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     [ it’s romeo & juliet again to fuel his somewhat unhealthy obsession with their particular romance, because it reminds him of his relationship with his brother in a kind of way – if sam reminds himself that he’s supposed to ignore the somewhat sexual undertone of the play, because he’s not sure he loves his brother like that ( or at all ). his enjoyment of the play stems from the way romeo and juliet were entirely focused on giving everything up for each other just so they could stay together, through a forced marriage, and a hatred of a family. it reminds him of the way samuel doesn’t trust dean, and how dean has given up everything just so he can be with sam again as a team. sam isn’t sure he’d be willing to do any of that in his current state. ]

         ❝Do you think Dean’s Romeo and I’m Juliet, or would it be the other way around?❞

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↕, Ω and ◘.

↕ - State/Country you’re from 

The good ol’ Buckeye state. (Ohio)

Ω - How did you get into RP?

Um– summer boredom, I think? That and I needed some form of a creative outlet. 

◘ - Random Fact about Mun

I’m going to go and get my fourth tattoo done this weekend yEEEAH.

vulneratigratia asked:

[ casually camps out in your askbox for the night to listen to the music while writing the paper due tomorrow. places another kitten on your head in offering. ]

outtosea. I don’t mind this one bit. |: /pats and ruffles. You don’t have to bring kitten offerings. I’m afraid Deen might eat them if you’re not careful….. :| Good luck on your paper, tho! Whatever it happens to be about. 

{You’ve been around humans all day and you’d finally gotten sick of it, finding yourself what you THOUGHT was a nice, secluded area. But no, of course not, there have to be people here, watching you. Though, really, it’s more like you’re watching them.

Your wings spread, and even though your back is turned, you can see them clearly. You huff out a sigh.}

Do you need something.