Louis loves to reference tattoos.

Louis has a long history of wearing clothing that references tattoos, both his and Harry. 

It Is What It Is: Louis got this tattoo 25 March 2013. We couldn’t tell what it said for a couple of weeks. There was wild speculation. Then, Louis wore this shirt.

Anchor Shirt: The first time we saw Louis in England in 2014 was miraculously the same day we first saw Harry with the anchor tattoo - 11 January 2014 (there is cause to believe Louis was in LA the previous week). BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, Louis showed up in England wearing a shirt with a giant anchor on it, much like when he wore the “it is what it is” shirt after he got that tattoo in 2013 but before we could tell what the tattoo said. 

Bee shoes: On 28 April 2017, the first day Louis was seen after the wild speculation about Harry’s insect tattoo that many of us argued was a bee, Louis wore Gucci sneakers with bees on them.

So basically, Louis has done this before and that’s a bee.

me: *standing outside of venue*
security: ma'am, you need a ticket to go inside.
me: *laughing as i take my sunglasses off* i’m sorry, it seems as if you don’t realize who you’re talking to. i’m sure, harry styles, would not be pleased with how you’re talking to me.
security: for the last time ma'am, we know that’s a cut out.
me: *takes sunglasses off of cut out* SAY THAT AGAIN TO HIS FACE.