vulcans doing things

“The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary.”  -Stephen Hawking

The vastness of what we know as Space is constantly astounding. Always we conjure more elaborate questions to the previously unanswered, thus becomes the expanding enigma of Space.

Star Trek. The Q Gambit

Written by Mike Johnson

Art by Tony Shasteen

I don’t want to make spoilers of this comic book, so just I leave a few pictures so you can see something of what awaits you if you read it ;)

This is my fave: Worf as Chancellor of Klingon Empire (I will not say why, but he is in the Earth…)

Dukat doing things to seduce Kira, and she saying him “"leave me alone or you will regret”.

Keiko like Captain of Defiant (AWESOME!!!!)

Kirk and his crew in the future time at Terok Nor. 

Jadzia Dax so beautiful and strong…

Q visiting Picard.

Spock doing vulcan things with Q.

And more… ;)

“So numerous are the objects which meet our view in the heavens, that we cannot imagine a point of space where some light would not strike the eye;—innumerable stars, thousands of double and multiple systems, clusters in one blaze with their tens of thousands of stars, and the nebulae amazing us by the strangeness of their forms and the incomprehensibility of their nature, till at last, from the limit of our senses, even these thin and airy phantoms vanish in the distance.”

— Mary Fairfax Greig Somerville