Beautiful, inspiring, hilarious video from synth-genius Vulfmon. Download the 80’s-influenced jam below.

Mp3: Vulfmon - Learn to Fly (Without Wings)

It Gets Funkier
  • It Gets Funkier
  • Vulfmon

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Just got sent this track from a DJ Paradiddle, who did the remaster of this 1981 shoulda-been-a-hit-song “It Gets Funkier” by Vulfmon. Google doesn’t offer much about Vulfmon, but Paradiddle provides the following facts: 

a synth prodigy born in 1967. abruptly ended his music career at 22 to pursue golf course architecture. never achieved commercial success.

Which leaves one big question: Where can we hear more Vulfmon? Grab the mp3 at Paradiddle’s bandcamp.