vulcan's harp

Taurus the ~Creator~

Taurus ~The Most Beautiful One~ 
the gumnut baby wrapped in the warmth of an acorn hat, Taurus is the seed that facilitates the blooming of colours, flowers, symphonies, and senses 

the Earth nurtures her and yet she is Mother Earth and Child in one exquisite ensemble, the wild child of the daisies who follows the laws of nature - sleeping when she does and waking in season’s time, and the Mother who contains the essence of soul in her creative forces 

she plays music with everything, just as her god Vulcan thread harps for the angels, she is always making invisible offerings to the Gods through her creativity and artistry, it’s like a ceremony 

Spock’s not perfect at displaying his emotions, but when he gets a chance he enjoys looking through poetry and picking out a poem that make’s him think of Nyota. 

He’ll write that poem down with the author and all source material included (because he’s like that) and send it off to Nyota. In some cases, he’ll put it all down on a piece of paper and leave it in her room with a small gift (a stuffy, flowers, chocolates, etc) for her to find and smile at as she thinks about what an adorable dork her boyfriend is.

   In return, Nyota translates some old earth songs into Vulcan and sings them whenever Spock is playing his Vulcan Harp. Spock will get a small quirk of a smile on his face whenever she does this, and she does adore seeing the way that he looks down at his instrument in a poor attempt to hide his emotions

taurus is the enduring force of nature, slow but steady, the glowing wait of beauty after the burst of the aries flower garden. taurus is what makes everything majestic. it brings gloss to a pastel background. taurus turns life into a colour palette. when the ancients spoke about taurus they referred to vulcan, the alchemist who converted material into gold and preciousness. vulcan created harps, wings, and instruments for the gods, and this is taurus in reverent creativity