vulgar libertarians

/on the organization of reactionary groups/

“is it necessary to violently confront reactionaries for expressing their beliefs?”

these traitors reveal themselves after every successful action. they howl anytime we force others submit to our political will. they prefer their politics to be an ethical standard rather than an actual policy. one can not participate in politics and abstain from violence. the fad of vulgar ~NAP~ libertarianism in the united states being joyously subdued by this principle. everyone is sick of being on higher ground. i want to climb down and confront the enemies that surround us!

We see, therefore, that war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means.

reactionaries are not organizing to hang out and have fun. the point of public political outreach is to grow the ranks and find each other, not as friends but as comrades struggling for a specific outcome. it is a “respectable” kind of propaganda by the deed, but it is not a neutral action. displays of this sort are organized to build the framework of mass political actions. the communists-of-the-past organize parties, not only to “raise class consciousness” but also to one day employ the executioners and the generals they would use to put down bourgeois society. similarly, a fascist party organizes on the principle that one day those they have organized will participate in ethnic cleansing, forced migration, and enslavement. 

this is a far more pressing issue than our naysayers make it out to be. they claim that the fascists who were beaten in sacramento were organized merely to “express their opinions.” this is willful ignorance on the part of our opposition. do you believe that the golden dawn’s “greeks only” food drives are really to fight hunger? i suppose the ku klux klan have only been celebrating their southern heritage this whole time. kennst du heimbach, der mickrige führer? the traditionalist workers party’s end-goal is not to just express an opinion. they want to control the state. we must deal with them knowing that they are actively attempting to manifest this goal.

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vulgar libertarians conflate actually existing capitalism with free markets. they defend the corporate capitalist privilege with free market rhetoric. they are “corporate apologists”. they’re not necessarily vulgar in literal definition tho many are

Oh, I know. I’ve just never encountered a vulgar libertarian who wasn’t obnoxious. It comes with the territory.

That said, I’m usually more empathetic with the ignorance of an anxious new libertarian, though, than I am with the arrogance of an old one. The former usually come around pretty quickly once you empathize and explain the misconception. They’re less defensive if you’re also a libertarian and you just elaborate and demonstrate the factors they’re missing in their understanding of the situation. Vulgar libertarianism is a treatable illness and fortunately, it’s not contagious.