vulcan doodles


Meanwhile the mess is happening there, another mess is happening here.

Will Brook die? :D Probably? Was Blake right on that? Discover all in the next episode Sorry the crappy doodles


Brook: …

Scruf: Al parecer Blake estaba equivocado sobre Bendy, dejo su hijo con los demás y preferio estar frente al publico, bien, AURC estará focada en Bendy y-

Brook: !

Scruf: ! … Solo… No olvides que nuestro foco no es Dylan, seguro los demás se encargaran de el. Te siguiré en el auto

Bendy’s Mafia belongs to @eliana55226838 >:0

Brook the squirrel and Scruf belong to me

@bethofdeath submitted:  Oh my gosh I love your mute deaf Vulcan OCs… every time I see them I wanna write a fic where like they come aboard the Enterprise as civilian scientists or whatever cos most Vulcans consider them less cos they’re deaf/mute

and they figure that hey these people don’t care that Spock is half human so we should fit in and when they beam aboard Kirk is immediately fascinated because holy shit it’s a ginger Vulcan (plus they’re adorable) and starts following them around observing them and making them feel welcome and Spock who is totally not jealous is all like what is your interest in them and so Kirk is all like I think it’s cool how they communicate, they’re so close I didn’t think Vulcans did friendship like that etc… and Spock (trying not to roll his eyes) is all like they’re married captain

That was such a cute idea thank you!!!! Also bless you for saying that they were married aaaaah

raakxhyr  asked:

Oh man could you ever imagine a mute Vulcan? Learning ASL? Would that be weird? Would they have their own form of communication? Or would they just stick with touch telepath to convey what they want to say? Or maybe it would just be facial expression and some technology like that of Stephen Hawking?

I think mute Vulcans would use telepathy.

Here have two mute vulcans chatting and suddenly one making a joke (kinda)

anonymous asked:

Suvek and Sotak would make sucha great fanfiction material! I keep imagining them surounded by a grey mass of crowd of vulcans who don't understand them, but they dont care-they are in their own little world, communicating without making a sound and silently smiling or evan laughing out loud when one tells a joke. I mean why would they care what others think? They are different-unicque and their realtionship goes deeper bc of that. So they just keep sitting, faces closely pressed to each other.

Mind melding in public is basically like making out and they don’t really have to mind meld since they have access to each other’s thoughts so they just do it out of spite