vulcan street


One of my favorite parts of The City on the Edge of Forever. 

Jim quickly jogs across the street forgetting that Spock is either unaware of 20th century vehicles or believes that the driver would be polite enough to stop. Jim has to run back into the road to rescue Spock who seems bewildered about the situation (and the driver’s irritability)  but doesn’t say no to Jim taking his arm and leading him to safety. Spock glances back at the car in such a way you can see that he just wants a moment to study the strange vehicle and discover all its secrets, whereas Jim is apologetically protective, like “You’re my favorite person Mister Spock, so let’s not lose you to your own scientific curiosity, okay?”


Monster. by Reece Garside | Photography

Aladdin AU where Jim is livin on the streets of vulcan and falls in love with prince Spock who attempted to escape his fate of being married off. When they meet, an instant link is formed between them. Jim finds a magic lamp and becomes a suitor for the prince. Spock, stubbornly avoiding suitors, does not recognize him until they touch. I'chaya is Spock’s protective pet sehlat and Bones is Jim’s best friend who follows along with this ridiculous plan.

anonymous asked:

Ok but can you imagine the vulcan mama of your vulcan/klingon hybrid going throu pon farr, and her klingon husband being both terrified and delighted

yeah, and this shirt is their motto XD (I bet they have also the other version “a klingon in the streets, a vulcan in the sheets”)

You know that people on the Enterprise are surprised to find out that Jim and Spock are married because they’re so professional around each other and they don’t ever seem to touch. When they go to Vulcan, Sarek has to have a conversation with them about their “Inappropriate public displays of affection” because they’re practically making out in the streets by Vulcan standards.