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Part 0: This is gonna be long (:

So Felix said the n-word in a live stream and a lot of people immediately declared him to be the embodiment of Satan and demanded Sean and Mark to abandon him and Marzia to leave his ass and… 

I wanted to be a bit more nuanced than that but I didn’t expect this much reaction so I didn’t make myself very clear and I didn’t give too much context as to what I meant.

I posted this on the matter and I said I’d get to all your reactions so here we go, I will be talking about this in different parts, getting to all your reactions and taking those in consideration. I won’t be commenting on all reactions individually though as they way too many already for me to get to, but all of them have been read and taken into consideration.

edit: I give up… this thing had 300 notes yesterday, now it’s at 1200+ I can’t get to all of you but I’ll address as much as possible.

First of all, I want to say that I acknowledge Felix made a mistake, I agree he shouldn’t have said what he did, I don’t condone him saying it at all.

Secondly, when I made the post I made, I was looking in the pewdiepie tag that was going absolutely insane. I wasn’t speaking against those saying that he made a mistake, I was speaking against those who were acting like Felix murdered their family (+ pets) and burned their house down after. But I understand that I didn’t make that clear in my post.

Third, I’m tagging each and every single person who added to the convo, since most of you don’t follow me. Feel free to add to this, how things are in your culture, but please read everything first.

Please don’t comment on Part 1 before you’ve read the rest as your comment may already be addressed in a later part. I know it’s a lot, and you might not be interested in reading, which is fine, but I figured some of you might be interested in the full story.

The first 4 parts are actually not at all about Felix, purely about the word and cultural differences. This is not an excuse for Felix at all, it’s simply an essay about words, languages, nuance, sentiment and losing things in translation. Part 5 is the only one that’s about Felix. The first 4 are in no way trying to excuse him.

Part 0 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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Old Married Spirk Challenge 2014 Masterpost

The Old Married Spirk Challenge for 2014 has come to an end. I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the very talented people who worked so hard contributing to the awesome collection of fanwork listed below. <3

I hope everyone enjoys all of these wonderful submissions!

:: Old Married Spirk Challenge 2014 Masterpost ::

|| FIC

:: A Beach To Walk On by thesadchicken
TOS, 1.3k, Teen+

:: A Not-Stressful Holiday by DictionaryWrites
TOS, 1k, Teen+

:: A Twist of Fate by RowanBaines
TOS, 9.1k, Teen+

:: For As Long As the Stars Shine by plaidshirtjimkirk
TOS, 7.9k, Teen+

:: Home Renovation by noodleinabarrel
TOS, 5.5k, Teen+

:: Leave Me in the Looking Glass by druxykexy
TOS, 4k, Teen+

:: Of Hands by DictionaryWrites
TOS, <1k, Teen+

:: Paradise Found by OrmondSacker
TOS, 2k, Mature

:: Stay Awhile by TrekkieSlut
TOS, 4k, General

:: Stay With Me by thesadchicken
TOS, 1k, Teen+

:: The Bioluminescence of the Night by thesadchicken
TOS, <1k, General

:: Vulcans Are Not Ticklish by DictionaryWrites
TOS, 1k, Teen+

|| ART

:: Cuddling by st-r-trk-fangasm

:: Leave Me in the Looking Glass by RowanBaines

:: Old? Yes. Married? Yes. Retired? Not even close. by merm-aight

:: Picnic by spockshair

:: Vulcan Kisses by kirkspocker

:: You Fill Up My Senses by quantumglowcloud


:: a lifelong love letter by sadchicken

:: Always Shall Be by plaidshirtjimkirk

:: Kirk/Spock. like a soldier by vulcan-lakes


:: Good Morning T'hy'la 1 by funkylittlesister, the sadchicken

:: Good Morning T'hy'la 2 by funkylittlesister, the sadchicken


Many thanks to everyone who supported these amazing contributors by checking out their work and encouraging them, and to all who reblogged the promo posts from this account! <3

Looking forward to OMSC 2015! ;D

- plaidshirtjimkirk


I mean i’m not you commander but you do all follow me, 100 of you!!! OMG I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!

Originally posted by piercethealltimesleepingveil

So, I am kind of stunned. I don’t really do much I don’t write stuff, I don’t make stuff besides reblog lots of SPN stuff and fics. I gush way too much at people when i enjoy their writing. I add way too many comments to pictures i reblog. I probably annoy half of you and freak out the other half. But i guess you are all slightly insane any way. BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW ME!!

Originally posted by irrelevantgayness

Seriously though guys, I love you all. Not in the romantic smooshy sex way. But in the way, every single one of you, at some point, has made me smile, or cry or run off for a cold shower or laugh so hard i almost peed (i’ve had three kids, those muscles don’t work so well anymore). And I hope in some way i make you feel as happy as you all make me feel. Thank you, from the bottom of my tiny, SPN battered heart. Hugs all round xoxoxox.

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Spockspointedears' Follow Forever 2014

I’ve been here for a little more than two years now and I think it’s time to do one of these. So in the festive spirit of these days I present to you this list of fabulous people

I’d like to thank you all for making my experience here very pleasant, entertaining and constructive. And special thanks to those who have been here and have decided to stay.


anifanatical, anotherfallenchild, antivantrashcan, aricakesartlesstumbles, asmilelikecaptainkirks , ateverbti


bendingsignpost, beware-the-songbird, bibliotheksbewohnerin, blueeyeddata, bokuwaboku-datte

captaindorklady, captain-kirks-v-neck, cardassianqueen, careful-with-that-sand-morpheus, carryingaheavycrown, clarissagoyle, comixnation, cutetwinksammy


deathanddelirium, docgold13   


fantasmaalineal, fassbemder, fizzsup          


gohugavulcan, greenshirtjimkirk, grumpydoctormccoy           


haltherobot, harlequinnade, helenciithafuckyeahellaspock, hip-young-beamslinger    


irisbleufic, ironiconionits-so-savy        


jacktheshade, jimsdeadbones      


keirp07, keptinjaneway, kirknspock, kirkspocker, kittyslover           


laconicamentebreve, ladylokii, ladypool, lannist3rs, lilithkate, longlivethetribbles, luciens-library, lwaxana


magmaleadermaxie, marveloki, meguca-forbbidened, melancholic-muffin, melkorwashere, mightymarlz, mordanthallion, mosttillogicalmrpicard, museaway


needsmorestartrek, nightvalespanol        


offensiveagentpie, oh-kathryn-my-captain, onna4, ormondhsacker, overfathomsdeep        


pancakesprince, pansexualjimkirk, petimetrek, philophxbe, plaidshirtjimkirk, pywren        


radioactive-spacemen, randlovesuhuraloveschapel, readysteadytrekrowan-baines


sacredkarcram, sakura-tamiko, sexy-salmon, shards-of-divinity, siege-loki-problems, snoweyvulcan, spacehamsters, spicyshimmy, spockedscully, spockoship, spockshair, spocksjazzhands, starladyuhura        


teraya-martaya, the-asgardian-rainbow, thecomicsvault, the-denial-squad, thesadchicken, thevulcanscienceacademy, thingols, thisishighlyillogical, thorkizilla, til-all-are-one, trekkieslut         




vampishly, violete-kollontai, vulcanbiologistvulcan-lakes         


werewolfscience, williamtriker      




yourchippedcup, yourevilgaytwin          

As often happens I probably forgot to mention someone here, but by no means think that you have not left an imprint on me somehow.