vulcans do not show emotions

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Spock x Reader

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 1715 words 

Prompt: Could you write a spock one where the reader is new at the enterprise and spock is amazed by her and she falls for him so the crew tries to set them up because the two don’t get it? Thanks for reading my request😊 by the lovely @chani02

Warnings: None

After the incident on Altamid and later on at Yorktown, you were one of the new officers assigned to the Enterprise. Of course you were nervous to work on this famous spaceship, who wouldn’t be? This crew saved uncountable numbers of life forms and now you are part of it. Like a dream come true!

To prepare yourself, you had looked up every information that could possibly help the crew, while repeating every step that you had learned as a medical officer. You wanted nothing more, than to be as useful as you can be.

You work under the supervision of the chief medical officer, Doctor McCoy, who was known for bringing the Captain back to life. Despite the rumours you heard about him, shouting and cursing like a sailor, he was rather kind. Well, as long as you didn’t make any stupid mistakes that could cost the life of a crew member.

After a month traveling through the nebula, the crew discovered an earth like planet. Your records marked it as unknown to the federation.

It was no surprise that the Captain himself wanted to explore this planet, so he assembled an away team that included you.

At first, the planet looked harmless. The team was teleported near a river, but luckily no one fell in it. You were helping the science officers collect samples of the flora, when you heard someone scream.

As you turned around, you saw the reason. An animal was staring at them. It looked a lot like an American crocodile, but way bigger. You would guess around 10 to 13 feet long and its jaw looked terrifying. Paralyzed by your fear you noticed the crocodile moving closer to the officer, when suddenly you had an idea.

“Listen here Weathers, once it is out of water, run away, but in zigzag lines! I’ll do the rest! “, you shouted to her, praying that more than its looks resemble a crocodile.

The moment you told her that, the animal ran out of the stream towards her. Doing as you told her, Weathers bolted once the animal left the water. You were right, it wasn’t agile at all and had problems following her.

Gathering all your courage, you took one of the ropes you had in your backpack and jumped onto the animal and tied its jaw together. And just like an American crocodile, it couldn’t break the ropes, as its jaw is too weak.

Once the away team got beamed up you were greeted by Commander Spock. Thinking that he would tell you how illogical you were, since you couldn’t possibly have known that the animal resembled a crocodile, you looked at him, nervous.

But nothing like that happened. Instead, he gave you an approving nod, before he said “Excellent work, Miss [Y/L/N]”.

Not quite believing what just happened, you headed to the medbay where you got lectured by your extremely angry supervisor, who heard of the story, like the rest of the ship.

This incident lead to you new nickname ‘The crocodile hunter“, after Steve Irwin, a famous wildlife explorer from the 21th century.

On multiple occasions your 'useless’ knowledge proved useful. And every time the first officer praised you in his way. To say that you didn’t enjoyed this would be a lie. Every time you saw him your heart beat faster.

You tried you best to hide this from the Commander, but you just couldn’t conceal your excitement every time he praised you, before you left to continue you work.

What you didn’t know was how painfully obvious your little crush on him was, even if most of them just thought of it as admiration towards him.

After 3 months of you late night studying information that could somehow prove useful and showing off your knowledge every time Spock was near, Uhura couldn’t take it anymore.

She had to do something about it.  

She and Spock broke off, even before the Enterprise continued its mission, but they had stayed friends. Since she knows how to read Spock’s emotions, even without him openly showing them like a human would do, she knew immediately that he had a thing for you. She saw it as her mission to make him happy again, and you were the key for it.

So it was no surprise when Uhura set up a chess game for the both of you, claiming that 'it would increase the crews moral if he taught you how to play’, it was unclear to you how this could work but you didn’t want to pass up some private time with Spock.

Once you dolled yourself up a bit, you made your way over to his room. You were definitely nervous, but all of it didn’t matter when Spock stood in front of you, asking you in.

His room was clean and showed barely any sign of someone living in here.

On a table he set up a teapot with two cups alongside a 3D chess board. The lesson started with him being patience, while explaining everything to you. It took you some time to understand the rules, but after a few minutes passed you got the hang out of it.

“You are doing remarkably well Miss [Y/L/N]”, he praised you, as he made his move, looking as neutral as ever, but you could have sworn that his eyes gleamed a bit.

“Thanks to you, Spock. But call me [Y/N], please. We both are off shift”, you replied, smiling with your cheeks all warmed up, while you thought about your next move. You knew you couldn’t beat him, but you wanted to be a worthy competitor. There were three ways you could move your chess-pieces, but none would help you win.

“If you say so, [Y/N]”, he said, as he waited for your next move. The way he said your name, sent shivers down your spine. It just sounds so right! You made your move,

You enjoyed this evening way too much, talking with him about what came into your mind, even if what you said sounded completely stupid. The relaxed atmosphere carried over to you.

“Did you know that a male peacock has these huge and beautiful feathers to impress the female. But those feathers are actually a handicap for an animal, whose enemies are way faster than itself, which is its way of saying ‘Even with those huge but impractical feathers, I’m still alive’. It’s kind of like this for humans as well. We try really hard to impress the person we like, even if the person doesn’t notice it. Like I do with those late night sessions, where I look information up so I can impress you”, you babbled out, regretting it the moment the words left you mouth.

You expected him to say something, anything, but he just looked at you, his face looking neutral as usual. Of course! What were you thinking! He doesn’t have any feelings for you and now you destroyed the friendship you had with him.

“I’m sorry”, you muttered before you run out of the room, not wanting to embarrass yourself even more.

For days you avoided Spock completely, leaving the room when entered and eating later than usual, so you wouldn’t see him.

Everything went well. Surely you could keep this up for as long as you are stationed on this ship, until the Captain ordered you to the bridge, there has been an accident.

The moment you reached the bridge, you noticed that no one was hurt, it was a trap set by your Captain. Well, except you and your feelings.

The second Spock laid his eyes on you, you felt tears welling up. You did not want to hear him saying that he doesn’t have any feelings for you out loud. This would just break your heart even more.

“Miss [Y/N] I need to talk to you in private”, he stated, leaving no room for protest. You just nodded, following him out of the bridge to an empty room. At least he wasn’t breaking your heart in front of everyone.

For a few seconds no one said anything. You just wanted to say something, when he suddenly walked closer to you.

“[Y/N], it seems like you misunderstood me the last time we were together. I tried to talk to you, but every time I entered a room, you left. So I’m going to explain it now. As a Vulcan I can’t show emotions like you do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything. I am, as you know, only a half Vulcan. What I want to let you know is, I do have a certain fondness of you too. To go even further, I would like to begin a courtship with you. It is difficult for me to talk about my emotions, so let me show them to you”, he declared, deadly serious, but you could see something in his eyes. It is affection. You simply nodded, since no word wanted to leave your mouth.

At first you felt his fingers on your face, before your minds melded and finally you understood what he meant. You could feel how much you mean to him and this overwhelmed you so much, that you felt tears running down your cheeks.

Once he took his hand from your face, you noticed how helpless he was. Clearly not knowing what to do now. Seems like you had to do the rest of the work.

“I would love to start a courtship with you too, Spock”, you replied, as he brushed your tears away, before hugging you. At first it was rather awkward, he clearly didn’t know how to hug someone, but that didn’t matter.

“That would be adequate, ashayam. If you would excuse me, I still got work to do”, he said, as he broke the hug to fix his clothes.

“I would find it pleasing to see you after my shift for dinner, perhaps.”, he suggested, and you could have sworn that there was a slight smile on his lips.

“I’d love to. Then you can explain me what you just called me.”, you answered, kissing his cheek, before you left the room to go back to work as well. This time with a huge smile on your face.

something i think people forget is that vulcans DO have emotions they just value logic over showing them, but they do have feelings and they can show them, they just work hard not to. anyways the point of this post is to make sure y'all know spock loves jim to the very core of his being, no matter what universe theyre in, no matter how old they are, and nothing will ever change that

that-one-curly-haired-chick  asked:

Headcannon that Spock actually got his signature eyebrow raise from Amanda, who started doing it on Vulcan as a way to show emotion while not being too expressive

Imagine little baby Spock on his mother’s lap, trying to imitate her as she does the eyebrow raise.

He uses his pudgy fingers to lift one side of his face and Amanda laughs.

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