Today’s fox is a very cozy Joker! Joker is a red fox, but he is what we call a silver phase. A lot of people don’t realize red foxes come in more colors than just red! That white tip on his big fluffy tail is actually a distinguishing characteristic for red foxes of all colors.

I’m posting a fox picture every day to encourage people to donate to Wolf Park’s Walk for Wolves Fundraiser! My pack (team) is raising money specifically to build a new fox enclosure and we need all the help we can get! Even if it’s just $5, you can donate here: My pack is Grey Haven!


Meet Juno, a very beautiful marble fox, four months old and as just about the sweetest animal I have interacted with, the same as Sktter. She loves being around people, is very very hyper and will stop at nothing to show her love and affection to all those around here. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and play with this super adorable fox. She is SUCH a sweetheart, and super fluffy to top it off. Juno, you are too freaking adorable!