One of the cutest little woodland creatures adorned with toadstools (Amanita Muscaria) and fern! So cute!
This little foxy is made out of a durable acrylic, and comes with a cellphone strap with a lobster clasp along with a dust plug. It can go on a purse, a messenger bag, a cell phone, a 3ds, or pinned up on a corkboard!

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Not all foxes give up
when they can’t reach the grapes.
There has been a fox that risked its own life just to taste the nectar it loved so much.
In order to become intoxicated by that love, smell, touch, taste, sight, sound, soul and heart.
To blend with that pulsating life, that tree anchored to the ground with its roots but pushed out towards the sky as if it wanted to scream: Freedom!
Somehow this little fox was successful, bartering its life for a a moment of  wonderful bliss.

Quote: Cristina Agasucci

Art: Vulpes vulpes by Lauren Marx


Finally got around to taking decent pictures of my children. It was wonderful weather for once! So these are the specimens I prepared (my mentor did a lot of work, too, especially on the fox). I love the way both came out! I think I have a bit more of a bond with the crow since I got to work more with him. <3

So meet Schmebulock the carrion crow (don’t judge, I was watching Gravity Falls while finishing him up) and Nilbog the European red fox (because apparently the day I quit naming my deads after Skylanders NPCs is the day I die). I love them both very much!