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Aries has a soft spot for the underdog, those who don’t have the opportunity to speak up, and those who are suppressed.

Aries has no patience for those who refuse to speak up, are bossy, and are dishonest or beat around the bush.

Taurus has a soft spot for those who get cheated or betrayed, the young, and those pushed out of security.

Taurus has no patience for those who try to pressure others, people who lead them on, the changeable, and the reckless.

Gemini has a soft spot for those who are put down, children, those who are lonely, and those who don’t get the opportunity to communicate.

Gemini has no patience for those who won’t get to the point, the uncommunicative, the uneducated by choice/closed mind, and those who waste time. 

Cancer has a soft spot for the vulnerable, sad, scared, children, animals, and any loved ones.

Cancer has no patience for the cruel, cold, the uncaring, the insensitive, and bullies.

Leo has a soft spot for the risk taker, the underdog, the unnoticed, someone who needs empowering, and children.

Leo has no patience for those who don’t speak up, pushovers, those who are bad at their jobs, and the dishonest.

Virgo has a soft spot for animals, the shy, the humble, the unsure, and the under appreciated or underrated.

Virgo has no patience for those who are rude, have no self-respect, don’t put in effort, are careless, and who are egotistical.

Libra has a soft spot for those treated unfairly, the defenseless, anyone who is kind, and the passive or peaceful. 

Libra has no patience for those who treat others unfairly or unequal, lack of justice, rude people, harsh people, and the authoritative.

Scorpio has a soft spot for those who’ve been thru similar struggles, the weak, the lost, the abused, and the used.

Scorpio has no patience for those who lack self-respect, are apathetic, who won’t go after their goals, and who refuse to learn their lesson. 

Sagittarius has a soft spot for the underdog, the new person, the unrepresented, the good charactered, the foreigner, and the free spirited.

Sagittarius has no patience for the petty, dishonest, closed minded, those who waste their time, and the controlling or overbearing.

Capricorn has a soft spot for the damaged, the ambitious, the hard workers, the sweet-tempered, the lonely, and the fearful.

Capricorn has no patience for the disrespectful, the lazy, the entitled, the unjust, the rule breakers, and leaches/moochers.

Aquarius has a soft side for misfits, outsiders, the misunderstood, rebels, those who are mentally different, and the mislead.

Aquarius has no patience for those who aren’t true to themselves, are oppressors, closed minded, the hardheaded, and the authoritative.

Pisces has a soft spot for any sob story, the needy, animals, children, the sick, the sad, the weak, the innocent, and the vulnerable.

Pisces has no patience for arrogance, mean-spirited people, users, those who try to change them, unsympathetic people, and the detached.

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I bet you didn’t know that the Giraffe as a species is in serious trouble since populations have plummeted by nearly 40% in the past two decades across Africa.

Why? Well, it’s mainly due to major habitat loss, habitat degradation, and population fragmentation, worsened by illegal hunting and human population expansion. At the end of 2016, the Giraffe was uplisted on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species from “least concern” to “vulnerable”. While other African animals such as the rhino and elephant are known to be threatened worldwide, the Giraffe has not gained much attention at all and is silently slipping towards extinction. What no one realizes is that there’s actually less Giraffe than there are elephants…
Rigorous conservation efforts will need to be undertaken in order to restore declining populations. Greater awareness of this issue is the first step.

Here’s an incredible photo - this is a baby albino green sea turtle! It hatched on an Australian beach in 2016!

It is estimated that only 1 in 1000 hatchling Green Sea Turtles will survive to adulthood, sadly this beautiful animal faces even greater challenges than most. The loss of natural camouflage leaves albino wild animals more vulnerable to predators and makes them significantly more visible to their prey.

Aries has a soft spot for the underdog, those who don’t have the opportunity to speak up, and those who are suppressed.

Aries has no patience for those who refuse to speak up, are bossy, and are dishonest or beat around the bush.

Taurus has a soft spot for those who get cheated or betrayed, the young, and those pushed out of security.

Taurus has no patience for those who try to pressure others, people who lead them on, the changeable, and the reckless.

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NCT and their PATRONUS (As Requested)

Chenle: Hyena. Because he laughs like one but also because they’re a symbol of passion and knowledge which suits Chenle as he’s been passionate about music from an incredibly young age and is amazingly smart. 

Doyoung: Rabbit. Because he looks like one but also cause rabbits symbolize vulnerability, Doyoung has a mother like temperament and is sensitive despite being a giant smart-ass. 

Haechan: Otter. Because otters symbolize creativity which Haechan has and they are also incredibly hardworking but not always as appreciated as they should be. Give my boy some attention. 

Jaehyun: Golden Retriever. Compassionate and supportive towards his team members and is intelligent and helpful. Plus, they’re both so pure and adorable. Protect them. 

Jaemin: Deer. Symbolizes gentleness, intuition and sensitivity which suits Jaemin and can also be associated with harmony which I think Jaemin brings to the Dream members, they’re too wild when he’s not there ngl. 

Jeno: Flamingo. Finds comfort in his group much like a flock of flamingo but still manages to stand out for his striking features. Jeno is actually a pretty flamboyant dancer. Also, good at supporting his members. 

Jisung: Chick. Innocent, young and cute. But can also be a handful and pester his elders. Both are adorable. 

Johnny: Lion. Lions are fierce and brave but also lazy and Johnny has described himself as the most chill member. They also symbolize authority and the group tend to listen to Johnny even though he isn’t the leader.

Kun: Cat. Cats have the courage to explore the unknown much like Kun when he left China. They’re also mysterious animals much like Kun as not much is known about him. They’re also independent and patient.

Mark: Lion Cub. Mark shares many of the same aspects as Johnny except he’s more motivated and playful. This is why he’s much like a lion cub and he also looks like a baby lion cub in limitless promotions.

Renjun:Giraffe. The babies like to play fight much like Renjun with Chenle. Also symbolize gracefulness and a bit of mystery.

Taeil: Penguin. Funny and adorable but slightly awkward. Can also symbolize intuition and intelligence and taeil is incredibly intelligent.

Taeyong: Wolf. The leader of the pack support and guides the others but can also work well indiviudally. Wolves are seen as aggressive but that’s a misunderstanding, they’re just temperamental. They avoid fights and only attack to protect those in their pack. Much how Taeyong has a reputation for being scary but is actually a ball of fluff unless you insult his members.

Ten: Gazelle. They are graceful and agile much like Ten when he dances but they are also incredibly aware much like Ten is of his members and can sense their moods. They try and avoid negative emotions even though they’re vulnerable animals because of their place on the food chain. This could symbolise Ten being a happy person even though he may not always be as happy as he seems.

Winwin: Fox. They are cunning and know how to get what they want. Foxes are also swift and graceful much like Winwin. They also learn quickly and adapt in new situations much how Winwin did in Korea.

Yuta: Horse. Ambitious and passionate. Can symbolize war or a fiery temperament much like how fierce Yuta can be. Can also mean to be free and openminded much how Yuta is mindful and liberal in his opinions and actions.

My review of BatB (2017): part one

So … I finally got a chance to see the film today. After years and years of waiting for a live-action remake of one my favorite Disney movies, I’m sad to say that I left the theater feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.


First the things I hated/disliked:

Emma Watson as Belle. Wow, talk about bad casting. To think I actually once thought she would be a good choice for the role, but that was before I knew this film would be a musical. Back when I still had hope that she would grow as an actress. I tried to remain optimistic. I wanted to wait and see for my myself if she had improved, but the truth is … no, she hasn’t. If anything she’s even more boring, stiff, snobby and unemotional than ever. Her singing isn’t even singing at all imo. It’s sounds more like she’s just talking but with music playing in the background. She’s really, really auto-toned and hearing her “sing” next to truly talented people (like Audra McDonald) is just embarrassing. She is by far the weakest part of the whole film. It only makes the way people have been hyping about her version of Belle all the more silly. What is so groundbreaking about Emma Watson’s portrayal??

One of the biggest problems with her in this role is that Belle is supposed to be the most interesting girl in her village, but EW is about as interesting as a plain slice of bread. She also lacks the warmth, charm and vulnerability of Disney’s animated Belle. EW’s version comes across as bored, snobbish and unemotional. She doesn’t come across as a daydreamer - as someone who genuinely feels like an outsider. Instead she gives off an arrogant vibe that says “I’m not like other girls”. She even says at one point “Oh, I’m not a princess” - and not in a humble way like Ella does in Cinderella (2015) - no, she says it like she actually hates the title of ~princess. As if that were something offensive?? I can’t understand why the people in the village (especially Gaston) are so fascinated by her. To make this more believable Disney should have cast a more charismatic actress.

I could give Emma Watson a pass for what she did to Hermione, but I will NOT give her a pass for what she did to Belle. Mainly because I hate the attitude she’s been having towards animated Belle/live-action Cinderella. These characters are very special to me and I don’t like seeing people put them down. Also, Emma’s brand of feminism is shit and completely old school imo. I hate how much creative control she had on this film. Here are just some other things she did that really annoy me:

1. How can you sign on to do a period film when you refuse to wear a corset/stays???? Like seriously… I hate that her reasoning for not wearing them is because it’s apparently “un-feminist”. Yeah, because it’s super feminist to define women by what they wear. Let’s act like Cinderella isn’t an admirable person because she did house work and wore stays. Let’s pretend women like Jane Austen weren’t total badasses because they wore corsets.

2. Why make Belle an inventor? Why not make her a writer instead? This never seemed like something the animated Belle was interested in. Sure, it’s possible she would learn some of these things from her dad, but it still seems like such an odd character change to me. I might be alone here but this also came across as Emma/the script writers saying to me: If a woman doesn’t invent something or make “history” somehow, then her story is not empowering or even worth telling.

3. And out of all the cool/weird things she could have invented … why a washing machine? I know it’s because she’d rather read books instead, but this comes across as more dissing towards women who do house work. Has this Belle ever washed a dish by hand?? Would it really be so awful for her to just wash her clothes by hand like everyone else?? Even in today’s modern age (with lots of different electric appliances) people still do things by hand.

4. According to Emma, her Belle is an “active princess”, but I can’t remember her doing many other activities except reading. Did I miss something? As far as I can tell Cinderella was way more busy than this Belle was. Ella not only did house work but she also did farm work, horseback riding AND she did it while wearing a corset/flats. Emma promoted this new Belle as “Not your mother’s Disney princess” (this from the recent Vanity Fair issue) and yet I don’t see what’s so amazing/progressive about her version of the character. Throwing away your corsets and exchanging your flats for boots is not enough to “wow” me.

There’s a lot more I want to talk about, but I’ll save that for tomorrow in part two of my review.

I’m always perturbed when I see an animal rescue organization using the body parts or secretions of tortured animals as a way of raising funds. I suppose it at least does well to show just how effectively we, as a society, have collectively hidden the horrors of what we do to cows, pigs, chickens and others - and how willing we are to remain in the dark.

A cat is a dog is a cow is a chicken. They all feel fear and pain and are trusting, vulnerable, domesticated animals. They all enjoy the company of humans (when given the chance) and not a single one of them wants to die.

janeyfoster  asked:

"Please, you can't die now." Bucky to Darcy - go for the real emotional crap. ;)

“You gotta go,” he choked out, an arm banded around his front, blood squelching through the fabric of his tac suit. 

“Forget that.” Darcy looked from the splintered door of their sad excuse for a hideout back to him, tucked in a corner, metal hand gripping a gun both for comfort and safety. “You jump, I jump, remember?” 

He cracked a smile. “Last time I said that, you said you weren’t jumpin’ anywhere without a parachute.” 

“Yeah, well, Stark won’t make me that parachute jacket I keep putting requisitions in for, so I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.” 

Bucky stared at her profile. Blood trickled from an open wound that started at her temple and disappeared into her hair. She was leaning to the left, even in her crouch, trying to take the pressure off her twisted ankle and her ribs, where she’d been grazed by a bullet. ‘Nothing but a flesh wound,’ she’d joked, even as she grimaced, dragging his much heavier body along with hers. She was shit at shooting, but she had one of his back up guns in hand and she was as prepared as she could be to take out whoever came down the hall. 

“You remember what I taught you?” he wondered, pulling in a tacky, rattling breath. 

She paused and looked back at him, pasting on a devilish smile. “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific.” 

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Remember to sign up to become a foster parent at your local shelther or vet if you can!

Especially now there are thousands of young animals at shelthers in need of your help! There are never enough volunteers!

Please contact your local shelther of vets office and ask for possibilities to foster!

You will be saving lives and making the lives of vulnerable animals enjoyable. Kitten litters (often without mothers) often get put to sleep or killed in another way because no one can take care of them. Young animals without mothers have very little chance of surviving as they need to be bottle fed every 2 hours, even at night. In east european countries entire litters also often get drowned or simply neglected because they cannot be taken care of. In the US its still legal in some states to kill animals by gassing them if the shelther is overcrowded. It often happens to kitten/puppy litters. Overcrowded hot shelthers in the summer are a really bad place to grow up and there are never enough volunteers to take care of everyone.

Fostering is the most rewarding work you can do, you can change the lives of multiple animals for the better at once.

Precious Traits

Aries: The ability to get up again, no matter how much life tries to flatten them, there is a spirit in them and a longing for life that cannot be stamped out.

Taurus: Finding comfort and light in simple moments, from a thunder storm to the scent of a candle, and somehow ingraining themselves in that simplicity.

Gemini: The ability to communicate and teach information in many diverse, intelligent ways, that can reach everyone from the smallest child to the most scholarly of individuals. 

Cancer: No matter how crammed their heart can feel, they have this ability to still try and extend it in empathy to the people around them.

Leo: The Knee-jerk response that the protection of the vulnerable, children, animals is somehow their responsibility, even in the midst of moments of their egoism. 

Virgo: The virtue of seeing kindness in even the smallest of gestures, which can often cancel out the deafening themes of modern life.

Libra: The admirable ability to unite two opposing ideas or values, where compromise and understanding are used to find a solution to conflict. 

Scorpio: Daring to see the people around them in all their authenticity, light and shadow sides, and finding something valuable in that. 

Sagittarius: Always seeing a way through the things that try to block them, like their mind transcends pessimism, even practicality, in the pursuit of optimism and happiness.

Capricorn: Finding value in the traditions that have built up respect and virtue, and seeing a sacred past in the things established in our society. 

Aquarius: Paving the way for individual expression, ideas and thought without limits, even in the face of adversity. 

Pisces: The insight of placing themselves in the shoes of people from many walks of life, which makes them approach given situations with a conflicting but respectful tone.