The big personal update post!

So I’ve been all but absent from this place for a good year and a bit for a lot of reasons. I’ma list them here because I like to overshare!

Firstly, I moved back from Japan, finished my last year of uni while commuting for three hours twice a week to work and see my partner, and finally graduated with a 2:1 in TESOL and Japanese (woop woop!) so my life has been busy as anything, and spare time between studying and working was pretty much non-existent.

Secondly, I got an actual real teaching job two weeks before I graduated, so I’ve been teaching since then and haven’t had a break to breathe since I handed in my dissertation, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The work experience has been invaluable, my colleagues are lovely, my boss is great, my students are fantastic, and overall I really love my job, even though I have no free time for anything whatsoever.

Thirdly, I’ve been fighting my ED pretty hard since moving home, and getting out of the house, exercising, and cutting out negative influences has been a huge part of it. I’m doing well in that I haven’t purged in well over a month now, but the compulsion still sits bubbling away under my skin every time I eat anything, so it’s really early days when it comes to recovery. Anywho, there was just so much negativity on here, and so many excuses for me not to do the things that were making me better than I decided it was best just to leave for a while. I miss the people I used to talk to all the time (and if we talked a lot then you’ll know I’m talking about you, and if you don’t know I’m talking about you I’ll tag you because I miss your conversation) but it’s been super helpful distancing myself from everything.

All that being said, I’m unlikely to stick around for long at all because I’m still not down to party with a lot of this place, but if you want to chat and keep being friends please please please DM me and I’ll give you my LINE and my Skype and my email and my instagram and we can keep in contact (which I’d really love tbh).

ALSO: I’m moving to Austria in September, so if you’re in or around Kärnten, hit me up!

why do good things happen to undeserving people? I love you all. bolded are friends. italicized are favorites. terms are very loosely used, like 90% of you I want to be friends with, I’m just too shy to talk to. everyone else is just plain amazing. :)


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i’ve been tagged by erminswiths and  leviackreman to do the snapchat selfies thing and this is the story of how i found out all my snaps are random pics (there are captions eh h) and i don’t have selfies saved from there w o w

noW it’s time to d-d-duel tag iwaizumiihajime, blondejean and vulcanprodigy have fun or ignore this if you don’t want to do it ❤❤❤