vulodax & sorrel


“Hmm..” Sorrel kept repeating this as she walked around the racks of clothing, most of which sported something about Sunlit Tides. “These are very tourist-y, don’t you agree?” she asked, finally picking off the rack an extremely fluorescent pink tank top with an equally fluorescent green and orange palm tree embellished on it. She held it up for Dax to see.

Dax wasn’t sure what ‘tourist-y’ meant, but he agreed with her anyway as he picked out a shirt that he felt was perfectly suitable. “This one is nice,” he said, holding up his find. “It will be very functional.”
It wasn’t something a local would wear unless they were retired- it was an aqua blue tropical shirt with pink flowers and green palm trees on it. “I think it will fit me!” he exclaimed happily. Sorrel raised an eyebrow.

“You should try it on, just to be safe,” she was grinning now. “Here, come over to this mirror.”
“What do you think?” He held out his arms to display his outfit. Paired with some brown, plaid shorts, the shirt didn’t look half bad on him.
“Do you really like it?” Sorrel asked between friendly laughter.
“Of course.”
“Well then, let’s buy you your first outfit in Sunlit Tides!”