vulgar libertarians

theseghostsarenotcoercive replied to your photoAs requested. EDIT: Benjamin B. Powell apparently…

vulgar libertarians conflate actually existing capitalism with free markets. they defend the corporate capitalist privilege with free market rhetoric. they are “corporate apologists”. they’re not necessarily vulgar in literal definition tho many are

Oh, I know. I’ve just never encountered a vulgar libertarian who wasn’t obnoxious. It comes with the territory.

That said, I’m usually more empathetic with the ignorance of an anxious new libertarian, though, than I am with the arrogance of an old one. The former usually come around pretty quickly once you empathize and explain the misconception. They’re less defensive if you’re also a libertarian and you just elaborate and demonstrate the factors they’re missing in their understanding of the situation. Vulgar libertarianism is a treatable illness and fortunately, it’s not contagious.