raichu, mister is under repair since I’m still learning how to use the glue gun properly. XP)

PokeAoki. featuring Vulpix!Kise and Charmander!Aomine.

Made these for a schrinkwrap test . I think Vulpix is a good fit for Kise, not that sure with Charmander and Aomine tho. 

Happy (Early) Birthday to one of my closest friends ever @skittysuns-blog!! I wanted to do something special and draw one of your favourite Pokémon for you as a gift for your birthday! I know how much you love Vulpix, so I wanted to sketch an Alolan version of one for your special day! I know that you said you can’t wait for the new games because of how excited you are for the new forms! I hope you enjoy your early birthday gift and I can’t wait to see you soon! Love you!! {DeviantART}

Drew’s Reviews - Vulpix Line

Okay, i might devalue the “cuteness” factor of Pokemon according to my interests, but i LOVE Vulpix. Vulpix is just incredible in basically every form possible… apart from the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Fire types.

I really like Vulpix, not only because of how cute it is, but it was also one of the first Pokemon I ever found out about and I still have fond memories of it today,

Also… firefox. haha.

Ninetales is also great, possibly despite the uncreative name, but I can take or leave that. Ninetales is not so much cute as it is elegant, and I find that really nice to really see a Pokemon develop, as well as a fox being shown in a more elegant state as opposed to how it is often portrayed by society.

Also behind this elegant and cool exterior lies a very disturbing legend found in Pokemon Blue and Red Rescue Team, creatively named the Ninetales legend, wherein a Trainer grabbed one of Ninetales… nine tails, which is a big no-no in the Pokemon world in general. This led to bascially a bunch of bad stuff happening (and one of my favourite Pokemon game stories to this day).

Also, I kind of wish that Ninetales was more of a cat that a fox, then it could have been a cat of nine tails!!!

I’ll leave.

I give this evolution line a 3.5/5. It’s a solid fire type family that has recently got some more love (thank goodness, and I’ll be covering them later). Above average!


My Alolan Mirrored Pokemon mirrored pieces so far! I’ve been having SO much fun with this series, and I appreciate everyone’s kind words and support from the bottom of my heart! I plan to do every single Alola form they release! 
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