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Fun game for ladies: In front of a geeky dude, say “Silence, Earthling! My name is Darth Vader! I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!”

If he gets all mad, condescendingly explains to you why you’re wrong, or starts talking about that “fake geek girl” nonsense, not only do you know that you should stay far, far away from him, but you also get to tell him he’s one to talk about people not having enough nerd cred

Because you just watched a “Back to the Future” reference fly straight over his head


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Okay so Spock was born and raised on Vulcan, a planet that canonically has a higher gravity than Earth. At least partially due to this, Vulcans have much denser bone and muscles than humans (part of why they are so much stronger than us) meaning that per m^3 Vulcans weigh more than the average human. Considering Spock, the beanpole that he is, has been stated to have the strength of 3 average men it is logical to deduce that his muscle mass is up to 3 times as dense as that of the average human meaning it is up to 3 times as heavy (I’m not a physician so don’t quote me on this). All this considered, no matter the math, Spock is heavy af, so

how strong is Kirk????????

Please listen to my very important pitch, which is Star Trek but with a very useless Vulcan who oh god just barely passed Vulcan school. Probably did not actually pass. Was not supposed to leave the planet. Vulcans do not want people to know Vulcans like this exist. The Jason Mendoza of Vulcans. A pre successful DJ Vulcan from whatever the Daytona Beach, Florida Of Vulcan is. Rips the fucking sleeves off his star fleet uniform. Somehow restores capitalism to the federation in order to make money selling fake Vulcan study drugs to space students. Marries the ship’s AI. He definitely dies as the result of his own scheme, then also accidentally becomes a god

Spock: I need to leave and make little Vulcans

Jim: I need you Spock

Spock: Anyways so like I was saying where to next Captain

Was Spock the first human/Vulcan hybrid?

First contact between humans and Vulcans occurred in 2063. Spock was born in 2230. If you listen to some Star Trek fans, that means 167 years passed before both our species decided to bear some sex fruit. Let’s be real though, 167 years is a long time for two civilizations to interact with each other without at least someone from one group deciding to bone someone from the other group, particularly when you consider the populations of both civilizations numbers in the billions.

We might say, “Maybe interspecies sex was just too big of a taboo! Maybe it took that long for barriers to finally start coming down.” Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it’s like Hagrid once said of Dobby the house elf: “Yeh get weirdos in every breed.” Even if 9,999,999,999 humans thought the idea of having sex with an alien was weird or unnatural, there would always be at least one exceptionally progressive person who could see beyond everyone else’s prejudices and pre-conceived notions, and I’m certain the same is true for Vulcans. I would almost be willing to bet that at least one of the first Vulcans who rolled off the T’Plana-Hath on that April morning in 2063 in Bozeman, Montana saw one of the locals and thought, “That human is aesthetically pleasing.” And all it takes is a spark, right? Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear a Vulcan pickup line?

And all the panties fell off as if by magic.

Moreover, in 1957, 106 years before official First Contact between humans and Vulcans, a small Vulcan survey ship crash-landed near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. There were only three survivors, and of those three, one of them just couldn’t stop himself from falling for the single mom who ran the local bar. Granted, Maggie didn’t know Mestral was Vulcan, but he definitely knew she was human, and a trivial thing like species didn’t seem to matter to him.

Smitten personified.

But wait, just because a few amorous, adventurous, or convention-hating humans and Vulcans might be willing to stand up and proudly (or maybe more discreetly) proclaim, “Love is love, fuck the haters” and get naked with each other, that doesn’t mean they were making babies because after all, humans and Vulcans are genetically incompatible and it would take a feat of medical engineering to swap gametes, right?

Argue if you want, but human/Vulcan sexy time dates back to at least 2153.

People who believe Spock must have been the first hybrid usually stake this claim on one or more of four arguments:

1.     Humans and Vulcans didn’t shack up routinely enough
2.     The science of making a hybrid baby didn’t exist until Spock came along
3.     Gene Roddenberry said so
4.     Spock clearly felt isolated as a child, but he wouldn’t have if there were more hybrids like him

I’ve already poked enough holes in the first claim. Maybe there weren’t a ton of interspecies couples, but I feel confident in saying there were at least some and some is all we need. And once people decide they like each other enough to form relationships, it’s usually not long before at least some of them start thinking, “You know what would make this better? A smaller version of us!”

As for the science behind making a hybrid baby, it existed in the mid 22nd century. Spock wasn’t the first. That’s a fact. Elizabeth, the hybrid child of Charles “Trip” Tucker and T’Pol, existed in 2154.

Pointy ears and pinchable cheeks.  

Elizabeth sadly died as a result of the improper cloning techniques used to conceive her, so there are many who would take the statement of “Spock was the first human/Vulcan hybrid” and simply add the caveat of “to survive.” Perhaps. But in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime,” Trip says:

I spoke with Phlox. It turns out there was a flaw in the technique that Paxton’s doctors used in the cloning process. Human DNA and Vulcan DNA, Phlox says there’s no medical reason why they can’t combine. So if a Vulcan and a human ever decided to have a child, it’s probably be ok. And that’s sort of comforting.

So a Denobulan doctor knew a way to make hybrids a full 75 years before Spock was conceived. Maybe the technology was untested and required some refining, but by even a modern a technological timeline, 75 years is an eternity.  

There’s an interview between Gene Roddenberry and Mark Lenard which claims Spock was the first, and so a lot of people might be happy to believe whatever Roddenberry said was the gospel. In the interview, Roddenberry is interviewing Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek, asking him questions about humanity and his life when the subject of Spock comes up.

Mark Lenard: Spock’s mother Amanda is an extraordinary woman.
Gene Roddenberry: And Spock was the result? The first human/Vulcan mixture?
Mark Lenard: No, not the first, but the first to survive. As you must know, an Earth/Vulcan conception will abort during the end of the first month; the fetus is unable to continue life once it begins to develop its primary organs. The fetus Spock was removed from Amanda’s body at this time: the first such experiment ever attempted. His tiny form resided in a test tube for the following two Earth months while our physicians performed delicate chemical engineering, introducing over a 100 subtle changes we hoped would sustain life. At the end of this time, the fetus was returned to Amanda’s womb. At the ninth Earth month, the tiny form was again removed from Amanda, prematurely by Vulcan standards, and spent the following four months of Vulcan term pregnancy in a specially designed incubator. The infant Spock proved surprisingly resilient. There seemed to be something about the Earth/Vulcan mixture which created in that tiny body the fierce determination to survive.

So for some fans, maybe that counts as proof. But Gene Roddenberry had a lot of conceptual ideas about his beloved Star Trek that conflict with actual canon and modern science. For a prime example, just look at the treatment of star dates. So maybe it’s me, but I don’t think something is canon just because Roddenberry said it in an interview once. Furthermore, if we take that interview as canon, how do we explain this scene from The Final Frontier where Spock is delivered from Amanda (not a “specially designed incubator”) and presented to Sarek?

Then Sarek went and uttered one of the most dick lines in Trek history.

Lastly, there’s the isolation that Spock feels. How can we explain how lonely he is if it’s not because he’s the only hybrid? Quite easily, actually. Every single person in existence has felt misunderstood and alone at times. As children, our worlds are very small and our social circles consist of our immediate families, school mates, and our parents’ associates. That’s pretty much it. When we aren’t exposed to people like us, it’s very easy to imagine Rocket Raccoon might have been onto something when he said, “Ain’t no thing like me, except me!”

But that’s very rarely literally true, as every kid who’s ever been the only minority at their school or any teen who’s ever been the only gay person in their tiny conservative town will tell you. As we get older and achieve the freedom to strike out and meet people on our own terms, we often learn we weren’t quite as unique as we thought and there are whole groups of people out there who are black or gay or disabled or whatever it was that left us feeling so alone in our formative years. I think that’s why Spock’s character resonated so much with viewers – he was a symbol for all the misfits out there who knew just how much it sucks trying to fit into the fabric of a society that seems so different than they are.

 Proof that regardless of species, kids can be fucking awful. 

Vulcan was a big planet. By the time Nero destroyed it in Star Trek: 2009, it had more than 6 billion inhabitants. Even if there were only 100 human/Vulcan hybrids by that point in time, the odds of an average Vulcan encountering one would still be incredibly small. It’s entirely possible Spock may have felt like he was the only hybrid because he might have been the only one in his community, but the universe is a big place with plenty of room for other human/Vulcan hybrids he and those vicious bullies never met. 

Spock was clearly pretty special. Even people who hate Star Trek and know almost nothing about it know who Spock was and recognize the Vulcan salute Leonard Nimoy made famous in his portrayal of the character. But just because Spock’s human ancestry made him unusual doesn’t necessarily mean his conception was some completely novel, groundbreaking, pioneering leap for interspecies relationships either. 

I can’t say I know many Vulcans, but I think I have a pretty firm grasp on humanity. Despite homosexual, interracial, and interfaith relationships being taboo and even illegal in many countries until relatively recently (and sadly still are in some places) there have always been people who decided they didn’t care and took a chance on love. So I don’t buy the idea that humans and Vulcans could live and work together even in a limited capacity for more than a century and a half before making the jump into starting families.

So here’s my first Trek Art Nouveau character drawing, and of course it’s Spock. Personally, I really appreciate that Spock is from two different cultures. So much of his story is about finding a balance between these two backgrounds, so that’s what I chose to illustrate here. Above his right shoulder you can see an Earth landscape, and in the corner is the planet Earth. On the left side, it’s a Vulcan landscape with that planet in the other corner. The flowers are larkspur, and according to a flower website I found, they mean ‘beautiful spirit.’ The purple larkspur (which is what this would be if I colored it) also signifies a compassionate personality.

I have plans to do more of these portraits with other TOS characters (probably AOS too eventually) but it might be a while because I’ve been doing some art for my relatives’ upcoming birthdays, so I’m a bit creatively sapped.

Vulcan in Astrology

Sooo I have decided to look into hypothetical planets. This is some deep astrology! Sometimes these planets are called hidden planets. In real astronomy these are actual hypothetical planets that have not been proven to exist or not exist. These are planets such as Planet X, Vulcan, Poseidon, Kronos, many different Moons and asteroids. is a good source to draw up hypothetical planets. Today we are going to talk about Vulcan influence in astrology!  

From what I’ve found Vulcan is meant to improve you in some way. The influence of Vulcan is very much temporary and transit. I have read Vulcan comes in to transform the soul, teach lessons to the soul and purify certain emotions. :o  If you don’t find Vulcan to really describe you right now remember it is to teach something specific and might describe your past self or a future incident. There is the debate that Vulcan is the hypothetical ruler of Taurus or Virgo (depending on what type of astrology you are following) There is a LOT more information on Vulcan and it can get complex but here is a place to start: 

Vulcan in Aries: Vulcan comes into play to detach you from serving and feeding your ego. An individual with this placement is likely to have a strong individuality at the time of Vulcan’s influence, they are confident but also might be too self-righteous, cocky, and self-centered. This individual is forced to learn how to be more giving, to be more sensitive to others emotions and ideas. After the transformation/learning this individual is likely someone who can help break down others ego so they can reach a more understanding and higher conscious state. 

Vulcan in Taurus: Vulcan comes to teach about detachment and a lot of times this is a painful lesson for the individual. Loss of possessions and people are associated with this time period and transformation. Vulcan pushes this individual to rely less on material comforts, personal attachments, emotional bindings and to instead rely on one own’s internal security and stability and to find an inner harmony and peace within themselves. Once this individual is free of attachments they can find a lot of inner strength and can begin finding new purpose in their life. 

Vulcan in Gemini: Vulcan comes into to help connect this individual to others. This person is likely highly detached and even hostile to those who want to form close relationships with them. Gemini is all about communication but this individual is practicing negative influences of Mercury with strong opinions, harsh insults, gossip, etc. Vulcan ideally brings people into this persons life who can connect with them mentally, who can expose their inner self, and who can be intimate. Vulcan could also find ways to expose their inner fears, insecurities, as well as positivity and inner light to others through circumstances. 

Vulcan in Cancer: This person is someone who keeps falling into bad habits, addicting attachments, past emotions/grudges, and is coddling themselves with self-nurturing. Vulcan comes in to not necessarily make them tougher or to annihilate their nurturing ways but to break habits and to release them of attachments. Vulcan forces this person to let go of past habits and attachments. Here Vulcan frees the individual, sometimes painful at first but liberating after. Vulcan also aims to transform this person to being self-nurturing to nurturing others. Vulcan pushes a lot of self-awareness and a higher emotional consciousness in the transformation.

Vulcan in Leo: The ego and being self-centered are the main issues in this person. Unlike Aries who may have acted very selfish and cocky, this individual has self-centered and egotistical ideas. There is an association with leadership and authority. Vulcan comes to challenge this individual’s ideas of pride, leadership, confidence, and individuality. Vulcan wants to bring out ideas of cooperation, joint creativity, responsibility for others, and group consciousness. 

Vulcan in Virgo: This individual will have a time in their life where they will tightly hold onto certain values, people, substances, or judgments that they view as “right”, “healing”, “beneficial”, “good”. The key is this thing is something that DID help them once but now Vulcan is here to show that this person or idea isn’t useful anymore or that it even has some negative aspects. This is known as a very hard and long transformation but at the end of it this individual will find new ways of healing and will have a more open mind. 

Vulcan in Libra: This individual is likely highly involved with a partner or with a group and Vulcan comes in to make a shift into new relationships with a new lover or group. This person’s past relationships might have not been negative but Vulcan pushes them towards groups and relationships that free them, relationships where they can find purpose and can give back. 

Vulcan in Scorpio: This person is in a situation with a lot of negativity, especially with dynamics of unhealthy attachment, control issues, and dark manipulation. Vulcan comes in to help break the individual through and out of the negativity BUT be sure this will be an intense transformation. Scorpio’s association with the Phoenix should be noted here. Whatever this person is going through Vulcan is going to drag them through the fire to get out. After the transformation Vulcan gives an energy to them that is calmer. This person will not only be free of the negativity but wiser, more patient, rational, and a teacher of sorts. 

Vulcan in Sagittarius: There are two very powerful lessons to be learned from this position. One is an association with an attachment to one’s skill, trait, or even physical beauty/ability that they take pride in, depend on, is competitive over. Vulcan comes in to shake that idea, to take the focus off this talent. This person must see what is greater than this trait and what is greater than themselves. The second lesson has to do with their belief system and/or religion. This person could be disillusioned with their beliefs at the time and Vulcan comes in to show them a new belief system. 

Vulcan in Capricorn: Authority, power, strength, and the material world are themes here. Vulcan comes to help this individual detach themselves from the material world and helps them to focus more on the spiritual and emotional realm. Vulcan can also take this person through a loss of power and authority. Vulcan puts this person in a place where they have to reevaluate their values and purpose. Vulcan also wants to teach this individual to balance the needs of the group with their desire for authority, material and practical needs with emotional and compassionate needs. 

Vulcan in Aquarius: The influences of Vulcan are STRONG and they come to shatter all human attachments and concentrates on the collective. Vulcan teaches this person to be more accepting, open minded, tolerant, and to seek those with like-minds. This person may be someone who was highly emotionally sensitive, attached, and insecure when younger but when Vulcan comes it is at a time in their life when they are ready to completely let go.

Vulcan in Pisces: Vulcan in Pisces is associated with getting rid of anything that blocks love. Prejudice, hate, vengeance, grudges, unfaithfulness, jealousy, all of these emotions are killed through a somewhat cold and harsh transformation. This person was one who held onto many, many negative emotions that block love. After the transformation this person shows others how to love, is able to love many, and is very emotionally giving. 


Behind-The-Scenes Look At Star Trek: Discovery

Soft breaths- Chekov x Reader

Request: Fufil this prompt- “I have been eagerly awaiting the day I could meet you, and I am not disappointed.

A/N: You see, the thing is in Star Trek series post-TOS, like Next Gen (Deep Space Nine doesn’t really count in this case as it’s meant to cater for families-) have kids aboard the ship. But we don’t really see this in the Reboots or TOS so, at one point someone had to successfully raise a kid that would convince Starfleet it was a good idea. Also, @Kirk: we saw that wistful look when you saw Sulu and fam, thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did. Also, let’s be honest, this crew would probably take shifts babysitting.

Also, god I love TOS hijinks. I mean, fucking alien mobsters and Greek gods and aliens that are just dogs with a cone on their heads.

“Captain, this a pretty inopportune time but,” You commed the Bridge, knuckles turning white as you gripped the stainless-steel edge of the laboratory bench. Your breath was sharp now as you felt the cramps start to worsen a little now. In the end, you gave up trying to stand up and slid to a drier part of the floor where you water hadn’t inconveniently broken, “would you mind calling down my dork of a boyfriend?”

“What did Chekov do this time?” Captain Kirk sighed, exasperated. Honestly, you could almost imagine the Captain raising a brow at your adorable boyfriend as he turned in his navigation chair, confused. You hissed a little as your cramps began to increase in frequency now, and you tried counting them.

“You mean apart from get me pregnant?” You laughed. Doctor McCoy, evidently hearing the slight chaos within your laboratory space had entered, wide-eyed and cursing the stars, calling for medics. “Um, it’s a slight emergency…”

“Slight? Oh god…” His voice raised in a slightly more harried pitch, your understatement finally making sense. There was a pregnant (no pun intended) beat of silence before the usually calm bridge erupted into audible chaos, frenzied Russian cursing thrown into the mix. Amusingly, you could distinguish a somewhat panicked Spock attempting to calm down every bridge member; Lieutenant Uhura screaming about how she hadn’t finished putting the hamper together.

“Okay, you’re going to have to remain calm,” Bones warned as he and another nurse (you remembered her name to be along the lines of Janice). “Your water broke early, things could get a little complicated-“

“The baby will be fine, won’t it?” You were breathless, feeling the full force of lengthening contractions, causing you to wince in pain. It was fine, it was honestly fine, you’d been thrown off cliffs as part of the away team before, you could handle this. “Where’s Pav-“

“Your cute boyfriend will be here in about three seconds, nothing to worry about,” Bones brushed you off, and you breathed a little in relief as Pavel, curls in disarray and arms carrying your emergency bag. Janice insisted that Pavel stop fretting and instead, support your weight as you were set down on a medical bed.

What followed next was characterised by unspeakable pain and several death-threats aimed at Pavel. You struggled to push, feeling the searing pain of contractions in your swollen abdomen. It felt as if the room were too bright, everything as if the exposure had been left on for too long as the white light burned your eyes and reflected in the droplets of sweat glistening at your temples. Pavel was the greatest comfort you could have asked for, in between the small panics and the jumble of Russian, you discerned some things- lovely things, thing’s you’ll hold against him probably. But it was the gentleness of his touch, as he brushed away stray locks from your forehead or pressed gentle kisses to the corner of your mouth as you succeeded in yet another round of agonising pushing.

The bright lights and claustrophobic presence all faded away, gently as your vision clouded a little in tired darkness, your breathing slowing down as your ears heard the shrill cry of a newborn. The vision of your son being weighed and washed was accompanied by Pasha’s soothing tones as he whispered in your ear, peppered in between kisses, of your shared future and excitement, of his pride in your strength. It was too good an opportunity not to make a biting witticism, and he choked out a laugh before the green-blue eyes you had so fallen in love with focused upon an identical pair, swaddled in warm blankets.

You’d lost count of how many uncharted planets you had visited, of the unceasing wonder that crept up your spine and tingled your fingers as you encountered yet another species, and undiscovered life. But that was nothing to the intense potential you saw in the small baby in your arms, his tiny nose so identical to his fathers, the barest hint of Pavel’s curls in your hair colour peeking out the edges of the white blanket.

Alexander. The name rolled of your tongues, it would fit him as he got older, you supposed. Thought Pavel had already nicknamed him Leshenka. The cute nickname sounding more melodious and beautiful as the golden seconds passed.

“Pasha? Are you alright?” You turned your attention to the man, teardrops forming at the corners of his eyes as he wiped them away with a smile,

“Y-yes,” Pavel pressed a small kiss to his son’s forehead. Wordlessly, you handed your son to his father, watching on, contented as he rested against his father’s uniform. “I hawe been waiting the day I could meet you, Leshenka.” The baby’s eyes slowly drifted close, tiny breaths escaping his soft lips as colour rose in his adorably chubby cheeks, “and I could newer be disappointer. You are beautiful…”

Tiredness overtook your senses and you gently fell asleep, leaving Pavel to care for his son.

Captain’s log, Stardate… I’ve lost count.

Chekov’s kid won’t stop crying, no one on the Enterprise has slept in about a month. We’ve created shifts for crew to try and bounce and sing the kid to sleep. Alexander Pavlovich Chekov’s (Alex to us, Leshenka to his parents) got nothing of his father’s quiet nature, he seems to take after his mother more. Which is either wonderful, or terrible, but we’ll figure that out once he starts crawling and walking.

We don’t think it’s ethical to have Spock mind-meld the kid to sleep, or pinch his nerve, but we’ve been given the greenlight should we get desperate. My second-in-command also seems to be well-trained in children’s lullabies and is perhaps the most effective at getting him to shut the hell up. I am aware that there are photographs of Commander Spock holding the sleeping baby circulating around both the ship and the academy. Off-record, I whole-heartedly support this.

We’ve also prevented several crew members (that means you granddaddy Scotty and granddaddy Bones) from procuring a pet tribble for the kid. That’s a terrible idea from experience. See my previous log entitled: I fucking hate tribbles, for elaboration. However, I may tolerate an Alfa 177 canine for his birthday. I may or may not have already secured the purchase of one from some Iotian mobsters.

We have learned, however, that Alexander is happiest on the Bridge. I have given explicit permission for Ensign Chekov to bring the kid aboard the Bridge as Ms [l/n]’s position in research poses a health risk to not only the infant, but upon Ms [l/n] as she has chosen to breast-feed.

Mr Scott held a competition within Engineering to see who could develop the best baby-monitor and cradle. He won. But that may be due to command-sponsored sabotage.

It is in my… um… wisdom I suppose that Starfleet cater for growing families upon research ships in the form of crèches or perhaps in the case of the destroyed Vulcan planet: a space station. As tiring of an experience this has been, it has unified the crew in one form or another, all are interested in the well-being of the child. It has also reduced the amount of profanities dropped on all official records (yes, I am referring to Doctor McCoy). Mr Sulu, in particular, has been most helpful in directing the young parents given his extensive experience.

But it is of Mr Sulu’s experience that I need to elaborate upon. Humanity will go to all lengths to protect their children, to ensure they are loved. Having children aboard the Enterprise while yes, risky; would raise not only crew morale, but kick shit up another gear when we encounter trouble. I pity the poor Klingon that attacks our ship now that we have a kid on board. And these children would benefit from an alternate form of education and widen their experiences within our ever-expanding galaxy. Should Starfleet grant the crew’s collective request, we will be stopping by Yorktown (to pick up Mr Sulu’s daughter) and other Federation planets in order to pick up some younger pre-school age children. Hopefully we will be able to establish a form of schooling aboard so that way Sulu’s kid and other won’t have to return to their colonies or planets after a single year on the starship.

Damn it, I’m on nappy duty, I owe Chekov a favour. The kid’s cute and all,  but they’re the biggest pain in the ass I have ever known. I shouldn’t have agreed to be co-godparent with Sulu.

Kirk out.

“Keptin!” Chekov had finally entered the Bridge, looking a little more tired than usual; his curls a mess and bags under his eyes. Kirk smiled at the sight of a small bundle placed in a make-shift sling against the navigator’s yellow shirt. Chekov pointed to the small bundle before taking his usual seat beside Sulu, babbling excitedly about his small son. Little Alexei seemed to possess his father’s cherubic curls, gently resting atop his forehead.

Kirk was incredibly aware that they were about to hail Starfleet for final judgement as to whether or not Ms [l/n] or Mr Chekov should be asked to temporarily relieve their positions-

But little Alexander was awake now, minute fingers reaching out for his father’s face with an expectant giggle. Chekov’s tired face lit up with a brilliant smile, murmuring Russian endearments to Leshenka and encouraging him further.

Kirk had yet to learn how to block out the ‘awwws’.

To be fair though, he joined them as the baby’s pudgy fingers made contact with his father’s proud face.

But Uhura’s warnings of Starfleet hailing them snapped him out of his temporary state of ‘fluffiness’ as Bones would put it. Kirk stopped for a moment, unsure of whether they should go through with the meeting. Likelihood would be that Ms [l/n] would be relieved of her position for at least two years, but it hardly seemed fair to the pair of them. It hardly seemed fair to others like Sulu, who had families in Yorktown or Earth or other planets.

“Keptin wait, I hawe a leetle surprise,” Chekov carefully un-bundled his small son to reveal a miniaturised Starfleet outfit, matching his father’s blue-and-yellow dress uniform.

If it was possible, the coos and awws only got louder. Even Spock quirked the corners of his lips in amusement as Uhura broke her usually composed façade, pointing out that it was her romper that she had made and announced that she had also created a miniature yellow uniform. She made notes of the crew members who wished to order some. Kirk decided that such activities could be considered a hobby and therefore any income did not require tax deduction.

Negotiation tactics? He’d developed several of them in these last three years, most proved to be successful. But manipulating Star fleet through use of adorable babies?

Absolutely genius. It should be taught at the Academy.