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you asked me about that pun before you made it! I remember! ♥ (‘for whatever reason’ jfc micky this is not nearly as funny as I think it is)

yes!! it was the depth of my late night puns. actually no lie yesterday i spent the day naming a cat with nine different names just so i could work off of ‘cap the cat of nine name and nine lives.’

no i brought that one up because it is the least embarrassing pun. my latest pun i can remember is a chapter title for a fic i haven’t finished yet and it’s like. i am so proud of it it has multiple meanings but at the same time why would i make a chapter title word play what kind of dork does that. 

and no another lie it is just as funny as you think it is just. visualize the late night blogger you sitting over a laptop and suddenly. you hear it. the crinkling sound of locusts herding together in flight. you try to get to your window but it’s too late the locusts are already their they’ve opened the window (how? we do not know) and are entering your humble abode, covering every surface and making you very uncomfortable to sit down because you just get locust juice everywhere, and there’s no avoiding them it’s like a death trap you never wanted.

this is pretty much the perfect metaphor for puns.

vulcanscream replied to your post “I will never try to be school spirited ever about UW because I can’t…”

oh my fuck that is disgustin g

you know. when i lose an eye and need a glass eye (because there is obviously a large chance of this happening) i will have a reaction for this reaction.

instead of having a w on the back of my glass eye, i will have an FU. 


honesteve asked:

on your captain cats: don't forget captain kirk. and possibly captain picard. and you could even do janeway if you really want to get crazy.

just added both before i saw this lol. and marvel and planet. important ones.

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micky I’m laughing micky stop making me laugh oh my go d THE PUNS I CAN’T

there is a certain expectation for me to have terrible puns. i mean my writing blog is cosinelanguage and its title is adjective over hyperbole like there’s so many layers to the dumb pun. 

the later it gets the more i make and since it is nearing one in the morning the onslaught is coming. 

honesteve asked:

E, G, R ♥

E: in embarrassment when i used to sherlock omegle rp i helped perpetuate the ‘not my divison’ thing. like. i used it when there was obv an omegle prompter that was sherlock but the other person wasnt so id not my division out of there. this was like… when it wasn’t a big thing… i’m so embarrassed. i am so. so. embarrassed.

other than that when i used to read warrior cats books i made a ship manifesto for a tigerstar/spottedleaf (i think) that i thought was hilarious because it had evidence but was like. such an obvious not ship.

however then they turned out to be cousins. whatever.

G: it was harry/hermione


could i GET more embarrassing

R: uMMMM like. the current fandoms i am in ship almost ANYTHING so i don’t think it’s very common for me to have a not obvious ship. and like. i typically yearn for some interaction before i ship things, and those tend to be shipped off quickly.