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Anakin: wouldn’t it be a shame :) if the chancellor were to :) :) oh I dunno :) :) :) fall on my lightsaber :) :) :) 23 times on the Senate floor


someone: but what if ppl still care about you despite all of your faults and problems and still want to be your friend and be there for you

me, shoving copious amounts of dirt into my mouth: unfortunately everyone in my life that has ever been there for me has abandoned me when i needed them the most and as a result it is now hardwired into my brain that anyone and everyone will trick me into trusting them only to abandon me when im at my most vulnerable point and so as a defense mechanism i leave everyone before they have the chance to leave me and then i effectively destroy all of my relationships that otherwise would have been fine

my masterpiece
is me
unconditionally; unapologetically

never to be hushed
by hungry eyes of jealousy
or broken chords
on a worn-out guitar
sleeping in autumn grass

still dreams
will not stay still
even if they stain my heart
with the wrong colors
they go headfirst
into my vulnerability

there’s no point in
doing nothing but affection
in the house that i built;
walls of love
for myself

watercolor moments
will last in grace
until you can see dusted dancing
on my face

i am my masterpiece
my masterpiece is me;

i am a masterpiece
never to be hushed

—  tina jaxén // masterpiece

I want Ed to fall apart. I want the walls he built around himself for emotional security to crash and burn, and I want him to be so vulnerable to the point of tears. 

I want a scene like from season 2 when Oswald is crying in Edward’s bed and he just completely opens up to the stranger in front of him about his mother and his terrible childhood. I want Edward to give that part of himself to Oswald. I want there to be that level of trust they can both share. 

I want that parallel. I want Ed to tell Oswald about his father, trust him enough to tell him about his abuse. I want Edward Nygma to let Oswald Cobblepot take care of him. Like he has been doing for Os for season 2 up until now. 


I thought to myself that every woman has her most vulnerable point. For some, it’s the nape of the neck, the waist, the hands. For Claire, in that position, in that light, it was her knee. It was the magnetic pole of my desire, the precise point where, if I could pursue this desire, I’d have placed my hand.


Love is weakness.

That’s what I was taught.

Love can make you vulnerable to the point where you opponent has the upper hand.

Knowing this, I made it my person goal to never fall in love with Peter Pan, but god it was hard. His smile whenever we were together send my heart flying and the way he would place his hand on the small of my back while hunting made me blush like crazy. It wasn’t until we kissed that I gave up. The minute his lips touched mine I knew I was done for.

We were never official, I’m not sure what we had but all I know is that I was completely in love with him to the point of no return.

“So what happened then?” The lady sitting in front of me in the cafe asked. “Uh well one night we were sitting on the edge of a cliff together and I watched him as he gazed over Neverland, ‘you know, it’s so hard to be in charge of all these boys but it’s better than being alone. I think that’s what I’m really scared of, being alone’ he told me. I placed my hand on top of his and he looked into my eyes. I will never forget those green eyes. 'I’ll never leave you, I love you Peter.’ He smiled sadly. 'I know, and love is weakness.’ Then he pushed me over. I could have sworn I saw him shed a tear. Luckily I was dead before the mermaids could find my body. I honestly think he did it because I am his weakness and he would rather have me die by his hand than tortured horribly by another’s, but I’ll never know.” I shrugged before sipping my tea.

“Maybe that’s why you’re down here, because you don’t know and that’s your unfinished business.” She speculated. I shrugged, “Maybe, anyways I’ve got to go.” I said before getting up and walking out.

The underworld was nice. I mean if you didn’t count what a jerk Hades was but I know what villains are like, they always have a story and I try not to judge him too much.

Maybe one day Peter will come down here, but until then I’ll wait.

I just hope he can find Balefire, that boy must have escaped somehow

I have seen a lot of people blaming Emma because she loses her hope so easily. I have to admit that I felt really bad when I saw the promo the first time, but I understand what A&E are doing and why they did this.

When this arc of Hook being the killer of Charming’s father began, I thought that this obstacle would be only about Killian. I thought that this would be the ultimate thing that Killian Jones would have to face to be happy with Emma. But no. This isn’t only about him, this is also about Emma. This is about CaptainSwan.

The writters decided to take the most vulnerable points of Emma and Killian and show them the worst scenarios to prove them that their relationship is strong enough to face anything.

Killian’s worst fear: Being hunting by his past. He could live with his past all this time because his sins never involved Emma. And Killian ‘self-loathing’ Jones doesn’t understand that Emma has already forgiven him.

Emma’s worst fear: Being abandoned, again. Try to think like Emma. She lost every single boyfriend that she had. She lost Neal when she thought that he was willing to live with her, when she began to consider him as his family. Now, Killian proposed to her. We don’t know what will happen. Gideon is a smart villain and maybe he will leave some kind of note that indicates that Killian left her. She thoght that she would marry him, have children with him, get older with him. She imagined everything and everything was gone in an instant.

The reunion and the reconciliation will be beautiful. I know that A&E make us suffer but they never did something against CaptainSwan that destroyed its concept. They always try to give us good stuff.

I don’t doubt that the upcoming episodes will be heartbreaking, but I also think that CS will be stronger after this.

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Not so long after their escape, Will and Hannibal go to France because Hannibal always wanted to show Paris to Will and make him taste all the good french cuisine. At night, they open a bottle of champagne, then another and another and they're a little bit drunk and they're laughing like two teenagers because they are so happy to finally be together. Seeing Hannibal like this, so happy, so relaxed, Will can't help but kiss him for the first time, slowly, tentatively, licking his lips (1/2)

who taste of champagne and the chocolate they’ve eaten earlier and Hannibal is so overwhelmed that he laughs and cries at the same time. (2/2)

Honestly, Hannibal cries at the drop of a hat. Or, to be specific, anything involving Will.

Will and Hannibal making sweet, sweet love? Little prickling tears in the corner of his eyes that fall as Will fucks him.

Will kissing him? Little sniffles as the tears gather in his eyelashes.

Will telling Hannibal he sees him? Just. So much crying. Hannibal lets the tears fall freely and his smile is heart wrenching. 

Will just talking? He gets choked up and needs a moment to collect himself.

Will looking at him? Hannibal’s eyes water, it’s like being in the audience and witnessing a beautiful aria, he is awed by the power and beauty Will is.

tl;dr Hannibal is a bit emotional when it comes to Will. (And Will finds it awfully endearing

I remember seeing this post somewhere but I don’t remember where. The reason why western armor looks like it’s oversized is because of the padding underneath. This is the same for eastern armor. Most, if not all, armor has padding under it, unless it’s leather or the like.


Because it sucks butt having cold af metal and rough rope rubbing against your skin for hours on end. It sucks to have the edges poke at your vulnerable joint or movement points. IF something were to pierce your armor would you rather have a layer to slow the object and decrease the force or not?

Now comes the question. would space marines have a suit under their armor or would it have built in padding? In a lot of the older references and diagrams, it’s just metal and wire. Even with the Astarte's enhanced body, it’d still be a hazard and distraction.

I’d like to think that each chapter has their own means and styles with their padding/underwear. But, what do you guys think?

Saber of Black (Sigurd/Siegfried)

Sigurd was the hero of the Norse tale, Volsungasaga. When Sigurd’s foster-father Regin asked him to retrieve a bag of gold from the dragon Fafnir, he set out to slay the beast. When the dragon finally lay dead, he tasted its blood and found he could speak to birds. They told him of Regin’s plan to betray him.

The protagonist of the tales of Nibelungenlied, Siegfried, are thought to be a further continuation of his adventures. He fought against the Valkyrie Brynhildr to win the hand of Kriemhild, sister of King Gunther. 

However, Gunther’s courtier Hagen would stab him in a vulnerable point in his back he had gained from covering that point with a leaf while bathing in dragons blood.

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She does not fear being harmed, for the maiden is far too short to reach whatever vulnerable points were hidden beneath the champion's armor. Nay, what plagued her mind as she approached was the girl's reaction to the Gerudo's bold move, and whether or not it would be detrimental to their strong bond as a result. "Your highness--" She leans down upon closing the distance, resting tanned fingers beneath the younger's chin to lift her head. A kiss, then, to Zelda's lips, as emeralds flutter shut.

     ❝ Oh!  What timing!  I found the most WONDERFUL things, for a lack of better term, in today’s survey!  They might just be the key to truly making a step toward fighting back the Calamity with the Divine Beasts! ❞ Excitement rolled off of every fibre of the princess’ body, her smile gracing upon her lips as she swivelled toward her Champion.

     A day did not pass that Zelda didn’t feel gratitude toward Urbosa ( ever firm by her side, her touches warmth among bitter cold ).  And yet as viridian hues gazed upon her features, not all seemed right.  As if am unsettling thought was rooted in the back of the Gerudo’s mind, but there was no time to consider possibilities.  Not as her head was lifted and painted blue pressed gently upon her own.

     Her heart was racing ( and if not for physical implausibility, it would have jumped out of her chest ) and her very lips tingling at the simple contact… Just as lightning— the touch ended as quickly as it came… 

     Her first kiss…

     Rose hues warmed her cheeks, far warmer than the sun upon golden sands and for once, words failed upon her lips.  How a simple action could render her speechless!  Slender fingers pressed upon her own lips, the tingling upon them still so very prominent.  Questions flitted through her mind: Why?, What does this mean?, What should I say?

     Yet no matter the thrumming in her chest, curiosities upon her tongue— Only one stunned reply was spoken from roseate lips.

     ❝ No need to call me that when it’s just the two of us… Just Z-Zelda is fine… ❞

Lend me your hands. Like weapons, like blades, let me press them to every weak point. Each vulnerability. Touch the pulse. Threaten. Please. Promise, at the end of this, scathed. Who wants to be immortal. What can you feel if nothing can hurt you at all. My mouth always tastes of iron. My teeth are stained. I can’t remember. Is this bleeding even mine?

The signs after being dumped by someone they were MADLY IN LOVE WITH

Aries: acts like they’re cool with it, will DEFINITELY play it cool at first, but may suddenly break down publicly or privately, most likely privately because they don’t want to make themselves feel weak
Taurus: will feel reallyreallyreally sad, maybe even mildly depressed. will most likely avoid talking about it and generally may lose an interest for talking altogether
Gemini: they will feel powerless, like the life has been sucked out of them. they may even feel slightly embarrassed or humiliated as if they have been ridiculed by the person who meant most to them
Cancer: may even try really hard to act strong or “positive” infront of everyone, but if they’re around their good friends or alone they will cry like tomorrow won’t come. they will feel so small and vulnerable to the point where they will practically hibernate from the world (in their shell) (sorry for the crab joke)
Leo: their ego will simply be DE-STROYE-D. they will literally feel as if they are living a lie, like they have false pride. they’re hearts will just break and it’s as if they felt it crumble inside their chest. they will feel they’re heart sink as they do.. it’s real sad seeing a leo feeling less than they are
Virgo: will try really hard to brave face on for everyone and themselves. they will try so hard to pretend they’re okay even if they’re in a lot of pain.. and most likely they will be. they will cry, but for the sakes of their sanity they will cut themselves off from crying
Libra: will cry with genuine sadness & may experience a feeling as if they were in disbelief. they may feel confused and worth less than they truly are, but they will pick themselves up quite easily and will soldier on
Scorpio: they will feel waves of melancholic sadness hit them like a truck. they will feel so, so powerless that they could just pack their shit and move to another city. the anger and sadness in a way inspires them to do things they wouldn’t have done before, and though at the time they will be messed up, they will inevitably come out stronger and wiser with much to say
Sagittarius: will feel a sure sadness. they will feel upset and as if someone had taken their spark away because they could. they generally see it as one-sided and will always feel like the victim without thinking of the other person’s situation. they would probably desperately try to talk to their ex again and sort it out, if not they would keep very quiet about their feelings
Capricorn: will feel their ego slide through their fingertips and they will feel as if they have officially lost control of everything. they could potentially get really mad or just feel weak. they will probably swallow the pain and definitely hide it from other people
Aquarius: will feel as if they have lost their meaning, their muse… everything they live for. they may feel as if they are pointless or their life is about to hit a dead end, but that period would not last long, and they will shake off their inexplicable moment of deep thought for some positive thinking
Pisces: will feel completely and utterly lost. they may try so hard to keep their ex from leaving and will beg and plead to keep them. they will practically crawl all the way across the world and return with skinned knees and blistered fingers to try and keep the one they love. they will wallow in their sadness, & will only show their true pain to some

oh my gosh

”Jasper is very different than Peridot and Lapis. Unlike them, she has a deep hate for herself because of her origins on Earth. She is determined to never be weak or vulnerable. So at the point when she’s the lowest, there’s no way she’d ever accept help, because she believes she doesn’t deserve it.

Peridot and Lapis both believed they deserved better than what happened to them, but not Jasper. She went back to Earth to face her demons, and she lost. She’s consumed by her own self pity.”

Rebecca Sugar on Jasper.