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where did you go elektra? the last time we were together? as far away from you as i could. and…did you find whatever…you were looking for? mostly i found that i was alone. then why didn’t you come back?

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Anakin: wouldn’t it be a shame :) if the chancellor were to :) :) oh I dunno :) :) :) fall on my lightsaber :) :) :) 23 times on the Senate floor


How to Deal with a Narcissist

1. Don’t expect empathy, understanding or praise and recognition from a narcissistic person. Keep your private thoughts and feelings close to your heart, and don’t open up and make yourself vulnerable.

2. Expect them to be rude and to say offensive things.

3. Don’t be offended by the things they say and do as it’s not about you – they treat others the same way.

4. Make a lot of their achievements and praise them publicly as they’re always looking to be noticed and affirmed.

5. Don’t try to get a narcissist to see things differently as they’re not going to change, or be influenced by you.

6. Understand that a narcissist is going to drain you dry – and will guilt you into think that you haven’t done enough. But it’s actually not true. They just can’t be satisfied.

7. Don’t push for a meaningful relationship with them as it will always be one-sided … look for love from someone else.


Belle French Appreciation Week: Favorite Scene [x]

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caretaker, i'm testifying against my abuser in court in a few weeks and i offer a next-level sense of vulnerability, 2 empty boxes of drug store hair bleach (in an attempt to be able to convince a courtroom i'm pretty enough to send a man to prison), and a lot of misplaced guilt. any words of wisdom, encouragement, healing? i'm afraid.


Week Four

A/N: Welcome to week four for where I’m kind of playing catch up from last week. Rec list tags: @mogaruke

No Pairing

A New World by @impala-dreamer 

OMG she better call the number! Like I kind of feel bad for the guy but then and not really cuz he’s not Sam or Dean and that’s what matters lol. Just saying… I wouldn’t mind a sequel…

Classic Car Family by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  (fluff)

This kind of killed me in such a good way! IT was like nostalgia and every emotion wrapped up into one! The ending blind sided me and I just like fell out of my chair!

Storm Clouds by @impala-dreamer  (angst)

So I skipped this last week and had to wait until I was in a good place to read this and damn this was so good. It was very realistic, almost too realistic to me. This just goes to prove that you can’t go wrong with having the Winchesters as family

Dean x Reader

Stitches and Whiskey by @impala-dreamer  (fluff)

OMG YES! I love a sassy Dean soooo much! And the fact that this has never happened on the show kind of makes me mad. You need to pitch this idea to the writers. Like just use a GD first aid kit for once.

Mile High Club by @jpadjackles  (smut)

OMG. That was short sweet and HOT AF. I’m gonna need a part 2 but she was not take care of and we can’t have that. Deans took caring for that. *begs for part 2*

Vulnerable by @dancingalone21  (fluff)

This was wonderful! All the silliness and cuteness! I love how Dean didn’t care if she was a lesbian. A lot of people see him as just someone who wants sex but he’s deeper than that! Love this!

Here Now by @impala-dreamer  (fluffy angst)

Dean coming back from hell gets me every time! Like he’s just so vulnerable! I’ve never felt the need to protect anyone as much as I feel the need to protect him when he comes back from hell. This was just so full of emotion! Love it! 

Barcelona by @pinknerdpanda (fluff)

Aww this was soo sweet! I love how Dean makes it up to her! All he really had to do was say sorry and be all Dean like but he chose to do something so sweet! Made me swoon a million times over.

Truth or Truth by @ilostmyshoe-79 (smut)

OHMYGOSH. That was so hot! I could have gone for a cold shower after reading this. Whew, this had me sweating!

An Impossible Choice by @nichelle-my-belle (angst)

OUCH. Oh my gosh that just killed my heart and my soul. Ugh poor Dena, poor Cal! Even Sam lost a friend! This just killed me…

Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie by @bringmesomepie56 (smut)

“Thank god for Def Leppoard and Apple Pie” Yes! Thank god because this fic was amazing! I love that Dean was so bold! Then again when is het not lol

Got Me Feeling Emotions by @thegreatficmaster (fluff/angst)

NO! WHAT?! AH! Wheres the rest?! I keep scrolling down and there’s still not more! Im always up for some demon Dean and I wouldn’t hate a second part… ;)

Sam x Reader

Better Than This by @melbelle45 (fluff)

My fave line “Three lives were formed in this body, three healthy lives that live and breathe and destroy our house.“ Swwoooon so hard! And the Daddy!Sam at the end <3

Perfect by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff)

Aw I love fluffy Sam! He was so sweet and so nice! I think we all can agree that we all need a little Sammy in our life…. or a lot of Sammy ;)

The Guest Of Honor by @revwinchester  (fluff)

Ah!! I love College!Sam and how freaked out he was about her being the presidents daughter! Glad he came to his senses though!

Black and Blue by @bringmesomepie56  (smut) 

Ha! I can just imagine Sam being super bummed that he tried to kiss a girl and was met with a punch to the face. Well I think they made up for that!

Jensen x Reader

That’s My Girl by @not-moose-one-shots (fluff)

This was soo cute! I love all the things that Jensen said he love about the reader! It was all very sweet and made me swoon!

Too Good by @impala-dreamer (fluff)

I’d watch Jensen put different clothes on all day. In fact, I’d probably watch him do anything… But we all know that leather jacket kills all of us!

Jared x Reader

Lift you up by @impalaimagining (angst)

We all have shitty days, some worse than others. Pretty sure if I had Jared my day would be far far less shitty. I’d like to rent Jared for the day please?

Some Thoughts on Nesta’s and Feyre’s Relationship

I hate Nesta in ACOTAR and ACOMAF. After reading ACOWAR, I was still on a fence about her. In fact, I felt kinda uneasy when someone expresses his/her love towards her, cause I still couldn’t forgive Nesta for how she treated Feyre (she has layers, sure, but I still couldn’t not dislike her).

BUT, i’ve thought about her a lot these days and found that she really grew on me and I felt like I was wrong for refusing to see other parts of her. In this post, I am going to compile all the moments that changed my opinion on Nesta and her relationship with Feyre for the better.

Nesta is very proud, that much is clear. She also has the tendency to turn a blind eye towards something she didn’t like or she’s not affected by personally (more about this later on). I think, when it comes to Feyre, Nesta just wanted to reach out to her but doesn’t know how. Nesta also showed a great deal of respect towards her sister, and, sometimes, be inspired by her. Don’t you ever tell me that Nesta doesn’t love and care about Feyre as much as she does Elain. She just have a different dynamic with Feyre.


1. When Feyre asked her to cut some woods or sth, Nesta refused. But, the next morning, Feyre found out that Nesta has cut some woods, anyway. This, to me, is the first inkling on Nesta’s internal conflict between her pride and vulnerability. 

2. Nesta made a hurtful remark about Feyre’s “masterpieces”. I hated Nesta for using sth that meant a lot to her sister to, tho not deliberately, hurt her. However, let’s not forget that, the first time Feyre went back from the Spring Court, Nesta asked Feyre to TEACH her how to paint. This is important. I don’t think that Nesta had a particular interest in painting. I think that she was aware of the hurtful comment she directed at Feyre and wanted to let Feyre know that she didn’t mean it, that she didn’t actually belittle her skill. She wanted to let Feyre know that, in fact, she thought Feyre is good enough that she wanted to be taught by her.

3. Nesta went to the wall to look for Feyre. This is already a strong proof of Nesta’s quiet love for Feyre. However, this passage further confirmed it :

What happened to Tomas Mandray?” I asked, the words strangled.

“I realized he wouldn’t have gone with me to save you from Prythian.”

Nesta never loved Tomas, I know, but at the beginning, she was very adamant about marrying him, even after Feyre told her over and over again to not marry him (cause Nesta hates feeling like a burden and she wanted to get out of the house and took care of herself). Anyway, one would think that her breaking up with Tomas isn’t about Feyre at all, that she was only doing it because she was worried that, comes a time when Elain needs help, Tomas wouldn’t help her. But, if that were the case, Nesta would not have broken up with Tomas right then and there. She would have just went back, and broke up with Tomas only when he wouldn’t help Elain. However, what actually happened next showed that Feyre meant as much to her as Elain.

4. Nesta talked to Feyre about her complete disappointment towards their father, she said,

“He let her die. You would have gone to the ends of the earth to save your High Lord.”

I always have a feeling that Nesta understood Feyre more than she let on ; this quote is one of the inklings that I got. 

5. “What do you think you can even do to help? He’s a High Lord—you’re just a human.” That wasn’t an insult, either. A question from a coolly calculating mind.

This is how Nesta showed her concern. She did the same thing in ACOWAR.

6. “But Nesta held my gaze. Unflinching.”

“Prythian!” my father and Elain blurted. But Nesta held up a hand to silence them.

My sister helped me, then opened the wardrobe to pull out a heavy tunic and pants and boots. I slipped into them and was braiding back my hair when she said, “We don’t need you here, Feyre. Do not look back.”

What this whole scene showed me is that Nesta respected Feyre and has always been aware of her strength. Instead of holding Feyre back, she let her do what she wanted. The same thing happened in ACOWAR, when Feyre went to find the Suriel and Nesta didn’t tell anyone about it. She respected Feyre’s need to go unnoticed and she believe that Feyre really could do what she wanted to do.

This scene also showed that Nesta truly wanted to be there for her sister in her own way.

8. “Try to send word once it’s safe. And if it ever is … Father and Elain can have this place. I think I’d like to see what else is out there, what a woman might do with a fortune and a good name.”

Don’t ever tell me that Nesta didn’t care about Feyre. She was worried about Feyre, but she didn’t want to prevent Feyre from experiencing more than what their little village could offer.

9. Another detail i’d like to point out is that Nesta hired a mercenary to take her to the wall “With the money from [Feyre’s] pelt.” Before this, I thought that she just spent all the money Feyre gave her, but she actually saved them and used them to get to Feyre.

10. This one we all already know, but I’ll include it anyway.

“…If he would actually go out and fight for us. I couldn’t take care of us, not the way you did. I hated you for that. But I hated him more.”


There wasn’t a lot of details about them in this book. However, I found one it the short story from the Target Edition.

“How is my sister?”


“So busy she cannot deign to visit, it seems”

This was the first thing she asks Cassian. Again, don’t you tell me Nesta didn’t care about Feyre or that she wanted nothing to do with her.


1. Remember in ACOMAF when Feyre didn’t look comfortable with eating human food and Nesta made a curt comment about it? In Acowar, during dinner, Nesta said to Feyre that she know understood what she meant by food tasting differently. I see it as Nesta’s way of apologizing.

2. Of course, the scene in the library where Feyre asked Nesta why she pushed everyone away except Elain. Then Nesta closed her eyes and took a deep breath before starting to answer Feyre (THEN OF COURSE IT GOT INTERRUPTED). Nesta closing her eyes and breathing deeply before answering means sth to me. it tells me that she also hates how badly she has been treating Feyre. I NEED TO KNOW WHY. NOW.

Also, Nesta told Feyre how she didn’t know that Feyre really couldn’t read, “I thought you could read as well as we do”. She neglected Feyre during her hunting years, now she found out that she had no idea Feyre couldn’t read. I saw this as Nesta being upset for failing her sister again.

3. Before Feyre and the rest of the Night Court when to the Summer Court to fight with them, Nesta asked, “What do you know of battle?“.

4. That time when Nesta said to Feyre, “You look beautiful” before they went to the meeting with the High Lords. I love her ease in the way she conveyed it. Slowly, guys. She’s reaching out.


Nesta was so riled up when Feyre asked her to talk to the HIgh Lords about what happened to her. However, in the end, she decided to brace herself and talk about her story because she didn’t wanna be remembered as a coward.

Nesta said : “It was some distant thing, war. Battle. It…it’s not anymore. i will help…if I can”

Then she also said : “You went off to battle for a court you barely know-who barely see you as friends…And when I asked you why…you said because it was the right thing”

Earlier, when I said Nesta has the tendency to turn a blind eye towards something she didn’t like or she’s not affected by personally, this is what I mean (Also, tho I can’t find the passage in the book, I swear Nesta said sth along the lines of “Isn’t there someone who could do it for me?”. I forgot what the conversation was about tho. You can even blame this side of her for neglecting Feyre all these years). Now that she’s in the midst of war, she decided to be involved and Feyre is the one that inspired her greatly to finally open up herself and be braver.

6. At the meeting with the High Lords.

“To be close to the Walls-and human lands”

At this, Nesta and I exchanged looks

Idk what else to say about this. it was just a nice moment worth mentioning.

7. “But beneath the wall, I witnessed children-entire families-starve to death”

She jerked her chin at me. “Were it not for my sister… I would be among them”

This is soooooo important. Nesta didn’t sweep Feyre’s sacrifices under the rug, okay? Again, she just didn’t know to to show Feyre how grateful she was.

8. Nesta told Feyre about her “cost” of being a fae : seeinng Elain suffered while she went unscathed. Also, she told Feyre she couldn’t get into bathtubs anymore because it triggered her memory. This was after Feyre to her about her fear of close spaces. Feyre has become someone Nesta could really confide in and I love that.

9. The night Elain got kidnapped. Feyre rushed out of the tent to look for Nesta.

“…she was already there, hurrying for me..”

It was Feyre she ran to first when she sensed that sth is wrong.

10. When Az, Feyre, Elain, and Briar arrived safely at the camp, Nesta SPRINTED towards Feyre FIRST, hugged her, and said “Thank you”.


SO, GUYS. I do believe that Nesta loves, cares, respects Feyre and she has been trying to reach out to her and be there for her in her own way. This is really an interesting dynamic and I’m excited for what’s in store for them in the next book. 

I would like to reiterate that I hate the spiteful side of Nesta. When her father lost his fortune and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take care of them, and after she and Elain was turned into Faes. I get that, especially the whole fae thing, it was a freaking difficult thing to deal with, but she was still awful to everyone. So, I am very aware of the terrible things she’s said and done. I don;t think she’s a saint or anything, but I want to see her redeem herself. I don’t even expect her to literally apologize to Feyre (that would be such a DRASTIC change), but I am hoping for more moments like these.

On a side note, I think Nesta’s dynamic with Elain has its flaws as well. I’m still not sure about this, and some of you might disagree. I feel like Nesta sees Elain as some fragile little flower. Her protectiveness towards Elain feels a bit much to me. She didn’t include Elain in the matter about Prythian in ACOMAF (In the short story with Cassian, we know that Nesta doesn’t want Elain to be involved). There are other details as well but I can’t remember now. Anyway, again, we’ll see what happens in the next book.

Overall, I can see how their relationship is taking shape now. I expect Nesta to continue to be very doting, gentle, and protective towards Elain. However, I think Feyre is gonna be the one that she confides it the most, that understands her better, that inspired her the most.

Tell me what you think. I would love to talk more about their relationship.

Emoji Movie main villain ideas:

1: 🌚 and 🌝, unsettling but seemingly well meaning twins that lead our main character throughout the early portion of their quest but betray them at their most vulnerable moment.

2: 👀, an all-seeing villain who rules a 1984 style dystopia that is also an allegory for government surveillance.

3: 😎, a well loved public figure who turns out to be a heartless businessman in private. Plans to bulldoze other apps to expand his brand’s influence.

4: 🃏, a trickster figure that puts our hero through a series of dangerous challenges. Ultimately redeemed because of the valuable lessons that his trials taught.

5: 📵, an enigmatic being threatening to destroy the smartphone in which our heroes live, represents anti-smartphone sentiments in general and is defeated using the powers of expression and interconnectedness that the smartphone brings.

6: 💻, a laptop angered because it fears smartphones will make it obsolete, wages preemptive warfare to avoid this future.

7: ☃, causes smartphone to freeze, which will lead to human abandoning cellphone while characters rush to find a way to unfreeze the phone and get the human to charge it before the phone runs out of battery ( they are unable to move when this happens, rendering them powerless to stop the human throwing them out)

What makes a good astrologer?
  1. Detachment
  • A good astrologer needs to have an emotional detachment from the person they are reading for
  • There is a need to replace ‘empathy’ with ‘sympathy’
  • Astrology is not a form of psychic reading, therefore there is no needs to make oneself emotionally/psychologically vulnerable to the client

2.  Knowing the difference between ‘sympathy’ and ‘empathy’

  • Sympathy is libra. It’s the understanding of the feelings and perspective of other and a mural understanding of the other persons situation, though you keep to yourself. It’s me AND you
  • Empathy is pisces. Empathy is where you SHARE common feelings. This is where you take on the feelings of another becoming ’US’ and ‘WE’. If you do this in a space where the client is in distress then you end up lowering yourself to the same vulnerability as them, then how can you expect to practically help them? (Virgo)

3. Focus on the client

  • Astrologers who read a clients chart then refer to themselves as in example
  • really shows that they themselves need to better understand their own chart first before trying to read for others.
  • It does feel good to share aspects and understanding of yourself, but if you set out to read for another, then that’s what you do…
  • Referring to yourself as an example every now and again is fine, but if you’re constantly rebounding what the client says and directing focus to yourself, then there’s a problem

4. Well read and knowledgeable

  • Though this point may seem obvious as all hell, it’s clearly an integral part as to what makes a good astrologer
  • They should have in depth and comprehensive understanding of the signs, planets, houses and aspects on the mundane level.
  • There are far TOO many ‘astrologers’ who apply blanket terms to their understanding of these things. There’s far too much surface understanding of astrology as in a lot of people see the ‘what is’ but not the ‘why
  • This is the primary reason there is a lot of bias understanding about signs, houses placements, such as the common idea that gemini and libra are straight up liars capricorns don’t feel emotion ect
  • The mechanics of each sign placed onto a planet will act vastly different to that of another planet in the same sign. A pieces sun with act much differently to a pieces Venus who has and Aquarius sun per se
  • A good astrologer should be able to differentiate the astrological differences and be able to pin point characteristics of the chart holders personality, while also taking into consideration how the planets work in the signs and houses they are in as well as interacting with one another through aspects

4. Good communication skills

  • When you go to an astrologer, you go to seek guidance and clarification about a topic or an event in your life, so therefore, you don’t want to be presented with broken bits of information, blanket statements or riddles
  • The astrologer you see should speak clearly in a way that you’ll understand, getting to the point and not dramatising aspects of your chart or even glorifying aspects too much

5. They speak from experience

  • Again, there are too many self proclaimed astrologers that look at the natal chart as something seperate from the chart holder.
  • Its by applying textbook and blanket statements about the understandings of signs, houses placements and such where you get in accurate readings
  • Once you have a real in depth understanding of the signs, you can witness how they act in peoples mannerisms and characteristics in real life, so when you can integrate whats in a chart to a person you can really understand the mechanics of astrology better

6. Non-judgement

  • When people give you their chart details, they are unveiling every personal aspect of themselves, both the light and the shadows
  • Clients expect that they can be safe and comfortable in your presences and that you allow them to expose themselves without fear of judgement
  • If you really do understand the workings of a natal chart, then typically your judgement would be diminished  due to you having the ability to see how things interact in a natal chart to provoke someone to think and act in a certain way

7. A hunger to learn more about the human nature through astrology

  • A good astrologer can do all that is mentioned previously, but a great astrologer never stops learning, because the universe is infinite and ever changing.
The recipe and cooking directions for TS6

•1 cup of sass
•2 tsp of saltiness
•2 cups of F you Kanye
•1.5 tbsp of Tayvin positivity
•1.5 tbsp of Tayvin negativity
•2 tbsp of Hiddleswift
•1 tsp of vulnerability
•2 cups of raw emotion
•1 tbsp of tears
•3 tbsp of giggles
•2 tbsp of girl power
•3 cups of success/awards
•1/2 cup of sad emotions
•1 cups of happy emotions
•1 pound of Taylor Swift’s undeniable talents

-Preheat Oven to 10 grammies
-mix happy ingredients first, slowly blending in the sad ingredients.
-add the salt last, blend well.
-Bake for 6 studio albums or until Grammy ready.
-Let cool/reach the public for a few hours.
-Top off with secret messages to imply even deeper emotions.
-Enjoy. Or die. Probably both.

Getting Started on the journey from me to WE...


At some point next week, we will post a thread on “Essential Practice 1 - Gratitude” (page 5), but before we can begin on the Essential Practices (read: exercises), it’s important that we prepare ourselves ahead of time.

Spend this weekend doing things that make you happy and bring you joy. Indulge yourself. Rest. Eat. Exercise. And then rest again. Be kind to yourself. This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster, and it can’t hurt to mentally prepare for the journey ahead.

If you have the book, feel free to skim through it. It’s okay to start reading ahead. Many have already finished. We will work the program together, and move at a pace that feels comfortable. Some Practices/Principles might only take a week. Others might take 2-3 weeks to allow people the time they need to work the exercises with the appropriate amount of emotional support and rest. This is a journey. Not a race. WE Women are in this together.

If you want to, go ahead and read pages xiii-4. It’s only 14 pages total. These pages go into the background behind the book, as well as give you an idea of what to expect in the Practices and Principles. 

Familiarize yourself with the breathing technique on page 4. Start practicing it throughout your day. Take note of how it makes you feel. This technique is used throughout the book, and is also a great preset to the practice of meditation.

You will need a journal/spiral notebook/pad of paper in order to complete the exercises. If writing in the dirt is more your style, then hey, you do you. But sometimes, it DOES call for paper for a purpose (like folding, and yes, even burning), so have some at the ready, just in case.

Be prepared to take notes and mark up your book. Get some tabs, some colorful pens and highlighters. Mark that puppy up with notes and tabs and segments that called to you. You’re gonna feel called out. You’re gonna feel inspired. You’re going to want to throw the book across the room, and you’re not going to want to put it down.

This book club is only as good as the people who contribute. So have questions and comments handy. Make a note of what segments made you feel uncomfortable, or inspired you. What scared you? What humbled you? It’s OKAY to feel these things.

You can contribute to the blog in a number of ways:

1. Use your own blog to reblog/reply/submit content/comments/feedback for the group. Give us pictures, give us moments. Again, the more people contribute, the more successful this will be (not to mention foster a feeling of support and love amongst all of us in sharing our vulnerabilities)

2. Send feedback via anon (but you are limited to a 500 character limit).

3. Send us an email with your content: - This is an option for those of you who want to remain anonymous in your content. The moderators will be responsible for posting the content you email us, and we will do so as an anonymous submission.

What kind of submissions do we want? Anything that you feel is relevant to what we are discussing. Find something that inspires you? Gimme. Want to share a story with the class? Bring it. Want to tell us how this chapter is bullshit and you can’t wait until it’s over? That’s okay too. Want to tell us how much it’s changed you? Even better. WE want it all.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!! WE can’t wait ladies!!

i did the art thing w dane dehaan’s face. it’s v emotive and nice and i rlly like it so here’s to to u dane dehaan thanks for having a drawable face (please do not delete the caption!!)


sexy clubbing chick chest thrust 0:19 lol how cute 0:30 360 touching hot booty 1:29 :“’’D sexy clubbing chick working her stuff 2:01 vulnerable and defenseless 2:28 3:14 blooper/messed up :D Song: EXID - HOT PINK 이엑스아이디 - 핫핑크 Sexy clubbing chick is such a Sexy Asian Girl, Sexy Korean Girl, Hot Asian Girl, Hot Korean Girl, Sexy Asian Babe, Hot Korean Babe, Cute Asian Girl and Cute Korean Girl.

anonymous asked:

How do you come up with poses??

Hi Anon,

I’m not exactly sure which answer you are looking for, but I hope that you will find it in this dreadfully lengthy response. 

In my opinion, drawing a pose requires the understanding of two different but related things: human form and body language. Either can be achieved by observing people, each in a different way. 

The first is by learning the many aspects of anatomy, which is an endless path of repeated exercises. For body language, you have to look at how people hold themselves when they behave in a certain way. Live drawing is great, as it teaches you both at the same time.  

Just watching people be, doing stuff, interacting with each other, has provided for great material that I can apply to my own characters, especially regarding their personality. 

However, their personality isn’t necessarily why I portray them in a certain way. Instead, it’s based on how I want other people to see them as (for example, drawing an antagonist, but not explicitly showing they are one).

Taking into consideration who the character is and what I’d like to express about them, the formula for the pose itself would be something like:
Angle + form of the body + gesture + facial expression = final pose. 

I could give you so many examples for every part of this quickly invented formula, however for the sake of this response, I’ve doodled one example in which I’ve combined all these elements, and elaborate on associating a pose with body language. Please note that this is my personal interpretation!

Keep reading